[GI] making uri spamming alpha beta gamma

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by †Τ•Δ•Υ•L•Ø•Я†™, May 12, 2016.

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  1. hey, i've been told by some people that spamming alpha beta gamma on just regular days with rebate and premium, so 70 uri a spin you make uri from making abg, i've also been told by other people that you lose a very small amount of uri making abg at say 55 a spin, can anyone clear this up as it's quite confusing, do you lose uri or make uri spamming alpha beta gamma at 70 uri a spin?
  2. not possible to make uri, you will always lose more then you can get.
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Personal experience is doing abg on 70 uri either breaks even or makes small profits over 15 or so gates.

    For 55 - 40 its eassier profits, 40 uri discounts over a weekend can be about 1mil profit, probably more if someone was really dedicated to GG. The only thing you need to do is ALWAYS spin in low amounts and use every single x2 multiplier.

    Helps to start off with a large amount of uri though as the profits only become obvious after 10+ GG.
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    do you place alpha and beta when you open them or do you wait for gamma and place them all together?
  5. as soon as i have a gate built i put it on the map and just do it then keep spinning, so basically i do the gates straight away i don't build them all at once them do them all
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  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Soon as you build a gate put it on the map. Soon as you have a gate built twice, e.g you have alpha on map then second alpha 34/34, you do the of you gates you have built. If you spin when you have a gate that is complete on backpage it is just a waste of uri.
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  7. I'm curious, have you actually done this before? I would like to try this some time soon if this is a possibilty
  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Yes quite a lot, worked my way up to 5.2m uri by doing it. Think I will record a log of the progress over this weekend since theres quite a few people who get surprised by it.
    Only difficulty is proving that none of the uridium is bought.
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  9. i'll believe you haha, i'm gonna do the same too so i'll see how i do over the weekend
  10. cman95

    cman95 User

    I've done this too a lot when it was 40 uri and I've made tons of uri. But do you have an estimate of how much you can make over a weekend with 55 uri per click? I haven't tried it at that price before :p
  11. Chihuahua

    Chihuahua User

    Seriously peeps ? I had noticed that ABG was good on uri, but not that it made a profit (I did too many of the other gates to make a real judgement). Wasn't suggesting you are fibbing, btw, just surprised you actually get profit. :)
  12. How do you get it to go down to 40 uri a spin though? I have premium and rebate already will the Gate sale discount bring it the rest of the way down to 40 uri?? And this sounds awesome I wish I had more frre time to be doing this haha. And by 5.2 million uri do you mean you have worked your way over many different occasions of the gate discount? or just over one weekend? Thanks okapi!
  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I have no proper estimates, this weekend I'm making a log of the GG I do and how much I make so will use that as an estimate when its finished.

    Yes seriously ^^ when its 40 uri the profits are pretty easy to get, even after just a few gates.

    The 40 uri per spin is rare, it just depends on the discount that DO is doing at the time, 30% discount from DO then the other 30 comes from the rebate and prem. At the moment its just 15% by DO then 30% from rebate and prem.

    The 5.2mil has been made over a long time, probably around 8-9 months or so. I would say about 4~ mil was done in GG then the rest with Kuiper GG when it was released.
  14. su its best to spin 1 time then use the multiplier? omg i have to press it 100.000 times to rinse a mil?
  15. well u have to press it around 1000-1500 times for each gate =)) unless u want to waste money:p
  16. Chihuahua

    Chihuahua User

    I always used to spin in the 100's, but I was always in g8 when spinning :). Come to that I was always in g8 lol
  17. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Well I'm done for the weekend in terms of gates I think. I recorded the progress from Friday through to Sunday, so all of this was done on spins that cost 55 uridium.

    Starting on:
    • 5,178,011 U.
    • 388 Alpha
    • 234 Beta
    • 134 Gamma

    Ending on:
    • 5,610,833 U.
    • 401 Alpha
    • 243 Beta
    • 140 Gamma

    So 28 GG resulted in a gain of 432,822 U., roughly 15.5k uridium profit per GG (over several gates though). All GG spun using every x2 multiplier possible and never double building gates.
  18. nice one thanks owning peeps, i think i made about 160k uri or something like that? i'm not sure but now i've seen you can make a fair bit of uri just spamming abg on cheap spins, instead of using kami for the entire gate for a b y i will actually not be lazy and shoot the npcs and do as many as i can during a cheap spins weekend haha
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  19. This
    Thanks for delivering okapi! this is awesome. :D

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