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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Torno

    Torno User

    what is the ghostifier???
  2. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I am sorry but i have to say this eventho im like 70% sure they will delete my post:

    BigPoint deleted all the good waves whose are dropping uri with npcs whose are not going to drop any uri.
    Melters wave was like rewarding gate and im pretty sure that one should stay untouched.

    The exact problem for players who are not ufe were and are:

    Wave 40: 5x Uber Sibelon
    Wave 42: 5x Uber Lordakium

    Wave 66: 1x UFO
    Wave 67: 1x Uber Lordakium
    Wave 68: 1x Uber Kristallon
    Wave 69: 20x Uber Sibelonit
    Wave 70: 20x Uber Sibelon

    Comparing to this :

    53# wave: Wave 50: 10x Melter, Wave 53: 10x Melter
    HitPoints: 300.000
    Shields: 400.000

    replacin with uberkristallins:
    10 Uber Kristallin
    10 Uber Kristallin
    = 20 melters * 300k = 6 mil HP altogether
    = 20 uberkristallins* 400k = 8 mil hp altogether
    = Uberkristallins also pay 2x less than those melters which is 256 uri down to 128.

    55 & 57# wave: Wave 55: 10x Melter, Wave 57: 40x Melter
    HitPoints: 450.000
    Shields: 600.000

    = 50 melter * 450 000 = 22 500 000 HP altogether.
    replaced with
    = 30 uberkristallin = 12 000 000 HP altogether

    One melter here pays 384 Uridium which does 19 200 Uridium at all for 22,5 mil dmg
    While 30 uberkristallins will pay 3840. If they would be 3x stronger and they would have 3x better reward they have 36 000 000 HP altogether while u would get 2x less uri than from melters.

    And im not even talking about how Moth is OP against melters if u compare to uberkristallins.

    Another uri making wave is 30 lordakias with saimon where we make approx. 10k uri, it will be replaced which is going to be easier to kill altho we will also get 5x less uri.

    All whats good on that update is replacing the waves 66-70 which is insane for some people now. (Btw there are 19 or 20 ubersibelons to and not 30)

    So bigpoing if u going to snake us by removing rewards atleast say it normally and dont try to hide it, we are people what means we are not dumb.
  3. Runcho

    Runcho User

    40 melters into 20 uber sks? Really?

    40 melters x 384 uri = 15360 uri and that is totally worth it (yea, we lag but the rewards are awesome)
    20 uber sks x128 uri = 2560 uri and thats 12800 uri DOWN

    I really hope they do some crazy changes than to the UFO that is 20m in total and giving only 2k uri. 2 cubes are worth the same ammount of uri and for that hp and shields u can kill more than 7 cubes! Hell the devouers give 1500ish uri and they are like 1/3 of the big fat UFO

    That boss cucurbium change better give 15k/20k uri than!
  4. I'm totally done with BP....
    After reading about removing Melters I had a bad presentiment...They should increase at least the ammo box rewards.

    I'm very disappointed with all these changes compared with last year. Tunnel of Terror was my single good event (with PET NPC event). Now they changed it with the assembly system and these "rework" to reach a point, where I don't believe in a successful future of D O anymore...There are a lot of easy ways to keep the last year fun for the players...and they don't use them.
  5. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    If they take out melters, it's not worth going on to the higher waves, or all the way to the end.
    Take out the ubersibelon, and that damn UFO which takes forever to kill.
    Not the only npc worth shooting
    And then replace them with the same old kristallin. booooorrrrriiiinnnnggggg.

    "Tunnel of Boredom"
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  6. Pay More ..get less
  7. When I click Kami on Tot, my PET's HP increased and it just stays there, the activate button and the drop down buttons are null and can't be clicked, even I killed my PET on by using rockets and repairing it, its still the same. This happen everytime I kami on Tot starting today!
  8. $Mxmaj999$

    $Mxmaj999$ User

    can't continue becuase you start from last year. thats a wiz as I can no longer do any quests.
  9. hushing

    hushing User

    Please, Please Managers, Developers and Moderators, don't change the waves of Tunnel of Terror NPC.

    I agree completely with SauronL .

    After you guve us back 10 lives like the last year, which we - the players are very grateful and Thank you for that, there is no point to make other chages that are not welcome.

    The realy, realy hardest and trouble wave is on Map 8 -Wave 70: 20x Uber Sibelon, so to add less harder waves to help weakest players is very nice but less appealing for strongres palyers.

    If want to help weakest players divide the Wave 70 by two waves and put the second 10 Uber Sibelon one on Map 9 in Wave 71.

    That will help the weakest players for sure and not only them but will help all other players.

    So, please don't make this chages.

    I appeal to all players who don't want this changes to rise their voices agains it.

