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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. True I dont mind the wave myself, was just saying that the extra ammo box was more benefit to myself and most who do the gate, but unfortunately they aint doing any changes to it, all they need to do is change most the ubers, even if they have the gate set for certain level/equipped players to make it easier for them.
  2. Sorry for moaning ^^, but I have a little idea: they should add more DEMON designs with better damage effects. E.g. the more 1% damage DEMON drone designs you have, the more the chance for 1,5% DEMON drone designs will raise. So you will be still playing for the designs (not only for the ammo) every year again and again. The 9% more damage with 5% less cooldown is not so strong.
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  3. Are there any updates on when the lagg is going away?
  4. I know this has been reported and above are some of the others who have posted here in this Thread...
    Assembly resources, plasmide, and a single ammo drop after an FE ship hitting 5,500 with no Kami and a lvl 6 pet ploughing their way through 4 Ubersibs, not to mention the other NPCs required to get to the Ammodrop, has no appeal... It doesnt pay good uri to pop a load of lil lord and saimon, nor honour, EP , cred etc only to get a half of the supposed reward... very sad and I wont be bothering to go further than this nor repeat what I have already done
  5. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I would like to say my Thanks to BP.
    Id also like to apologize for my black thoughts.

    We have 2 types of boxes:
    Small box: Drops one of these: [8500 UCB-100,12.000 RB-214,1500 PLT-2021,1500 HSTRM-01,750 UBR-100]
    Big box: Drops one of these: [25.000 UCB-100,35.000 RB-214,2.500 UBR-100,5.000 HSTRM-01,5.000 PLT-2021]

    And id also like to suggest the following changes to these waves :

    Map 3:
    Wave 26: 2x Uber Sibelon
    (1,600k HP, 1,600k Shields)

    Both of these NPCs are dropping ammo boxes, but due to some lags/bugs it drops a plasmide sometimes, which is not really nice, especially for noobs as they only finish the first waves and then they get plasmide from the UberSibelons. Thats very nasty.

    I suggest to delete these two npcs and replace them with new NPCs,
    Theres an example:
    2 Convicts (3x stronger than usual, like in LoW gate)
    Their stat is almost equal to UberSibelon, with the difference in drops - They do not drop any Assembly stuff.

    2 Devourers (Zeta stats 2 mil hp - 1 mil shields)
    Little more HP than ubersibelons. But they also pay better rewards.
    They also dont drop any assembly stuff.
    Worse to kill because the HP is higher than shields, it means that player cant penetrate through easily as thru ubersib.

    Those NPCs would drop Big boxes.

    Map 4 & Map 6:
    Wave 37: 3x Uber Devolarium
    Wave 51: 3x Uber Devolarium

    (800k HP / 800k Shield)

    All of these NPCs are dropping ammo boxes, but due to some lags/bugs it drops a plasmide sometimes.
    I suggest to delete these three npcs and replace them with new NPCs,
    Theres an example:

    3x Ravager: (3x stronger than usual, like in LoW Gate)
    Their stat is almost equal to UberDevolarium, with the difference in drops - They do not drop any Assembly stuff.
    No idea what else would be equal or close to UberDevolarium stats.

    Those NPCs would drop Small boxes.

    Map 5:
    Wave 40: 5x Uber Sibelon
    Solution: Reduce them from 5, down to 3 only.

    Wave 42: 5x Uber Lordakium

    Solution: Reduce them from 5, down to 3 only.

    Wave 44: 1 Kristallon

    I suggest to delete this npc and replace it with this new NPC:

    1x Kucurbium:
    (Kappa stats)
    Little less HP and shields, but does more damage to players:

    This NPC would drop Big box.

    Map 8 & 9:
    Map 8 should stay unchanged !!! As it should be the hardest part of the gate.

    Map 9 changes:

    Instead of 1 Streuner, there should be 3 of them.
    All with ammo boxes, so it would be really worth killing all those UberSibelons.

    Map 9 could look like that:

    Map 9:
    Wave 71: 1x Demon Drone
    Wave 72: 3x Streuner

    These Streuners would drop Big boxes.

    So i think it would be worth it killing all those ubersibs at all, and it would remain very hard.

