Goliath skills design info & Aegis

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ¤hüñ‡ë®¨¦MKЦ¨¤, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. for you id still go for aegis but thats only cos you'd make more uri and rewards so you would be able to get spectrum quicker
  2. Yup, I will go for Aegis for sure :) Had talk with some Aegis pilots, they all have positive stuff for hunting NPC with Aegis over Goliath. Still, it will take me some time to buy all the things I need: ship Aegis, Elite Aegis and Diamond formation :D Long way to go :)

    Thank you all for the feedback!
  3. I had too many forums opened and responded with the wrong answer last time, but...

    My opinion on the Aegis or Goliath is that...the Aegis is basically like an CBS fighter. It don't move cuz of it's repairing ability.

    The is Aegis pus on your face since it won't move to fight.
  4. Thankfully, I helped someone in another company get 40 million credits within 2 hours to outbid me, so I got my credits back :D
    And you're welcome.
  5. Hahahaha :D I laughed hard on this. So, I guess you had hard time? :p
  6. Hard time to help him get 40 million credits within 2 hours? Yes xD
    But now, I just got 400 million to collect before I can grab the Spectrum. On USA West, prices are quite high :p
  7. I am on Global Europe 7, Spectrum standard price is 1.700.000.000 :D So yeah, pretty high ..

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