[GI] Question on UFE Hitting power and HP

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DJXL.SA.TX, Dec 15, 2015.

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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I have a UFE fully loaded, meaning level 16 everything... All boosters, maga too and Seprom on lasers, as well as all formations except Lance. Pet fully load with damage protocols and also I have almost every ship that matters

    I am not getting it. Some ships of the same caliber hit why harder than my ship how can this be possible? I hit maybe 150k with combos and RSB. I have seen ship with way less LF 4s hitting way harder than my ship of course could be DO magic of some type.... There is always drill makes ship hit harder but less hp and shields, when I fight enemy most the time they hit with hart and moth in high damage way over 300k... hitting 350k or better... My ship hits low damage

    My x 4 ammo hits about 61 to 90k max on a good day. I see about 140k damage when I use combos

    I suppose the saying is right there is always a bigger fish in the sea...

    No two ships are alike that is what I have noticed
    they can both be the same in caliber but one is going to hit harder than the other.

    HP and shields go down fast too except for Ring
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  2. there is magic out there had 4 players pounding on a ship no shield left on both configs and hp bar just a sliver you know that ship popped all 4 of us im not UFE but close

    on topic when you are hitting someone you see your damage per shot. when your on the receveing end you see damage per second so all there combo adding up is what your probally seeing. your rsb damage for the big hits is probally the 140 k your seeing try testing your damage with a friend hit him/ her with a combo and they will tell you your combo hit damage

    hope this helped
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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Done all that they say they see what I see. Since most the time when I test I only want to see what lasers hit on their own so, I turn of rockets and launcher to test lasers only... I know what u are saying each weapon gives a certain amount of damage per weapon and pet.

    if that was the case then I hit about 189k may lucky 220k on a good day. Depending the ship I use too.

    Say I am in a Surgeon I get 6% if I am in a Peace Maker I get 7% more damage and of course The Diminisher that is going to give me a bit more damage with effect and Drill that with effect is going to put me at maybe 340k if I am lucky with pet rockets, launcher and smart bomb I will not see the 400k or better on my ship. Drill and Ring have the Same HP out put which is 382.5 on my ship same for drill 382.5 hart is going to put me at 440.640 hp same for crab.
    all my damage configs are going to be more or less in the
    382.5 area. that sill does not put me at 300k

    I am maxed out on upgrades and still not seeing damage that I see other ships doing when I engage in a fight my shields and hp see to be weaker even tho I am boosted Hitting power is lower of course you have to look at the formation that is being used... For example 1v1 a pilot using hart and Moth with Moth player is hitting close to 300k only while mine is hitting way less in same drone formation or crab I am seeing 200k 240k 275k 220k 289k and so on when my ship only hitting 50k to 90k maybe my shields and hp all gone enemy hp going down slow shields and HP when mine is gone moving from hart to moth to crab to diamond and so on. Now if I use ring sure the shields will hold up but the HP will drain fast by the time I switch to drill HP almost gone lol
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  4. gotta think about battlestation boosts, kappa boosters and shared boosters

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    that only applies when Allies are next to you or CBS but when someone is on an empty map with no Allies or spear Head next to them and its just a 1v1 kappa booster is not going to give much more damage what is it 5% more. I dont see my ship hitting 189 to 400k but some enemies do hit that on a daily bases
  6. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    The thing about damage in DO is quite messy in past few years. As pointed out before, what you see on your screen is not the "entire" story.
    From my experience, you're more likely to see enemy's (other players) damage hit more than your own, that's because on your screen the chances and severity of how damage (multiple hits) stack of the guy attacking you is way more than you attacking him.

    So you will watch your own damage stacking much less on your screen. Though this depends on a lot of factors like your internet connection, ping, your IP's connection with the BP server, your PC, etc. So it varies for different players and you don't have much control over it.
    You also need to note the LF4s you're having on your battle confi. like some prefer having full LF4s in their drones.

    I mostly hit very less (much less than your max dmg ;)) and I see my damage stacking very very less and most of the damage from my enemies always stack ~160k - 220k + (normally). Yet, I can win with most of them.
    Even though I see my damage as ~80 - 100k (normal without abilities or drone formations & other stuff) in some tests. My friends see the same as 160 - 190k.

    So, damage is quite messy. When you see big hits like 200k or more. They're actually damage of few seconds (2 -3s) shots [& also of different items like rockets, rl, lasers] combined. Either you see the combined value or individual, overall it doesn't affect much usually.