    So what do you think guys ?
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  6. It is an PvE map without PvP likea GG that is free.
  7. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    very disappointing with the entire event this year as the ammo boxes have been nerfed with exchanges with assembly ore , and the box doubler not a 100% chance, since when did something we pay for become a chance item?? JOB 100 aka ammo completey removed so far , has not been on sale once, pumpkin boxes very poor, not worth boxing at all, changes in the maps reducing rewards, the whole experience in what has been historically the best event of the year has left an awful taste in the mouth for many long term paying players and may will leave the game permanently
  8. than yo dark orbit..Let me say these ,,and also removed all banned players so that our rank will be adjusted specially wer doing a lot of tot this season thank you and more power.Excited my rank climb higher when you removed the ranked players due to banned this season of halloweedn.
  9. Well this gate just got a lot more boring :/. R.I.P ToT... was a good idea up until this year
  10. Today I got 2 plasmide from 2 uber sibs in map 3. Really!!! :mad:
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  11. I look forward to events. They enable me to play this "FREE" game.
    I USED to be able to build 2-3 gates in a 2 week event from EE. ( 200 ee/day, now lucky to get 40)
    I USED to collect 5k an hour in uri. ( now lucky to get 2500)
    I USED to play for 4 or 5 hours/day on an event. ( now 1-2 hrs)
    I USED to have many friends and chatted/flew with them in EIC chat/groups, especially on events, as all looked forward to events. ( now lucky to see an old friend in "Gloat-All chat", as EIC chat is non existent.)
    ..............BRING BACK THE GOOD "OLD" EVENTS....maybe the friends will come back?...........
  12. There are no new quests? Not even the bad ones?
  13. 1taffy1

    1taffy1 User

    I did not receive the ammo from the special drop boxes in the ToT. Each one stated I would get 750 UBR 100, for a total of 1500. I didn't get any. How do I get them added to my account please? Did anyone else not get their rewards from those little red boxes in the ToT?
    Thank you.
  14. What wave are you on?
    Note that all NPCs at all final waves of each maps should drop ammo boxes (and they could drop assembly resources which is not good).

    Also take note that those NPCs could drop either of the 4 items (x4 laser ammo, RB laser ammo, Hellstorm 1 rockets, or UBR rockets) which means it is not guaranteed that you would get only UBR 100 as they are random.
  15. 1taffy1

    1taffy1 User

    I'm not sure you're understanding. I am not stating I didn't get the boxes. I got the boxes but did not get the ammo they said I would. I got two boxes. Each one stated I was to get 750 UBR 100. I got none. I refreshed the screen thinking it was a mistake. They never appeared. I am asking on how to get the ammo it said I would get, not the ammo I was wishing for LOL
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  16. I'm thinking it maybe as simple as clearing cache maybe even restarting your internet modem and restarting your computer, i would try this first and see if it works and if not sent in a ticket with the information from your history and go from there. Hope you see it soon enjoy
  17. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Are we even gettin pumpkin ammo in shop this year ?
  18. 1taffy1

    1taffy1 User

    I just finished map 5 with the BK and no ammo drop.
    I didn't go through all that just to get one stupid piece of prismatium that I won't use instead! I wanted the ammo, it was the only reason I even wasted my time in the ToT. It's not fair.
    From my log:
    The battle continues.
    You received 56,320 EP.
    You received 256 honor points.
    You received 409,600 Credits.
    You received 128 Uridium.
    You received 1 Prismatium. << This stinks. After all that time, ammo spent and hard work, this is all I get??? Really??

    Thanks a lot
  19. The halloween event had some awesome features (ToT -> free uridium and cosmetic designs), pumpkin boxes with ghostifier CPU and boss aliens with 50% rewards (thanks for better info, mr. beyblade/spin2win/bestGrenEUW). Unfortunately, this halloween event were pretty much exactly the same as last year, but without halloween ammos (and "Troll rockets") and sales. And everybody knows that JOB ammo are really useful to any player in darkorbit!

    And what happened to sales? We had galaxy gate special reward weekend TWICE; without any galaxy gate discounts. And how about other sales, including boosters, ammos and extras?

    Another really sad thing was that some players had a chance to make "Slipped through the Cracks" within less than 30 minutes because of winter time change. This means that some unfair players were able to get one of the hardest obtainable achievements with ease.

    ToT gate gave tons of ammo, including hellstorms and x4 laser ammo ( definitely one of the best thing about halloween event!) But unfortunately, most of the ammo crates included either plasmide or prismatium, which are usually pretty hard to obtain. But why it was so easy to get these crafting materials when we needed them the least :D?
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  20. *it's only 50% more. This Uri increase should affect UberAliens too.
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