    If the most of the players state their opinion maybe we can prevent this unwanted change before it hapen.
  10. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    I 100% agree with SauronL & Hushing...
    They said what everyone playing this game would say. My following comments wont be liked by Admins or Devs. But idea of forum is everyone to come together ( players and Admins) and improve game. I have noticed how some posts get deleted because Devs/Admins dont like honesty or they are worried other players would also see the problems which has plagued this game forever now. Now lets discuss event itself...Halloween I guess is the only event which every player liked only room for improvement was making separate gate for low level players. So we all waited in anticipation of this event. Some (may be lot)of players bought packages like premium and box doublers. BIGPOINT should be happy about it since they are getting more revenue ..they get real money for pixels they give.

    Issues with event:-

    Start of event itself was disastrous.
    1)Lives were reduced, no issue for me, but for weaker player it was punishment for playing this game.
    2)Then no ammo drop from boxes.
    3)After realizing the issue no compensation to players who already did gate.
    4)No Ranking points from UFO and Ufonit even after lot of players requested for it. It takes lot of effort, time and ammo to kill NPC like UFO so why not rank points?
    5)Some Npcs dropping ore instead of Ammo bonus box . I would not have complained about it if FAQ was updated with changes. So players know what to expect out of it. Otherwise is just plain dishonesty/ False advertisement. ( England has strict laws for false advertisement.People can actually sue and win there easily)
    6) Almost of new changes announced for Gate are USELESS. Only change which is good is Wave 70: 20x Uber Sibelon. Every player i have spoken to is wondering what was the idea behind this change?

    BIGPOINT send us surveys about game and ask for our opinion and suggestion. After seeing all this issues, i wonder if ever anyone read these surveys.
    DarkOrbit game has lost 75% of its players due to multiple reasons but mostly because of careless attitude of game Admins towards the players. This event could have been great success again if they didnt mess with the original event.
    BIGPOINT could have used this event to improve their revenue by advertising benefits of doing this event and benefits of buying premium packages.

    It good game but sadly too much attention is given to revenue/bottom line.There is not wrong with it. But at the same time gaming experience should be enhanced too.

    Oh did I mention LAG?
    Last edited by moderator: Oct 23, 2016
  11. lampas

    lampas User

    c'mon DO just did the first 6 waves and only got 2 ammo boxes (both rockets) but according to the OA i had a chance for 9 boxes. Very good job DO awasome ratio :rolleyes:
  12. Ha what a joke, the best NPC in the gate being the Meltas and they are taking it out of the gate completly, what a crap change, how about you admins do us a favour nd please urge them to not bother

    MapSpawn GroupOldNew
    62710 Melter10 Uber Kristallin
    72910 Melter10 Uber Kristallin
    73010 Melter10 Uber Kristallin
    73140 Melter20 Uber Kristallin

    Nothing needs changing about these npcs, these waves and numbers are fine, the waves that are fine the change are

    83430 Lordarkia
    1 Saimon
    1 Boss Kucurbium with 100% drop chance for special ammo box
    83630 Sibelonit
    30 Uber Sibelon
    10 Uber Sibelonit
    10 Uber Devolarium

    I find map 8 extremely boring so the fact that this is changing is amazing, but I think other UBER npc waves need changing especially for lower equipped players etc
  13. Yeah I like Map 6 and 7 the way it is, these changes are stupid. The Map 8 changes are very welcomed.
  14. Something was missing, now I notice it: There are no sales.
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  15. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    The Tunnel of Terror changes are not the end of the world, don't be so dramatic, guys!

    Removing the melters is bad, that's true. But the changes for the last map is pretty good. Now it takes only human efforts to actually finish the gate.
    I'm neutral with the changes to the lordakia wave. It had a nice uridium drop but the guaranteed ammo box is also very good.

    But the fact that a f2p player (who uses kamikaze for uridium) can only make ~20k uridium from the hole gate makes me sad. Considering that it takes more than 5 hours to complete without a lot of elit ammo.

    Now the Tunnel is really just an ammo farm. But a pretty good one.
  16. Mmayuri

    Mmayuri User

    Yeah we need discounts and special items like Country designs, Surgeon etc.
  17. Any idea which Boss Kurb this is going to be? The x-2, x-3 or x-4 version? If it's the 20mil HP and shields one then it's going to be annoying because of the massive range and damage. That wave might end up taking far longer than it already does. Getting hit for 50k every second and having to fly away and heal to get a few hits off and repeat.
  18. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Map 8, 30 lordakia and one Saimon is fine. Delivers a nice reward in terms of honor.
    Ubersibelon wave is for me prob the only one that needs changing. It's too long, drains too much ammo, and it's boring.
  19. hushing

    hushing User

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  20. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User


    I think it's the first time the developers changed something rapidly in response to the community feedback.
    Darkorbit is really heading in the right direction currently!
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