    However, if you feel you're hitting less than usual. My suggestion is to test your damage individually. Like test first your laser damage, only x4 & rsb, then rsb+x4, etc. With / without drone formations and so on. This can give you an idea if there is a problem or not.
    Do keep in mind that there is no way for testing 200 - 300k.

    If you think there's still a problem or you're not satisfied, delete both of your confi, and equip stuff from start. This sometimes work.
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  7. Bug_Point

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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    of course, Each weapon hits a different value.

    but if you get max damage of each weapon and what u hit then you should have an idea of the total damage

    Factors: type ship, type formation, type of boosters used which may include the kappa booster, if you are close to cbs, or other friendly ships ships that have boosters, or Spear Head or, have seprom in lasers, further more, upgrades on ship lasers and so on. So now here you have a ship that has it all and 50 pp in bio in the damage section. Upgraded LF 4s maxed out all boosters and so on that ship should be hitting hard as hell in my books which is called max damage.
    which is
    Engineering 1
    both Hulls total 5 pp
    both shields 10 pp
    both Bounty hunters 5 pp
    both Evasive Maneuvers 5 pp
    Electro Optics 5 pp
    Rocket fusion 5 pp
    Cruelty 2 pp
    Alien Hunter 5 pp
    Mines 5 pp
    Explosives 1

    This is the bio and ingredients for a full bloomed battle ship

    my rockets hit 8.5k if they land a hit.

    lasers hit x 4 hit 63 to 90k Rsb 120

    launcher hits 47k with good missiles
    pet hits 13k give or take

    that puts me max damage of 188.5k plus 75k if pet lands a good hit when popped that would put me about 263 ish

    So, yet I am not doing 289k to 400k damage don't see how some players are averaging this type of damage with one ship.

    I seen many players with Less LF 4s hitting over 200k to 389k with lasers rockets and launcher and pet alone whats up with this?

    for me being a maxed out UFE and not getting this type of damage is disappointing. Tho I am sure I am not the only one with Maxed out ufe hitting low damage.

    Could it be that someone messed with my damage on Admin page or did I just get dealt a bad hand? lol

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  9. [KeBaB*]®

    [KeBaB*]® User

    Keep in mind that you don't see your collective damage in the hit counter, you'll get each of your ammo individually. However, when being attacked you see the collective damage in the hit counter. This may not mean you're not hitting as much as you should, merely that you're not seeing the whole picture.
  10. Mini

    Mini User

    a double boosted lf 3 ship , can kill easy a lf 4 ship without boosters ..this game is out of balance ..get it right darkorbit !
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  11. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I can agree with that not all ships are equal

    as I mentioned at the start

    not all ships are equal

    Say, 2 maxed out UFE's with the something and same configs boosters and so on, they are not going to hit the same damage one is going to be weaker than the other

    have more HP or shields and so on and so on

    I have known this for 2 years now DO has done nothing about balancing the system yet shall we call this Calibrating... Come on, Two ufe's of same Caliber, well, let's not get it twisted because even tho they are the same one is going to have more fire power, shields, HP, or Speed.... One ship may hit 100k to 175k more than the other, this is not right. when both ships are maxed out.

    One UFE is going to have a 22. caliber machine gun and the other ufe is going to have an 80 caliber machine gun, but yet they have the same lasers and level and booster and configs, then how can one hit harder than the other ???

    This is not fair!

    No one wants to address this matter,because they know it is true and no one seems to mind at least the one that are hitting hard, but if they were hitting what I am hitting under the table they would be complaining about it too


    Right away support wants to throw the damage chat at you? For Gods Sake, I am beyond that already I am maxed out and still hitting under the table lol Jesus Christ. Then sell me more up grades ship and Drone slots so I can hit like the rest of the players ja ja ja

    what about a balancing system alert when one hits more than they are suppose to then something is up.
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  12. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    4 players pounding on a ship no shield left on both configs and hp bar just a sliver you know that ship popped all 4 of us

    I have seen this many time invincibility No HP or shields on some ships, yet they don't pop what they do to cover themselves is go to crab config so they are protected just in case you catch them in the act

    Some now have extra HP or shields HP goes down very slow no matter how many ships are shooing them, Or shields first go down very slow without HP being effected, once shields are gone then HP goes down very slow, shooting that type of enemy is kinda like shooting at 2 Uber Kristallons in one... Funny part is they have Uber shields and HP and hit the same on both configs and have full speed damm lol
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  13. When u jump maps your dmg gets all messed up so u hit lower idk why Do made it that way but they did. I can be hitting 60k with x4 I jump now im hitting 40k to 55k
  14. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I have not noticed that... for me seems to hit the same, but now that you mention it I will keep my eyes open on that
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  15. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Looks like you didn't understood my post.
    Please read this entire post if you really want to understand.

