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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Grandpa_II, Dec 3, 2021.

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  1. Grandpa_II

    Grandpa_II User

    what is this !! why did you make me pick red boxes and black boxes i m not the one botting you need to go after the botters i cant believe that. i m a retired disabled vet and never cheat on here thats why i left E3 lost my stars to botters and couldnt keep up so i came over here to chill. so what happend why was i targeted i didnt do nothing please explain why and why the botters are free to roam
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  2. Grandpa_II

    Grandpa_II User

    sure thrills can you answer why this happend. i see the reply that i did get from another player was removed. wow i just cant believe that happend. and botters still active wow. is the bot they are using going to be made legal or is allready legal to use in game.
  3. Hello! I'm not affiliated with the DarkOrbit Team, but I think I can give you some insight on these boxes.

    It traps you in the middle of a circle and spawns some boxes. You have one task to do: collect the right boxes and sometimes an additional task. The black boxes are the blue ones and the red ones are, obviously, the red ones. Here's an example: Collect 3 black boxes and wait 4 seconds.

    The game is tracking how long you've been playing for that day, then it decides randomly when to test you, to see if "your behaviour is suspicious or not". This affects everyone, including these botters, which we all know that they're advanced enough to do them by themselves. I've seen them do it so many times, it's not even a surprise at this point.

    You can conclude this as to being an useless "feature" nowadays, more like a minor annoyance towards those who play fairly. It targets BOTH fair players and unfair players as it depends on their total playtime. I've also noticed that it can also be a massive annoyance since it disables you from doing anything, including jumping to another map or fighting others, so if you're stuck on 4-X and someone is camping you, that's really unfortunate.

    If this data is incorrect, please DO correct me. This is what I've noticed aswell from personal experience with my friends.
  4. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    never ever have I seen this. lol guess you must have to play for more then a hour or so. At any given time of the day you can find at least 30% of the ships on the game page are bots. that has been the norm for many years. One thing I'm pretty sure is they are allowed and not seen for financial reasons. They are the one's paying the big bucks, so they don't have to really play the game. In my mind it seems they don't have any self confidence that they can't compete in the game or just no self respect and would cheat in a game they play against themselves. Sorry if that seems offensive but I see it no other way to explain it. As far as the game goes, missions are way to long and so far out date it's silly, Events are pretty much gates but I like them " the only rason I play is for the gates" if not a gateway they put up everyone chase the same ship now and then. Last good event was " attack of the killer pets " after that one they started going down hill and were aimed at the botters. That kinda says it all, does it not? Enjoy all
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