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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Leon_Powalski, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. So as everyone have noticed the new forum is somehow a "global" forum, so I was thinking I was "alerted" some time ago by a mod from the english forum about my sign (over than 4 lines) that was not legal, but it was legal in the pt/br forums, so how this gonna work? theres a new rule that apply to all forum or I should use the most strict rule about it, if I want use the same account on more than 1 forum.
    (not the 4 lines of "text rule", but other things like another languague on sign etc...)
    And sorry about the area, I don't know where to post it, i'm kinda lost yet
  2. Rocky

    Rocky User

    It looks like the sign isn't under the post anymore, so I guess it doesn't actually matter if it is over 4 lines.
    I'm not sure though, but that's my guess ;)
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It is turned off by default, which seems silly to me, you can turn on signatures by going to this link:

    Tick "Show people's signatures with their messages" and you will see them again :)

    Also, you really shouldn't have a Forum Moderator avatar as your own, they might give you an infraction ^^
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  4. I guess you have to change your account preferences to see/show it on your posts :S

    I have just seen it now that guy is not a mod, still waiting for an official response -.-
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  5. bobmyself

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    I am unsure as to what the rules of the other language forums are but if you wish to post within the English forums, your account must comply with our rules. The old signature guidelines do not apply here. If your signature does not fit our guidelines then you will be required to change it or create a new account the does comply with our rules. As it stands, your current signature is fine.

    Signature Guidelines & FAQ: https://board-en.darkorbit.com//threads/signature-guidelines-faq.1223/
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  6. The rules of the PT forum is not so restricted beside the image size and the number of links, and following the rules from here since they have changed, my signature is legal too, so I guess there's is no problem anymore, thank you for the reply.
    I just wish they could at least create a global "rule" regarding whats allowed in signatures, since you can't change it everytime you post.
  7. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

    Hello Leon_Powalski

    Thankyou to all for your answers.

    The signature limits are predefined across all Forums for all Bigpoint Games. As such, we cannot really criticise players for having different language content in there - although offensive content will always be an issue regardless of the language it is posted in.

    The only part we are not certain on is permissable image sizes - there were no dimensions defined in the brief we received. We are currently raising this with Support to see if there will be a standard size limit - if not, then we may need to introduce one for the sake of brevity. With 10 lines of text available, we REALLY do not need players posting half-a-screen size images just for the sake of it (the width is not an issue, since images will auto-adjust to match the posting area - it's the length).

    Do you have further questions?
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  8. No, thank you for your answer, you may close it.
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