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  1. XXX.darkorbit.com/indexInternal.es?action=internalMapRevolution

    so the above link is a way to get on the client without the start button
    i use a chromebook and dnt know how to install the client as clicking the dowload doesnt work.

    plz help
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  2. AVIT

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    i dont have a chromebook m8 but if your book is able to download android games .you should be able to download that version maybe .
  3. On game page/setting/game play/ put check beside "log onto client automatically"


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  4. thanks i would try that but now it takes me to the download page and when i hit download it just goes back to the home page.
  5. Are you using the new client?

    Ah I just re-read your first post. When you click the download button you down load the program to your computer. Now you will have to go the folder where your downloaded file went, and look for DarkOrbitInstaller. Once you find that click to "Install the client"

    Once that is done there should be an Icon on your desktop to the game.

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  6. nope, i got a g1 chromebook for xmas so im using this now, so doubt i will be able to play as no option for me, i try the direct client address and that just takes me to the download,which then only loads the homepage.
  7. When you click the download icon (on main page of game) your computer downloads the file to a folder on your computer, usually the folder says downloads. You find the file DarkOrbitInstaller double click on it and it will install the game client onto your computer.

  8. EvilHotDog

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    I am trying to duplicate this and I am unable.
    I will check with the higher ups to see if they can duplicate the issue you are having.

    Please be patient as we check.

    UPDATE: It only occurs if you are logged into the game in the browser first, then use the link in another tab in the same browser. It should stop working once Flash is disabled in the browsers.

    closing as answered. If you continue to have this issue once flash player is disable on the game, then please let me know.

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