Halloween 2016

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. So If finished ToT a while a go
    - no ammo boxes
    - started from map 5
    - last demon drone gave me sliver reaper drone design, instead of epic demon drone design

    and wasted doubler :(
  2. Yeah it seems broken, no reason to start on any Map besides 1. A couple of my clan members started at random waves as well. Like Map 5 and even Map 8.
  3. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    first wave was uber small kriss...going into will wait and see mode
  4. IamJarska

    IamJarska User

    Well done Darkorbit, well done. Once again you are able to [REMOVED] an event! This is a waste of time, ammo and effort. The only thing I was excited about the Halloween event was Tunnel of Terror, but if it really is that there's no ammo boxes, it's useless. Thanks a lot
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  5. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

  6. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    What appears to be random map starts could be players who had not completed the ToW have been returned to map that they were playing last year as was in my case, it seems that the slate has not been wiped clean and setting the gate back to zero.
  7. IamJarska

    IamJarska User

    Lost my 3rd time due to lags in that specific gate. EVERYTHING ELSE, NORMAL.
  8. Bit annoying that I started on the Uber Sib wave from last year... did 3 waves... finished gate, now got to wait 24 hours to start again... I booked 3 days off work to start doing this event... only to lose an entire day.
  9. "Intended lives is 3"

    Really? Trying to make it even harder for noobs? Are you kidding me?

    10 lives is good, but now any mistake or any time you have to leave is 1/3 lives dead. Seriously BP, ToT could have been great for everyone, but you make it good yet again only for ufes
  10. I got popped after my 5th Life in Wave 8,...I spawned back and went to jump back and it said I had to wait 19 hours,..What's up with this?

    Bad enough I had a Server restart during the 6th Wave.
  11. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    First of all great job by DEVS in fixing issue quickly. Only 1 thing need to be fixed for this gate is Rank points for killing UFO and Ufonits..
    I think players deserve to get rank point for killing them. Especially UFO it take a lot to kill tht thing.. pls fix issue thx :)
  12. Belahzur

    Belahzur User

    "Booty box reward changes" - no description of what changed from prior till now, useless information.
  13. I think theres a problem with ammo drops from the aliens that is supposed to drop boxes, It also drops the resources for assembly. I killed a uber sib and only got 1 box the other sib dropped plasmide
  14. Unfortunately it seems logical :/

    And the first event quest is VERY bad. Why should I waste my time for getting one crappy green Booty key?!
  15. this update does not drop demon drones epic drone the but always silver robot...
  16. ~~Dr.T~~

    ~~Dr.T~~ User

    Okay, I'm a little ticked... I have been waiting for this event for awhile and even bought premium for it. I was under the understanding that the demon drones are Cosmetic designs. I got 3 of them off my gate and what do I find out? They are now Stats drone design the same as Havoc and Hercs! :mad: What the heck is with that?! Also I never got one on the last demon drone of the gate like the descriptions say... REALLY not impressed!
  17. I bought 12 Spectral Lanser III lasers, but they do not work in ToT, actually now my lasers beat low
    than before with LF3 :( Why?
  18. Interesting, kinda disappointed on the pumpkin quests
  19. well, the way I see it now it's all random, my first ToT from wave 5:9 I got not epic demon drone design, Second ToT I got 9 epic demon drone cuz my PET was collecting 3 at a time. and forget about the last wave dropping that design, it could drop on any wave now, I got mind in map 4 and 5 and 6.
  20. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Might be a good idea to change the Spectral Lancer III 30x30 inventory icon a little since its pretty hard to tell apart from the Spectral II.

    How it looks at the moment:

    The one on the far left is the III, then the middle and right are IIs, difficult the tell apart.

    Just something super simple like a change in background color would probably be fine:
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