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  1. Well was going to talk about some of BP biggest cheaters and how they talk smack to the players they kill when they haven't had anytime building their ships all botted or sold ships and when they kill you they send a whisper of how much your pathetic of a player and when you reply the only reason they killed you is cause they botted that ship and cheated the upgrades which so many players have now, you respond by saying nice cheats or nice botted ship and come on BP the players know who is botting and who isn't.

    Well guess what not the bot or the cheater gets ban from chat but the legit player gets a chat ban i mean come on BP maybe instead of always taking the bot side maybe try to understand the legit players side, i killed 500 ships in 24 hours for a mission the other day and no ships fight back wow it's real hard to tell they aren't there.

    Just my opinion but don't worry i will never talk in the game chat again as i am a legit player and am kinda getting tired of being punished all the time by BP. Considering i played for 6 years and was never chat ban now that the bot's thrive in your game i have been ban from Discord and chat great job when all i did was point out the obvious.

    Kinda almost not worth playing the game anymore i can't check Discord for anything i can't ask in chat for a group I should jus quit the game for good this time as it's just not worth being a legit player in the game anymore and it all falls on BP's deaf ears.
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    i was banned from DO discord withing a week of that channel opening m8 for suggesting that the devs are corrupt because there are endorsing botting . i get banned from chat all the time too for saying exactly the same thing .. i will not stop saying this tho as it is so obvious to all when you play the game .

    there needs to be a develop question forum ,where peeps can ask questions and they answer on things like this .. and they post what there doing or trying to do ... all trust has gone at the moment for most people i know in this game , they need to turn that around .. or game is doomed as surely is showing now
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