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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HomeTownBoy, Apr 28, 2018.

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  1. I have not play this game in a while and started playing again in Nov 24 last
    I think I am looking at 2 different animals here

    I know the Spartans have the best of both worlds to a point, damage and HP
    and the Hercules has excellent HP and shields bonus.

    As me knowing Dark Orbit the way I do, I know they are not going to put more or even the same percentage of shields and HP on the Spartan they may have put damage the same as a Havoc but not the HP and shields that go with the original Hercules they may have put maybe like 5% Or 10% But I know they don't put the entire amount on it lol correct me if I am wrong

    I know the Hercules has 15% shields and 20% HP so that really good

    as for the Spartan I know nothing about... But I know it will not give the same percent as the Hercules I bet that.
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  2. It's the same trade off. You give a little, you get a little. For an added shield boost you can choose an appropriate ship.
  3. Well, with ships hitting over 400k now it doesn't really matter, I guess. My ship that I have now, reminds me of an Outlaw Ship only good for npc because I can not do any damage to another ships, even tho it has old Full LF4s fully booted with sepron its crap. I am extremely luck if I get a kill these days.

    So, I was just wondering the percentage of each of the spartan combinations like maybe 10% for damage and HP and Shields the same on the Spartans.

    So, is it better to have the Spartans than the Hercules? My old Lighting combination was Blue on run Red on fight, since my ship hit hard it was sometimes vice-versa I sometime like the more damage on my run side . Now I am not even flying a Lighting since there are Goliaths that can catch me really fast Goliaths lol.

    Unfortunately my Lighting is obsolete and only good for a Museum showcase now.
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  4. Here is the FAQ on the Spartans. You get 10% Damage and Shield and 15% HP only if you have the Full Set of Spartans, just like the Hercules gives the Extra Bonus of 20% HP when all drones are equipped with them.

    As far as the Goliaths catching the Vengeance, I know there was a bug where if you had the Tartarus and warped into the Goliath (any ship) you carried the speed of the Tart to the new ship until you jumped maps or were killed. I don't know if it was ever corrected or not.
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  5. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    I personally run double Hercules as I don't have Spartans, but if I had, I'd use Spartans on slow and Hercules on fast.
  6. EvilHotDog

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    Does OP have any further questions?


  7. TheShadows

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    Hercs can beat Spartans, it just comes down to player skill if both are UFE.

    With Hercs stack abit more shields and use a shield design.

    With Spartans, use Cyborg.

    Not one drone design is better than the other. Both are pretty balanced. Play to your strengths and minimise weaknesses.
  8. I run doible hercs because i like them, i think they are equal .. anyways here is a video that could answer your question:

    -also, with full lf4 you should be able to fight 90% of your server.. you just need ammo and learn how to fight.
  9. Keppa 4head,

    What kind of ammo are you using? I see you are hitting 80,000 to 100,000 of damage with you lasers. That is 4 to 5 times of damage I dish out (MCB-50) is use the most. I have on one config all Hercules on 10 drones and the other config have all Havoc on all 10 drones. Now I haven't tried for a Spartan yet because I have gotten the items for exchange yet. Now Citadel I use silver demon. One config has 10 the other mixture of silver demons and Hercules.

    When you say 4 times does that mean one Hercules on 4 drones? I don't know what you mean. 4x Hercules. Your average damage is out of this world too 80k to 135k depends on which you are using.

    I can see you are kicking butt with damage. like to know how.

    18 level
  10. In my oppinion best option is fly on fast configuration hercules and on stop spartans. You get a bit more HP on fast confi where you usually start a fight and can get bit of adventage specially if you fight against moth user what is rare since you lose shield faster now. On spartans look just as buffed havoc, because with them when you put some shield on slow confi that shield wurth more than would with havoc but rest of laser in drones getting buff too at same time.
  11. In my opinion best option is fly on fast configuration Hercules and on stop Spartans.

    Why would you use Hercules on run and Spartans on fight?
    Why not just use the Spartans on both sides?

