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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Ooppps, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Ooppps

    Ooppps User


    It states in this thread http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/assembly-launch-event-faq.113988/

    That there will be Scrap and Plasmide in the shop for sale.

    It is not yet in the shop , i was wondering when you would be offering this in the shop , would it be before or after the event? as I only need scrap and plasmide to contstruct the surgeon now , but its proven too hard to get scrap and i've got about 23/2800 and there is no way i'll be getting 2800 before the even is over..

    So I just simply wanted to ask when you would be offering it in the shop please.

    Thank you
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  2. cmon bp answer this important question

    Resource NamesNPC's containing ResourcesNPC TypeAvailable in Shop
    MucosumLordakia & LordakiumRegular, Boss, UberNO
    PlasmideDevolarium & SibelonRegular, Boss, UberYes
    PrismatiumKristallin & KristallonRegular, Boss, UberNO
    ScrapSaimon & MordonRegular, Boss, UberYes
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  3. Ooppps

    Ooppps User

    It is true though Isn't it Barbarian? It says in the FAQ for the Assembly that the Scrap and other stuff will be available in the shop , But so far there is no scrap in the shop and I'm wanting and waiting to assemble the surgeon so i'm waiting for it to be put in the shop as its going to take hours and days just to get 2800 scrap and i wont complete this until after the competition thing closes. so i wont have a chance in getting the surgeon until this scrap comes onto the shop.
  4. hohoho the longer u bp leave it the worse it will get, my bet is you have got the order mixed up lmao ahh man cmon answer already :p
  5. Dan™

    Dan™ User

    Yeah, An answer would be appreciated.. The lag has been fixed for me now and i'm no longer lagging. but the issue still stands with the scrap and stuff not being available in the shop even though it says in the FAQ that it is indeed available in the shop.
  6. The whole point of DO doing this is to get people active on-line in the game.
    Do you really think they would put the new ores on the shop instantly - no timescale was given for this event
    for them to be available
    Get ur ship out of its mothballs
    Press start
    and shoot some things
    u never know what will happen
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  7. Dan™

    Dan™ User

    I have been shooting things i'm always active... in the FAQ it states that you can buy them in the shop .... if you can't buy them then why does it state you can in the FAQ..
  8. probably because this a special event / first time its been on
    assembly will be active after this event - that's when I believe the 'shop' will open
    there are two faq's
    '' if I opened a pub - I wouldn't give away all my booze in the first week ''

    imagine if they charged 100 uri fir 1 piece of scrap !
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  9. Dan™

    Dan™ User

    but still its not fair as the surgeon wont be available after the event. it says in the FAQ scrap is available in the shop so yeah it should be available straight away if not then they shouldn't have it in the FAQ
  10. its a pain to farm scrap, i done the event quests so far and barely made any, having to resort to jumping in a leo and bashing npc in lowers, but damn its gonna take atleast a week to get 2.6k i need just for 2 measly pet designs lol, wish they would stick it in shop to make life easier for those who dont have the time to farm it
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  11. ok im sitting here laughing my but off here, How can you say that something is in the shop and NOT PUT IT IN.
    The drop rate for resources is stupidly low so it makes it very difficult to get a specific item.
    Mucosum or whatever you call that blasted thing drops like candy in 2-5. So please explain to me WHY do we get more scrap than we do plasmide. all around this launch was terrible. eather a listen to player feedback and reply to the feedback saying like, Oh this was intended or oh this was NOT intended. Instead of keeping us in the dark it would be very helpful to provide consistent updates
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  12. Yeah, An answer would be appreciated.. The lag has been fixed for me now and i'm no longer lagging. but the issue still stands with the scrap and stuff not being available in the shop even though it says in the FAQ that it is indeed available in the shop.
  13. Ok clearly my message didn't get through to the proper channels
    It is not OK to let issues sit and continue to stockpile, instead you guys read the thread and, "im not going to answer" because clearly you do not want to approach and admit to some stuff, YOU GET PLENTY OF MONEY, stop this nonsense.
    No wonder support rating is so low.
    You have paying customers and customers want to know what is going on. Last dev blog was December.
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  14. guys it's a game, if you have problems on npc/ressource for craft, then do another thing, no one tell you "YOU MUST DO THIS EVEN IF IT LAGS YOU DUDE"
    cmon, be realist, stop being childrens... :(
  15. Ooppps

    Ooppps User

    Why are you copying of what DAN said?
  16. sigh..."sticks his ufe 6 year old ship in a place where u will need a surgeon to extract it...ill be logging in to send sep and waiting for a time when this game is run fairly, not on chance ,but on real rules, so i know where the floor is instead of dancing on the ceiling....peace out
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  17. SkillOnly

    SkillOnly User

    Today when my mom asked me what I want for breakfast I accidently told her Plasmide.

    And one more thing now it is exam period on college so probably I will answer Plasmide on some questions too.

    Come on get Plasmide in shop for sale. You realy need to nolife day and night to get that bullpooooop green ugly looking but useful Surgeon design.

    Plasmide, Plasmide, Plasmide.
    Did I mentioned Plasmide in my post ?

    Shout out to all those Plasmides ( read this as bad word ;) ) who are shooting me down non stop.
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  18. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    No way you could get 2.8k scrap needed for that surgeon design, unless you play 10 hrs a day.
    Might as well just farm cubes and buy it with uri.
  19. gj we got another week added on then aint it
  20. SkillOnly

    SkillOnly User

    Scrap is not a problem for me, Plasmide is problem Im hitting 16k with x2 on Venge Pusat design ( so I'm not n00b who starded game yesterday ). But I can't have shelds so 2 hit for UFE Goli if I'm lucky i swap config and run like pussycat. Yesterday one dude shoot me down like 20 times during all day ( probably he will do the same today ). If I lower my lazzzers I can't farm fast. Maybe if there aren't enemy players we could farm it but I don't think I will farm it even with one week extra :(.

    I have 300k uri ready to go so please give me opportunity to spend it DO.
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