Goliath killed in 1 shot

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by SmoKe26FU, Jan 30, 2024.

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  1. SmoKe26FU

    SmoKe26FU User

    Hey guys,

    I am fairly a new player and was shocked to see my Goliath with 366k health and around 77k shield destroyed with 1 shot.
    Not kidding, couldn't even see the colour of the laser as it happened in under 1 second.

    Since i am new in this game, basically my question is, is there really that much power in some players?
    Are there really such strong configurations that can destroy a Goliath with 1 laser shot?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Your shield is really weak. Yes, players can hit that hard, but not consistently as there's a cooldown between hits with the laser ammo, laser type and rocket launcher.

    If you want to survive more than one hit, look into different ways to increase HP and shield. E.g:
    Shields can be equipped on drone slots
    Drone heart formation gives HP and shield boost
    HP and shield boosters from auction, assembly, shop and sometimes alien kills
    HP and shield from pilot points. I recommend doing galaxy gate zetas on double rewards day (Sunday) to earn log disks
    Boost shields with seprom. This is very cheap to do and gives a huge boost

    There's more things but those should get you started. It's worth noting that even with those buffs, a player who hits you that hard will likely still kill you. You'd need to learn how to use PvP gear to survive and escape.
  3. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    the reason for this is a lot of the players use a bot and damage hacks and anything else they can find, D O do sod all about it, so just get used to being popped. i have a citadel with 1.2 mill hp and they pop that with no problem.
  4. A citadel with only 1.2 mil hp is a weak citadel, my solace plus has over 1 mil hp, it has nothing to do with cheats i am not a bot user nor do I use bugs or cheats and I would have np popping either of those ships.
    If you haven't unlocked all pet spaces and loaded all ship and pet with the best of almost everything with good modules and good ammo and good upgrades someone out there will be able to destroy that ship doesn't matter how much hp or what ship you use.
    At this point if you don't have all slots and upgrades concentrate on speed and protection ability's like emp, cloak, speed. Also work on dropping slow mines and using freeze rockets and dcr rockets to slow them. Cheers
  5. test020

    test020 User

    none of this works either, especially emp which makes your ship unable to be targeted for one second but there are players with magical powers that ignore it and insta lock you from faraway even if cloaked, lots of these magicians were playing in the last galatic strife event and if you look at the current battlepass there is another galatic strife event planned :rolleyes:

    pvp in darkorbit was reduced to some silly quick reaction thing, especially against a player that has automated help that nullifies 90% of your defensive tactics and has a speed module to help catch up to you in case you use dcr or ic3.
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  6. Bombard

    Bombard User

    " especially emp which makes your ship unable to be targeted for one second but there are players with magical powers that ignore it and insta lock you from faraway even if cloaked, " I have noticed the same. And that what occurred while ago. an enemy somewhere on the map, not visible at all even on the mini map, apparently took aim at me, cos i saw it too, and that was strange because I was surrounded by a circle of scopes, just like the one Skoll used on Cold Wave ( Winter Event, long time ago ) when it take aim at you , and i got hit, and still no one anywhere near. Luckily there was a gate where I jumped, and end of that strange outer space phenomenon :) I wouldn't have been surprised if the targeting had continued in next map :D That's my x-perience players of their all mighty magigal skills :D
  7. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Must be a skill issue because it works for most players.
  8. I have watched new players I have never seen before roll up and blow through 1 mill shields and 1 million hull in 2 shots while Im still trying to lock them as they move super fast.

    While there are many explanations the movement matches the Delta aliens so there is a neat oddness. Im tired of the different abilities so many enjoy.
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  9. I play on GA1 and yes its possible that people can kill you in 1 shot, like i can, my solaris plus has 26% dmg on it and with rsb, i can do a 480k shot, with RCB-140, i can reach over 560k dmg in 1 shot, possible of doing over 700k dmg combo with RCB and X4, thats with pvp dmg boosters, b01 and b02 dmg boosters, infected, sep, level 16+ prometheus lasers, spartans. plus the solaris plus passive ability it has (3% dmg added for every ship upgrade module it has equipped, max is 12%). so again, its possible for people to hit that hard.
  10. Maybe you can do that against BL maps against BL aliens but no way your ship can hit 700k in pvp been playing 12 years I have over lvl 16 lasers and don't hit that.
    I have all boosters all the time it's pretty much impossible to add the damages in this game as they are combined and don't always show just one shot.

    I guess if you had kappa booster and all the damage and in a full group with all shared damage boosters it could get pretty high maybe even over 500k but don't think 700 is possible.

    You can always make a video and post it here to prove me wrong if you like.
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  11. test020

    test020 User

    >claims to never have met a magician that insta relocks you after emp
    >never saw a autolock automatic player

    according to some people it's just not possible and everything works as is, it's not like we ever had a autolock player usage way back in 2010's but of course we are wrong :rolleyes:

    that's the point, most of the damage in darkorbit is combo with rocket + lasers per tick, there's also damage modules and prometheus every 5 shots gives extra 200 dmg, the only videos about prometheus in pvp that i could find were uploaded before modules were introduced like this one:
    [REMOVED - Videos are not permitted here]
    not to mention choo choo's that also make any ship get killed with "one shot", from over 10 other ships too :D
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  12. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Skill issue. I've never denied there are cheaters in the game. You can escape them if you're using your gear properly. Besides, this thread's about getting popped in 1 hit on a ship with low HP, not about derailing into your hissy fit about cheats and poor skills.
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