[GI] What is going on with rank?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ĐΣXŦΣЯ, Oct 10, 2020.

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  1. I am ranked Major in Global America 1 and about a week ago Chief Major rank was at around 11 million points. Every single day it's been going up tremendously to the point where it is now at 13.2 million. I've been playing a lot and it has become impossible to keep up. I think we all know why.

    I thought all those players abusing third party programs and bugs would be banned or stripped their honor points.

    Please address this issue.
  2. nonstop boting Invoke and nonstop boting GG :) and bp is blind players are free without punishment :) they just have to fly around map ans see who boting and who deserves ban but they dont solve it thats all
  3. They dont even care, if bot users pay then they will not get banned. Also prepare for their copy-paste answer:

    Bots and cheats must be detected by the scripts ran by Support. You will get the same response should you contact Support.

    Closing as answered.
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  4. So they dont care about the players that are playing and trying to enjoy the game?
    With so many bot i can't even hit npc for my missions.

    Can they use the bot from darkorbit clan too or its only the user browser?
  5. Occum's Razor: If you remove the impossible, what remains must be the truth. It is easy to determine if someone is injecting scripts in Flash, therefore, DO must not care or has their own reason for not fixing the problem.
  6. Star*Fire

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    I have said this before, They let uridium wars go the same way. The last few months they let the bots take over then closed the game down. Never given refunds on money paid in advance to play the game. just looks just like the same thing is taken place on this game.
  7. dexter if you stop using bot as you do in all servers we will treat u more fairly simply stop lol
  8. Sounds like fun to me have a third party program play my game for me while i inject money into it just so when they close the game down i can watch my money fly out the window cause i don't play anyways. Most players who bot 85% of DO players also bot each others accounts and share bot's with each other and legit players still play this game it's unbelievable do what i did quit and play other games, problem solved no more complaining about the company or bot's it's simple DO is a joke now.
  9. What are you even talking about? I play manually and I am here complaining about competing against bots. Why would I complain against something I do?
  10. If automated scripts/programs are"STRICTLY PROHIBITED" then WHY are there so many running on any given day or night? There are bots out there , specifically designed for Dark Orbit and you mean to tell me that YOU and YOURS can't find,detect or delete them.
    I posted those to show/prove that these things are prevalent and Dark Orbit is NOT doing enough to rectify the situation.
    I do not condone their use and I do believe that Dark Orbit/Bigpoint has turned a blind eye to the whole thing,using the EXCUSE that they don't have the proper scripts to detect them.
    If they are so easy to find online , then why is it so hard to design a script to defeat them.
    I have always held TDO in high regards until recently, when it seems you're more concerned with PROFIT than maintaining the integrity of the game. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to log on and see the bots running a muck on all the maps . Yet , I still see the same one's every night over and over again. And they are so obvious and NOTHING is being done about it. I am glad you banned me from the forum until now, because that means that you , at the very least, are looking at what is being posted.
    Many players , including myself , feel we are not being heard and/or you just don't care. It is my opinion ,if the bots were hurting you FINANCIALLY , then you would have done more a long time ago.
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  11. Looks like more players are ready to quit like i did good job DO hahaha.
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    They have never really cracked down on the cheeters, and never will as long as the money keeps comming in.They have several issues that they know get exploited, sometimes take official notice of it but never do anything about it because of there fear the cash cow they've been milking for years will dry up and blow away, but as long as they can meet payroll and keep them all in pretzels and beer nothing will happen.
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