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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -FalconRogue-, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. how do i use a gate generator to get a nano hull
  2. just spin it on galaxy gates and u'll get nano + all other things as well
  3. Spin extra energy that you collect on Galaxy Gate to get Nano Hulls. But keep in mind that you will be receiving battery most of the time. So just keep on Spinning until you maxed out. :)
  4. You also have to keep the chance to receive nanohull in mind. It could take a couple hundred spins to get full nanohull depending on your ship.
  5. Nano Hull is basically a Second Set of Your Ships HP, Max NanoHull is determined on your Ship BASIC Stats, So bio points do not raise or lower how much nanohull you can receive, A Goliath Can have max. NanoHull of 256k, a Vengence 180k, etc. The chances of receiving nano-hull during Extra Energy Spins are 4/100 Spins, You can get 8,000 NanoHull up to i believe 12,000 NanoHull without using a multiplyer
  6. You are mostly correct. The chance of getting nanohull is not 4/100 it would be a 4% chance, since each spin is counted individually.
  7. I mena 4 Percent based on A 100 percent scale thus 4/100
  8. oh ok... simple misunderstanding
  9. its cool i am just a math guy lol
  10. Me too.Lol 16 yo and in calc.haha
  11. nice, 15 in pre calc
  12. Haha ok. Well, this is getting off topic so I'll talk to you on another thread. Cya
  13. ok
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