Goliath skills design info & Aegis

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  1. Hello pilots,

    I need some help from you about Goliath skill designs and about Aegis.
    So, if I am honest, mostly I play this game as PvE module. Yes, sometimes I do PvP, but that's not often. Most of the time, I am stuck in my company uppers and hunt Kristallons all day :)

    Now, I am FE Goliath, without any item upgrades and Hearth drone formation, 17 pilot points. (Yes, I know I need some more pilot points, I am working on that now :p)

    As I have stated above, what are the best Goliath skill designs for NPC hunts? I am more about the ones that give some shield boosts, like: Sentinel, Solace, Spectrum. Which one of this is useful for hunting NPC (if any is?) And, with what drone formations it needs to go to get the most of it?

    Now, Aegis.. Lately I see so much Aegis pilots around. Some say Aegis are really good NPC hunters, some refuse that. To those Aegis pilots, how do you feel this ship? Is it better NPC hunter compared to the Goliath (if we include doing Cube's too)? What drones formation goes well with NPC hunting Aegis? :)

  2. 1. you say you like shield design so i would say spectrum, but only as way to escape from enemies it have great skill.
    venom would hellp you more with it's skill on npcs than any shield design.
    2. aegis is gr8 for npcs but only if you have lf-4's, otherwise you hit less than 5k with x1 wich is not good. however aegis is good if you have 1 or 2 more friends that use it, you can cube with them and make good uri.
    diamond formation goes well with aegis, but also is good on goli.
  3. I'd agree with Boogeyman.
    Spectrum is best skill design (for goli) for noobs (no offense :p) because the skill allows you to get away from most enemies

    But for NPCS diminisher's skill is great for npcs with big shields like the boss kristallon. Also venom is great for same purpose but with HP.

    As you said you are doing x-7/x-6 NPCs for long amounts of times, diamond would be the best thing for you I think. It allows you to keep getting shields back and so you can survive longer effectively against the NPCs allowing you to make more uridium. Bat formation may be something you might want to invest in too. I haven't got it but I've saved up for it due to its good reviews and so im waiting for it to come on sale.

    The aegis is my favourite ship for NPCs to be honest. Aegis+diamond vs NPCs means i never die or need to head to port to repair unless its because of an enemy. Although aegis' damage is significantly lower than a goliaths, boosters really do help. A shield booster from trade means i can have a full damage config (hit 7k x1) and have more than 350k shields which is great with diamond vs kristallons and cubes. Damage boosters also mean i can have more shields on but hit the same as i would before but i last longer because diamond formation works even better

    So in my opinion I like to NPC bash in aegis with diamond because you never need to take a break and repair
  4. Thank you BØØGΞYMΔИ and Shᴏᴐᴋᴡᴧᴠᴇ for the posts :)
    And yeah Shᴏᴐᴋᴡᴧᴠᴇ, I am noob and I accept that :)

    So far from this 2 posts, if I don't have LF-4 on Aegis it is not worth it. As you Shᴏᴐᴋᴡᴧᴠᴇ said you are flying Aegis too, can you confirm this? :) I have thought of that Aegis damage before and yes, it was kinda low damage for me too. And that BAT formation seems good, but I haven't seen it for I don't know how long time. :)

    Spectrum, I thought of that design for a long time. If my calculations are right, when the skill is not on cool down, no one can destroy me right? Cause on my speed configuration I run with 400k shield. (Those designs like Venom that give 5% boost damage are ignored by me :p I want the ones that give 10% shield bonus with some skill)
    On the other hand, as I have read around, Sentinel will take less damage on shield only but can be used against NPC's, right? What I wanted to ask is, is it really useful if I use the skill on NPC's, like Cubikon? Or it really isn't worth it? :)
  5. I'd like to say no because i think its alright if you can do npcs for longer which in turn means more uridium.

    Yeah as i said, most cannot kill you but remember people don't only hunt solo, you get a group of 3 UFE's and one hits you with a DCR rocket and the rest use chevron and 3030s and you're toast... but this is rarer than solo hunters so id like to think you'd be ok

    They shouldn't be ignored because they're really good especially venom for kristallon. one singularity can take out a whole bk whilst you're repairing which is great because you don't need to do anything. diminisher is really good too, can reduce the time for a bbk massively.

    Sentinel's fortress works on everything. it's really good especially on Big npcs because the difference is more noticeable, if you use it on BKS you wont see it as much but it is working. On cubes it is very good as you take a lot more damage and you'd need the shield power. Some people say it is a waste to use skill abilities on NPCs and you should reserve them for enemies but if you are doing NPCs for an hour and no enemies have interrupted, you could have used a skill that has 15 min cooldown 4 times which would be more productive than not using it so as the teenagers say these days, yolo! ;)
  6. Thank you Shᴏᴐᴋᴡᴧᴠᴇ for all of the effort! :) Much appreciated buddy!

