[GI] Strange pink unicorn npc

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Dec 20, 2021.

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  1. Is it really a good idea to only have 1 life in eternal gate when this game runs like a bag of poo 90% of the time?
    I mean you spend days getting to a high wave, using tons of ammo and then die because the game froze or lagged on a wave where it only takes one hit to kill you from any of the npc!!!!!!
    Whose bright idea was this?
    At least have a way of going back in if this happens or let us craft extra life.
    Its ridiculous the fact that the only thing thats scary in there is the idea of game freezing up or lagging!!!
  2. i agree 100 %
  3. SpaceDunk

    SpaceDunk User

    it'll be completely broken, and people were able to bug multiple lives on eternal stacking boosters up to 25+ lives. Rank in almost every server is now messed up because of the gate and people exploiting the lives. Before they patched 100 % CD someone was able to reach like a super high lvl with a bersker and now is lvl 51. Like how are you ever able to push rank in that server now? they need to get rid of it or make it a event gate.
  4. Waaugh

    Waaugh User

    You have not had frustration until the 'we never heard of that' <render process failed> happens after playing the gate for a while. You have to reload the client. If you are on any hard hitting wave you are toast. There seems to be a memory leak or something that triggers every so often in the game. Its the only game I have any issues like this with. Warhammer Inquisitor on full has no issues, FarCry 6 Ultra settings no issues. The other FPS games run all day long. Its only this client.

    Of course I have not seen R-zone status updates in a long time either.
  5. I was surprised when i finished killing the 2 UBK on wave 200 right when restart happened and it didn't kill me but it did restart the whole wave over so i had to kill both UBK again. (Just happy i didn't die to restart).
  6. if you have problems with the game 90% of the time, then even 100 lives will not save you
  7. Dragonxs

    Dragonxs User

    yes game froze in the gate lost it was waste to do all the work to open gate and real money spent on pass if you cannot do gate as off a bug thats never been fixed if all stop pending on game then see how fast they fix it. :)
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