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  1. I have a signature that I have made on Photoshop. How do I put a signature on my account? Please help :)
  2. I'm sorry I can't help you there. Sigs are one of the few things I don't know about.
  3. click on your acc name-> 'Signature' and put it there through image icon and save, then go to 'Preferences' and mark 'Show people's signatures with their messages.' Done :)
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  4. Ok, go to a picture hosting site, like Imgur (Google it, links out of forum not allowed).
    Make an account there and upload it there.
    After that, copy that link. Then get on this forum and highlight over your username (located at the top bar, under the DarkOrbit logo) and click "Signature".
    Then you see a gray icon in the box that has 2 mountains and a small dot (sun).
    Click it, and paste the link you copied. Save and there you have it!
    I can add pictures if you need me to ^^

    The answer given by ❦Čοlεκ❧ is correct.

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    Do you have any further questions?
  6. No questions, thanks Posedon and everyone else
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