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  1. Ok, I see how to change the ingame name, (Pilotname). But how do I change my actual username? such as the one to the left <---- the one used to login with... I'm sure it something simple i'm overlooking... o_O just wondering cuase of that clan tag...:eek:lol


  2. Okapi32

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    I don't think you can change your log-in name just normally, there is no option for it on the backpage.
    You could try messaging support about it if you think there is a problem with you log in name, such as a security issue but outside of that I doubt they would change it for you.
  3. You can't change it. It's Like that to prevent hacking. Just be dure the 2 are slightly different.
  4. You cannot change your login user name. Only your in-game name.
  5. The username you use to login can never ever be changed only your in game name can be changed
  6. You cant change your name due to privacy. It was in the new update etc, this was so that people could change their in game name but still have the old name to log in with and this was because of account safety.
  7. You only can change your Pilot Name on your homepage Pilot Sheet > Edit Profile. Your username cannot be change again due to the BigPoint privacy and the update of Account Security Improvement.

    • Pilot Profile link will take you to the the pilot profile panel.
    • User Account link opens the new User Account Center and allows you to modify your private account data: email address, password, and other information not visible to other players.
  8. Hello Łƒ³GØŁĮ°ƒĮGђ†ΣЯ[TAG]

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    To change pilot name follow below procedure:
    • Go to "Pilot Sheet".
    • Click "Edit Profile" (big green button).
    At the top of the window that appears, enter your new desired pilot name and then click "Change".

    To change your username or any issues related to it, please Contact Support and explain them about your issue in brief and they will assist you further with that.
    Closing as OP was directed to support.
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