    Tell me if you see this,

    90k + 120k + 47k + 13k + 75k (Total =345k)

    or you see this on your screen,


    What's the difference ? Overall, isn't it the same?

    Whether you see individual damage from different items or you see their combined damage. It is the same! A bigger number doesn't mean that your opponent is doing more damage, it just means that his hits from different items are getting combined.

    If you see people hitting you 400k, that's the combined damage of all items & of few seconds.
    If you ever noticed (recording video), when people do you 200k or 400k damage, there is a slight gap of the previous or next damage he did on you. Like if you see 400k hit, you probably wouldn't see any damage on your screen from last 2 - 3 seconds, though that doesn't mean he didn't shoot you in those 2-3s (as damage is done almost every second). Its just that the damage done on you in those 2-3s got combined and you see that combined value of 400k on your screen.

    Lets consider a situation with only x4 ammo.

    So if you doing ~80k damage from x4 but you see your opponent doing ~160k with x4.

    It Doesn't mean that he's doing more damage!!
    Your damage is 80k / s while your opponent is doing 160k once* in every 2 sec*.
    So overall you both are doing the same damage despite different visuals.

    Again, even a noob without any LF4 can do 100k x4 or 200k rsb. Its just the matter how the damage is combined. Same thing, the big numbers you see on your screen is usually* not the damage per second but once in 2 or 3 sec.

    As I said before,
    A possible reason for this (you not being able to hit 400k) can be this,
    With more powerful items in the game, every second your x4 / rsb and rockets are doing ~ 80k / 110k , 10k respectively. [Keeping aside other items for better understanding]

    With x4, every second you're doing ~80k + 10k damage & with rsb, every second you're doing ~110k + 10k damage.

    Now these values being big + of every second* creates a lot of data to be sent and processed.
    Usually it is relatively easy for your PC to process the data of what damage you're doing on your enemy than the damage your enemy is doing on your ship. (As the internet connection factor also comes here)

    So you're able to see your damage (of different items) individually most of the time. On the other hand, to save the memory/time your processor often combines the damage of the enemy player instead of showing individual variables. Thus, you see higher values in this case.

    Of course, its just what I think and may not be the actual reason.
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  16. I agree newbies can hit hard lol but die harder and that make no senses im with 8 lf4 now need 20 more yet seems that I get outpowered o well Do for ya.
  17. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    not in that order but, lower damage

    I see each item that does its own damage
    rockets may see 5k to 8.5k if it lands a hit, if it don't it shows miss
    Launcher own damage, could hit, 8k to 49k depending on the missiles used
    Lasers as well could hit low to high 47. 50. 58. 61. 72. 89.6. combo up to 140 or so, and so on

    I have never seen 345k on my screen most 100 to 140k with combos I can see that... If I was hitting 345k I would be more than sure I would be able to see it since I can see the 140k at times

    As you say same Values... That would mean that enemy's HP and shields would be going down as mine would be... Most the time this is not the case... My HP and shields would be down a lot fast then enemies of course my ship would do some damage but not like the damage I am taking.... use moth I would lose fast if a dual of same ship using same formation, just shooting at each other no pets or emps... my hp would be gone way before enemy's would meaning that someone is hitting harder

    Lets use Ring formation. think max I hit on that with combos is about 60 ish
    with Ring ... While others on the same formation are hitting harder so my HP and shields start to drop faster than theirs. of course balance... If I am over shielded then My HP would drop before my shields would... say I have more lasers and less shields on Ring I would hit harder but have less shields... If I go to Moth then I would have a better chance to diminish the Ring's HP

    I think I will Make a Video two leveled up UFE's on moth formation Using x 4 ammo no pets or EMPs and see which ship is hitting harder since I think that would be the only way to measure this concept
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  18. Would be easier if DO actaully told ous the statistics of things so we would actually know whats wrong but no they keep it a secret.
  19. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I think that is the entire point for us not to know
  20. one day someone in Do will leak it out.