[GI] What'S NexT?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ICΣ~CΘLD~ƘILLΔ, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Doing todays Winter Quest i made 6k uri, i killed only the required NPC's, i had boxed for about 5 minutes, doing winterquests is a greta source of uridium so do those
  2. Do Kappa's and upgrade your shield generators. Then you would be able to get Hercules drone designs and also your upgraded shield generators would give you an even greater amount of shields.
  3. I would say to Kill Ubers, Box the heck out of christmas boxes for
    Sar-2 rockets their great, and do Zetas/Kappas. I say Zeta because they give you 50 Log disks for completing, and 25 Booty key, so you upgrade your bio and get some lf4's if your lucky
  4. STED

    STED User

    Buy Vengeance!
    Vengeance is most perfect ship for battle!
    Especially at PvP & Pirate maps!
  5. Ehh, I go with Goli and DCR rockets, no vengi runs from me!
  6. Flammifer

    Flammifer User

    Hello. I too need some advice about what to do next. Right now I'm old school FE with 8 drones (one havoc) and 16PPs. I finished my first gate (zeta) today. I have 70k uri right now and I don't have premium. Since I'm a free player, should I buy PET (I like to pally a lot) or should I invest uri in pilot bio or booty keys? Considering my current gear, which gates would you recommend me to focus on? I was thinking about doing a couple more zetas. In which stage of game should I buy my first drone formation?
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Personally I would go for bio until you have 5/5 in "Shield Mechanics" at least once you have that you don't have to buy more uridium to keep it, whereas with a pet you will have to buy fuel and then eventually pay uridium to repair it.
  8. If you like to pally buy the PET, it costs 50k uri with the remaining 20k invest in bio, get bubble shield (Sheild Mechanics) then ship hull maxed, and evasive manuvers 1, then put 4 pp into shield engeneering, just what i would do
  9. Ok guys i just run Normal NPC's configures in everything lolz. my config is something like this:
    Config 1: Full lasers in Ship full Bo2 in ship and Full lasers in drones.
    Config 2:Full lasers in ship and full speed in ship and full bo2 in drones.
    and someone could suggest me some good configs too that would be useful too :D
    i use these configures for almost everything.
    and my PP are 32 and are divided like this:
    2 PP Ship Hull 1
    2 PP Engineering
    5 PP Shield Engineering
    3 PP Ship Hull 2
    2 PP Bounty Hunter I
    5 PP Rocket Fusion (Does 15% Rocket Damage)
    5 PP Shield Mechanics
    4 PP Electro Optics
    3 PP Bounty Hunter II
    1 Heat-Seeking Missiles
    Total : 32 Bio Points
    And i currrently need 1 epsilon for 4/4 Epsilon Kronos parts then i do Kappa gates as you guys said its best.
    Thx to all of you guys for advices :D
  10. Drop the Aegis get a Venom, double cool down booster make em melt LoL.
  11. Already have a venom stupid ability some jump some use aegis ability Venom sucks Now and very stupid ability either it should be increased dmg on it or slow down ship that its used on.
  12. LOL, You got to pick time and patience,cloak over a CBS snag em off it,catch em in PvP burn em when they cant jump. And my fav trik hit em a slow down missle as they fizzle and pop at port.
    You can allways Venom while cloaking haha.
  13. Flammifer

    Flammifer User

    What's optimal PET lvl and gear lvl for collecting palladium? What's the difference between collecting resources with lvl.1 and lvl.3 resource collector? Roughly how much palladium per hour can PET collect? Do collected resources go to my ship's cargo bay or does PET have its own one?
  14. Level 3 has a higher range than level 1, and the protocals to getare range ptorocols level 3, but your pet must be level 8 to buy level 3 gear/protocals
  15. Hello ICΣ~CΘLD~ƘILLΔ

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    Do you have any further questions?
  16. No,
    You may Close now.
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