    One more question for you (or maybe not a question).. If I got right what you said on this last post about Aegis is that even that ship does less damage, at the end of the day I might get more uri cause I don't waste time on repairs and stuff, right? :)

    At the moment, as I fly in a Goliath, it is true that I waste "some" time into getting up my HP and shields to full. And this happens too much lately, cause I want to do mostly Kristalons.
  7. No worries man... would rather you spend less than 2 and a half years to learn everything you need to know about d.o xD

    But yes is the answer, technically you should be getting more uri if you are making uri non stop
  8. Thank you again Shᴏᴐᴋᴡᴧᴠᴇ for the feedback!

    I still want to read some others opinions! :)
  9. Do cubes in the x-7 maps and do the odd kris's for uri. But, enemies troll.
  10. What this has to do with what I have asked? :)
  11. itsthisguy

    itsthisguy User

    dont listen to that guy. hes just desperate for posts so his forum rank will be higher and have more forum points.

    what i would suggest (as im going to do this myself) is to get diamond formation if u r not an aegis. i am still waiting for my aegis as i know it will help me alot. if u lack dmg, then get the elite aegis and try to get a dmg booster to further help u out. i wouldnt think a specific goli design matters. unless u plan on doing gates or heavy hp and shield npc like ubers, then venom. u attack majority for its hp, might as well use venom to further help u with that than diminisher for shields. as sometimes if u lag up and u need to flee and then come back to ur npc, it already has its full shields again.
  12. Thank you for the advice. The problem is, I won't be able to have damage boosters all the time. Yes, I will mostly likely get Elite Aegis, but I am still changing my mind about the Aegis. What I am afraid off is the damage, cause if I don't get at least same uri as I get with the Goliath, I will have to leave it aside and loose more than 1 billion credits for nothing :(
  13. Honestly, NPC hunting is not just about the ship, you need drone formation, such as barrage or bat. This will increase the rewards from npc. A shield design is perfect, i would prefer a solace because of the rep, but if you like aegis, then that would be the better match up.,
  14. Yes, I like Aegis too much. I was just worried about the damage, but I did some calculations that were like this: if I use Elite Aegis, or whatever was the name of the design that gives 5% damage boost with Diamond formation, I do pretty much the same damage as Goliath (- 200/300 damage less than the Goliath base damage (8 irises lf-3), that doesn't worry me too much (considering x1 ammo)). :)

    So yeah, I will definitely take Aegis :)
  15. One more question, how do you find using Diamond formation on Goliath? Cause Goliath will loose 100k+ HP, and when I switch back to some else drone formation, for example Hearth, it is a bunch of HP to repair? Or it is good to use Diamond formation with some skill design? :) Any advices on this?

    PS. Give me some advices about Spectrum with Diamond configuration? I have seen lately too much Goliath pilots flying like this, and they actually don't seem to die if they are attacked :)
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  16. Here is the configs that I use, and please keep in mind that I am a BIO UFE. I use moth and heart and bat and pincer. Thats all I use. Those mightbe good for you, but for npcs I would say use barrage because it doesnt slow you down like the bat
  17. Great, now I forgot just what I was grinding up all the credits for, I really thought I was grinding for Aegis until I saw:
    THAT was the main reason I was grinding credits. I wanted to use the Spectrum + Diamond combo, you kind are invincible with that Prismatic Shielding Capability. Hope someone outbids on the Aegis that I bid about 565 million on xD

    Honestly, from simple math, Goliath + Diamond = Aegis + Diamond.
    Aegis can constantly kill items and repair on the spot.
    But Goliath can kill faster, but still last nearly as long as an Aegis before heading somewhere to repair.
    Aegis' low damage + Regenerative Abilities = Goliath's high damage, but less regeneration. These two factors of damage and regeneration seem to cancel each other out.

    ---Assuming you hold at least 500,000 shield power, which causes diamond to regenerate at the max of 5,000 per second of attack. I do this with Sentinel + 22 B02s on Battle configuration.

    Hopefully, you understood that point xD
    It's all up to you to pick what you would like.
  18. What happened? You saved your credits? :D Thank you for the post, that was nice comparison. I was thinking mostly the same way as you :)

    Thank you GHOSTofMarz for the post too! :)
  19. Diamond+Spectrum ability is great because you last so long.
    Its not too great for any other designs, because enemies can simply moth you down
    Although its good for damage designs because you can hit harder with the dmg design but you also get the shields back too.
    Diamond's hp is a small price to pay in the sense of npcs

    For the Diamond+spectrum ability you want a configuration that hits quite hard because you're generating shields and still hitting somewhat hard, this is good for enemies. Also good for NPCs because the npcs dont hit as hard
  20. Because of that reason I thought about Spectrum + Diamond formation, if enemy runs on me I am sure I can escape them without being killed. :) My mind is kinda separated, one part of it says: Go Aegis, it's cool ship. The other says, get Spectrum and you are good :D