    After research on the Spartans they give the same effect as the Hercules and more.... Spartans: You get the best of both worlds in the Spartans Hercules + Havoc. Bonus 15% more shield energy for all shields generators equipped on the drones Extra Bonus! If all of the drones are equipped with the Spartans design, then there is a set bonus of an additional + 20% HP! Meaning that your ship will take more damage and also do more damage to enemy ships / In addition to this, you still have the 10% Havoc boost for damage.

    So, why would you want to use Hercules at all with this in mind? you will lose your 10% Havoc damage if you only have them on one side.

    Just a Notation: Now I am sure you have Level 16 Drones of course if you have you level 16 LF4s on your Level 16 Drones yes the out put of damage will be grater.

    Say you take a single level 1 LF-4, you mount on the ship laser slot, you go out and shot a Stunner R depending on the ship you have, they location you are in, the points you have in your Skill Tree, the Drone formation you are on, if you have Damage booster or Kappa booster on your ship, if you are in a group or anything around you that can give you a boost. all this has to be taken into consideration.

    Okay, now lets, say someone like me, takes a single LF4 and test it. I have no rocks of any kind on a single laser. I have no boosters on the ship, I am on a Goliath that has no damage increase of any kind. I do however, have Bounty Hunter max out on Skill Tree +12% damage done in PvP battle Maps. which means on regular maps I don't get that extra 12% that is what I understand of it.

    +12% damage done in PvP battles only works on PVP maps? thats what it says.

    However, if you put one laser on ship it the LF4s no rocks boaters will hit like 139 to 213 give or take

    you take that same lvl 1 LF4 and put in on a none upgraded drone it will hit like 250 or 276 on none upgraded drone that's on a regular map not a pvp map. My point here is that the lasers on the ship are going to do less damage than if you have them on the drones so the lasers on the ship must be calculated different.

    He could be using the 214 ammo in combos with x4 and RSB
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  12. Hi All and Home Town Boy,

    I don't understand using combos. I have seen this mention several times and tried it. How can you combo items? I only can select one laser ammo at a time. How can you add more laser type of ammo for firing? I have tried too, but all it ever does for me is change laser ammo.

  13. You are right you can only fire one type ammo at a time, but combination is speed. like using a 1 and 2 key for more efficiency etc.

    Combos = Combination of ammunition. Example: I have the Number 1 key set to fire X 4 ammo and my Number 2 key to fire RSB ammo my Number 3 key I have 214 ammo my number my 4 key I have SAB-50 ammo and so on. Now assigning the keys on your keyboard to the settings on the game screen makes you more efficient, the name of this game is Speed, you need to be fast at your keyboard by assigning your keys to the game screen you will be at maximum productivity once you learn to use them.

    If you plan to fight, battle, take in to your consideration buying premium you will need the extra slots for assigning your hot keys to the game screen setting... I can not tell you how to set them, everyone set them to their own liking - to where they are more productive for them to use. If you have your ammo set from the 1 - 10 keys, and you can add your Drone Formations on the upper F1- F10 keys, the Idea for this is for speed... Many have this on the mouse controls if they have an MMO Mouse like a Naga Razor Mouse.

    to your question

    by pressing your hot keys to fire x4 or 214 ammo with RSB ammo

    As you know RSB ammo has a cool down time of 3 seconds before you can fire again that is why you combo ammo x4 + RsB = combo productivity
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  14. Odin®

    Odin® User

    add into effect boosters+ship design+ship configuration/s+CBS locations+upgrades+outfits during events a single ship with lvl 16 lf4 and drones are a 1 man killing machine on NOOB players @ 300k damage per volley. Add into the equation Missions+Events+Wars then a player will truly understand the power of one's ability and the scope on how the Higher End users play the game ie such as Titles.. Titles are intimidating for some yet that user has earned it
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  15. Ya'll do realize that "combos" are nothing more than the 1 second lag in damage reporting right? Damage reports, and always has, per second... not per volley. A "combo" is just two different ammo shots reporting in the same second. It's basically lag, not some secret sauce.
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