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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. IamJarska

    IamJarska User

    Funny how Support can't reset the lives. I've lost 6 lives in total in 2 days because of lags and freezes on that gate. Yet Support tells that you have plenty of chances to finish the gate. No, no you haven't, especially if you are not a UFE. Because every time it starts lagging, I am far from the NPCs, can't change configs, can't use ISH nor can I use Prismatic Shield to at least get away off the hook. They really think, that especially now, you can finish it, you just have to wait 20 hours.
    For me, I can't even go to the wave I was at the first day, because when I wait 20 hours and start the gate, it's starts lagging more frequently. Soon it will be that it's almost impossible to finish the god damn first waves.

    Tremendously frustrating. It's like the Support thinks that there is nothing wrong with Darkorbit and everything is fine, which is not true.
  2. The bonus boxes are ok. The quests are not really good. But the most important thing is the Tunnel of Terror:

    As a F2player without premium this gate is a waste of time. Even the huge ammo boxes can't compensate your efforts as a under Ufe. Each time I try to do some waves, I commemorate the repulsiveness of UberSibelons. They are ugly, have tons of HP and shield and a lot of damage. You won't get even a big Uri reward. The "highlight" is that moment, when you receive Plasmid instead of the ammo boxes Plasmid.

    My hind (my own opinion) for smaller players: DON'T DO THIS GATE. Kill the Boss NPCs, which Uri rewards are increased.
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  3. This gate is too long and you waste a lot of ammo and time, you need to be ufe to finish it "fast" and if you are not ufe, you just waste all the time on the gate and i can´t play more than 8 hours/day, no time to do the event mission and not even time to collect some pumpkin boxes aswell
  4. give me 10 lives and i can finish this gate like last year ...3 lives wont do it
  5. Mr.Drink

    Mr.Drink User

    Agree, agree, agree - except, wait, huge ammo boxes? What huge ammo boxes? You mean the palsmide? ROFL - what a joke replace Hellstorms, RSB, x4 with PLASMIDE?

    Complete waste of time and resources.
  6. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    I think players are willfully cheated by darkorbit. Gate is not giving rewards as promised in FAQ... As per FAQ on certain waves multiple NPCs are suppose to give Ammo rewards. But only 1 npc give Ammo others give ore which is useless ..If any1 want ore they will kill NPCs in Regular maps why waste time and ammo on waves. Its about time BIGPOINT gets honest to its players.
  7. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    They should be honest to players. Also its seems everytime players like something, its ruined by DEVS or policy makers. From the start of event there has been multiple issues. Players who did gate first were cheat out of rewards. They try to tell players that they shouldnt cheat or punish them for abuse of glitches. I 100% support punishment to cheaters . But when BIGPOINT is dishonest what should we do? With every update comes lot of issues, some how players got used to it but this time they absolutely ruined 1 event players actually enjoyed and look forward for it. SHAME ON DEVS and people running BIGPOINT. You cant even give us decent gaming experience. STOP SENDING US SURVEYS. Our opinion doesnt matter so why bother sending us surveys.
    How ruin something good should be learned from BIGPOINT.

    Every player should report BIGPOINT to better business bureau for their dishonesty towards players/customers.
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  8. HEY-YOU

    HEY-YOU User

    The Tunnel of Terror gate is a awesome idea but it takes awhile for new players. I like all the URI and ammo im getting from the gate on my UFE ships. There is one of many waves that is a challenge for both UFE's and noobs, the 8th wave/map. I think the gate should be easier for new players or have one gate gate for higher levels and lowwer levels. I have a couple noob accounts that needs the uri and ammo but cant get that far in the gate. "Darkorbit Reloaded" is meant for noobs and it was said a few years ago from the DEVS themselves. This gate is just to hard for some and theres new players thats being left out of opportunity to grow. Many people dont like seeing new players being left behind and have to wait another day to get what they need.
  9. hushing

    hushing User

    I totaly agree, 3 lives is insufficient with this lags and freezes on that gate, especially in Map 8 - Wave 66,67,68,69,70.

    Please, please give back to the the players the 10 lives like last year gate to make posible to finish it.
  10. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    very disappointing , while expecting a ammo box with about 100k 4x and you get a green rock, kind of feeling like a Charlie Brown Xmas...all I got was a lump of coal:(:(:(
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  11. Rossi

    Rossi User

    I play on GE1, I started playing after 3 months again, because of this event (it was the only good event there was in last 5 years). I bought premium and thought I will make one gate everyday. But guess what?! I can't even log in! And if by miracle I can, the lags are so horrible it's unplayable! But I jumped in anyway, in hope that the gate will work at least a little bit. But guess again! It took me 15 minutes to finish 2nd wave! 15 bloody minutes and 14 of it I was in lag!
    I am so done with this game! Thanks a lot for loosing my money. I could go and buy a whiskey instead, than putting it in this "game".

    Back in '08-11 it was the greatest browser game in the world, but afterwards it went downhill. I can, with clear consciousness, say: now it's one of the worst browser game in the world! It's unplayable, bugs/lags/cheaters everywhere, company doesn't care about players and the only way fresh players can play this game, is either spend thousands of dollars or play this is game 16 hours a day.

    Well done, you played yourself. Good luck everybody and strong nerves, you will need it!
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  12. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    First of all the event is pretty cool. Here there are some thoughts:

    I liked that quest line a lot but collecting so much prometium, endurium and terbium was a bit boring. The rewards for the quests were just on point in my opinion. But I'm really missing quests like "go to these coordinates, do something, go here and so on". When the quest asks you to do something that you wouldn't do. Jumping from the secret portal in 4-5, getting killed by a Streuner and silly stuff like this would be refreshing for these event quests.

    The terror gate is really nice. Sometimes getting plasmid instead of ammo can be frustrating. I don't experience any lagg on hu1. Having 3 lives is much better, nobody wants to suicide 10 times.

    The spectral laser which hits 175 on npcs is a huge idea. Unfortunately there are some serious problems with the assembly right now. I would really like if getting assembly materials was a good way of progressing just like boxing or collecting palladium.
    At the moment you just box and collect palladium to get booty keys to get assembly stuff. Which is not the way it should be.
    The drop rate for materials should be higher. Cause the cost of things in assembly are nonsense at the moment.
  13. GERMAN forum: A mod posted a statement of BP about the crafting ressources which replace sometimes the Ammo box. The new ressources aare a part of this game, so they won't change it in the Tunnel of Terror X)
  14. Why were there only four waves o_O

    Lots of cargo boxes and plasmid though.

    Two boxes though with one ammo and the second a demon drone.
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  15. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    Then they need to update FAQ..otherwise players are going to keep complaining..That was my point earlier too
  16. Where is the job ammo thats supposed to be on sale? Bat formation been on sale since the beginning
  17. padiddle

    padiddle User

    Actually they have never been just Cosmetic. Even last year we were advised the demon drones are suppose to boost your rocket damage.

  18. Now we have 10 lives. Good for those who can finish the gate with or without that additional lives but bad for the ones who can't finish as they must consume all the 10 lives for the ToT gate to be reset.
  19. ~~Dr.T~~

    ~~Dr.T~~ User

    Actually according to the Board Admin Astrea's posts/pages, the demon drones appear under the cosmetic drones page and they do not appear the stats drones page. Go check.
  20. Why they gonna change the melter waves? are you kidding? the only problem on waves is the 5 uber lordakiums and the waves after 61...
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