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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by 99-to-life, Jan 5, 2021.

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  1. 99-to-life

    99-to-life User

    this is more of a suggestion than anything. many of us have more than 15 accounts, and the client can only show 15 or 16 on the log in scroll down. you can't move it higher up to see the entire list, could you please have your developers fix this so we are able to log into all of our accounts. thank you
  2. does anyone know the future of petalled quartz now that the client is live
    ive got a goodly sum saved up. should i spend it now (or possibly lose it)
    can i still collect more somehow
  3. From the looks of it, its gone from the game. So you won't be getting any more. My suggestion is to use it, before the time runs out.

    Either you'll loose it, or be stuck with a pile after the time runs out. so best use it now.
  4. Personally , I have been saving it. I did not get the impression it's like chromin where they convert it to honor after the event.
    And since there is nothing currently want to build with it , I'm not in a hurry to spend it on just anything.
    So , unless there is something that you REALLY need or have to have , save it.
    Up until a day or two ago I was still seeing it pop up. Because of their sporadic availability it may be premature to say they're gone for ever.
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  5. Your post begs the question as to WHY anyone would need 15 or more accts.

    If this were a poll , I would vote NO on this suggestion.
    I will avoid making any specific accusations but , I can't think of any LEGITEMATE reasons for having so many accts.
  6. I have to agree, who needs that many. There's no legitimate reason for it.

    Hell, I only have the 1 account, its all I need.
  7. Good point's, never considered those things.
  8. why can't i use darkorbit on my chromebook now this mean i have to quit it after 13 years. it took a long time to get where i am.
  9. My first question would be , Did you download the client from a browser page?
    I know it sounds really basic but I don't know of any reason why you shouldn't be able to play.
    And when you say you can't use dark orbit on your chromebook , what does that mean exactly.
    (Is it not loading , do you get some kind of error message, are you unable to log on?)
    If you're more specific , maybe there is someone out there who has the solution.

    There is also another player who is having trouble playing on his Chromebook. Does the Chromebook meet the minimum requirements to download client ?
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  10. Thank you for supporting my opinion.
    I guess I was expecting a bunch of negative responses .
    At the very least I am expecting a reply from original poster to somehow justify the need for so many.
    Since I am in such a different time zone from game sever, I did set up a second acct. in my own time zone but, I just don't have the enthusiasm or resources to start building up a weaker acct. in this games current environment.
  11. Gora_power

    Gora_power User

    he can't download the client since a chromebook is not windows, and he can't play on the browser anymore
  12. Hi so I've been seeing that people are getting banned for some mission exploit or something.
    Now I haven't played in a while and recently returned when the PvE server went live so i don't know what's going on.
    So my question is, is there a bug with the dailies? I'm doing all the dailies that give uri every day pretty much and I've seen a couple of people say they've been banned? should I stop doing the dailies or something?
  13. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    As far as I'm aware the ban came from the calendar you had to buy, as for dailies I haven't seen a bug that gives me extra.
  14. I'm only a hour out from the server time here, but I know what you mean.

    And you're welcome:)
  15. Yep, from what I've seen, that's right.

  16. Fraid that's it. The only way to play is through the downloadable client, NO BROWSER any more. So, you MUST have a windows operating system, of some kind. Anything from xp, to windows 10. The newer the better obviously. Until the new unity browser version is rolled out, if it ever is, that's the olny way to play I'm afraid.
  17. i have alot of jump cpu 1's in my inventory and i cant even see all my modules and my backpage lags alot on the client. It seems like it is just always something in this game to slow you down are something. im not fixing to delete each 1 either that will take forever so is there another way to fix this orbit problem?
  18. Veki

    Veki User

    Select all Jump CPU 1 by holding Shift and clicking on one Jump CPU 1. Then when all CPUs are selected, sell them all.
  19. Or, select one and then choose sell then choose Max to sell. If you want to keep 1 or 2 or so take 1 or 2 or so off the Max number then sell.


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  20. HMS_Shotts

    HMS_Shotts User

    The Quest Titled Dangerous Times Is Impossible! You Cant Get To The Co-Ordinates Its Telling You To. Can This Be Fixed? Its In Refractions Thank You
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