Halloween Event 2015 - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Ddraig, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    Hello all,

    With the Halloween Event up and running, as always the developers would love to hear your feedback on all the various aspects of the event.

    Please remember keep the flaming to a minimum in favor of more constructive feedback.

    Many thanks,


    Halloween Announcement: >>HERE<<
    Halloween FAQ: >>HERE<<
  2. Thanks for the Ice meteorid, is all i can say xD :p :3 :D
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  3. Am i the only one who actually enjoyed that gate :D? As there was said before, gate has 9 waves, going easy to insane difficulty...

    And yes, we finally got galaxy gate which included insane wave.

    Or actually this gate wasn't that hard (normal UFE ship should be able to finish it with ease), it just takes a really long time to be finished. I also liked bigpoints "Troll" waves, including 80 uber kristallon. First i though that those ubers are impossible to be finished, but later i noticed that those are "nerfed" kristallons.

    All gate aliens together gave 80k uridium, but it drained insanely lot of x4 and seprom. I was also disapointed about UFO alien (it had 10.000.000 hp and 10.000.000 shd) and it only gave 2,2k uridium. that was really lame...

    All in all, gate was funny and challenging (Finally a challenging galaxy gate!). Maybe not the best gate for newbie players, but there is always an option to make normal galaxy gates :)
  4. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Total waste of elite ammo, didn't enjoy it at all, pretty boring tbh (to op and takes too long)
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  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Similar feelings as -Äppiäinen- on the GG, found it good fun and will try and get it done once a day. Seems like the boxes are worth the time for people who find the gate too difficult.

    One thing I wanted to say though, I suppose it should be in an ideas thread instead but, can we have a green version of the ghost effect that is applied to clan members (that only other clan members can see of course) when they are cloaked up? Would be very, very useful for co-ordination and look pretty cool too ^^.
  6. chixonator

    chixonator User

    I'm neutral, ive been asking for a hard gate with special npcs for years and finally got one, but had no end rewards, only the uri from the npcs (which certainly wasnt worth using 30k rsb on + whatever x4s and uber rockets) drone designs are cool, the major problem with it though, weaker players wont ever do this, even in 2 weeks, someone without prem who cant kami, and hits 20k or less with x4, never gonna happen. now if the gate did not disappear after the event was over id be fine with that, because then the weaker players could do it in stages while building there ships and eventually get the gate done, but wont happen in 2 weeks.
  7. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    Still unsure what to think of the gate. I enjoyed the troll waves and think there should have been more like that. The 40-odd melter wave just caused a huge lag spike, increased in memory to 1100mb+ and ended up having to revert to ring and kami due to the insane lag.

    Personally there were too many waves that were ammo draining and boring. Far too many uber waves and not enough creative waves that we saw towards the end (the ufonits were cool, i liked the troll-like waves of uberkristallons and the lordakias that followed). However wave 70 summed it up pretty perfectly.

    20 uber sibelons - ammo draining and boring
    20 uber sibelonites - irritating although easy with the kamikaze
    1 uber bk/mlord - okay
    UFO ship - had potential, but i just sat there with diamond drone formation and shot at it

    Personally would have liked to seen more mixture of ufo/ufonits rather than the boring ubers which felt relentless.

    Approximately 200k x4 wasted, equally the same amount of seprom wasted too. I did get some demon drone designs and for that reason i will probably slave away and complete the gate a few more times.

    I'm not going to lie, i do enjoy difficult gates. I still hold the Hard Cold Wave gate of last year one of my favourite yet due to the unexpected difficulty, but personally there were just too many tedious ubers to enjoy the difficulty of this one.

    Maybe i just don't like ubers...lol
  8. Btw, you can get the demon designs in the gate, so dont waste ur uri in the shop buying them :) thats cool
  9. I think the gate would have been much better if it was group orientated with a minimum number of say 4 - 6 players as it would relieve some of the tedium of 2 hour long waves with all those ubers as slogging away with x1 an no kami simply isn't fun..

    Full lf4, drill/moth, dble boosted and sepped and the waves still take forever lol, even breaking them up wold have been welcome, fortunately none of the npc are so fast you can't outrun them so you can at least nip to the loo for 5 mins.
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  10. I have to agree that the gate is too strong. The time and ammunition required are not worth what you get in return (for me anyway, might be different for UFEs), especially if you have to do the gate multiple times.

    I get the feeling that the gate is geared towards people with maxed out Ships, which I'm all for. Those guys haven't had a challenge in a while and from what I've heard they've enjoyed it thoroughly. However, for sub-UFE players, the gate is one hell of a giant grind. I'm on wave 42 and I don't think I'll be able to proceed. I've used up half of my Seprom and I don't think the rest will last this wave.

    I like the idea - The gate is challenging. I'd like it to stay that way, but right now it's just way to steep and not worth it. Players ain't gonna do something if they don't earn from it. The Drone Designs are cool, but Havocs are still better all-round if you ask me.
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  11. it is abit daft that u have to do the gate and noobs cant so they have to do some many waves to get the drones and pop 100 times to get the gate restarted
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  12. Just gave up with the gate. Pretty happy with my drops though, 3 x Demon, 1 x Skull, and 1 x Reaper. Not bad. :D


    Pretty hot, don't you think? ;)
  13. I still havent finished the gate (at wave 59 atm) but what I can say so far is that it pretty much eats all our ammo for a very small reward in return....Of course some ufes might find the payout reasonable but for anyone who is below semi-ufe I believe the gate to be a colossal waste of time and precious ammo (some players like me are only interested in the rewards, meaning that idc about achievements, visual stuff etc)
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  14. if you got 4 drones so far, you got pretty far, why notfinish lmao, i just took a lunch break, about to get my 5th drone and keep going.
  15. Well...i've completed the gate. Found it really fun tbh ( despite the 180k x4 it took lol). I'd do it again...but maybe perhaps with less x4 xD ;)
  16. so.......

    Boxes: the boxes are the same sad event payouts. Lots of them with LCB-10 and a whopping 10 rounds to boot. Some PET fuel, some decent rockets... but again in quantities so small you might as well just buy the stuff unless your time is worth less than three bucks an hour.

    Quests: Can only speak to the first four (I'll edit this as the others come up).
    Pumpkin Mission 1: 225 low level NPCs and collect a bunch of rocks... ugh... I suppose it'll put some cannon fodder in x2.
    From Another Universe: If you're going to do the Terror gate anyway, you get 50 gg.
    No Time to Lose: Same... but you've got to finish the gate and you get 20 emp and 100 gg.
    Slipped Through the Cracks: The only thing that seems to have slipped through the cracks on this one are the rewards. There aren't any. So you've basically got to finish the gate and the only thing this will do is increase your Quest count. Hopefully it's a mistake, but based on the other rewards, I'm thinking this one is just a trick and not a treat.

    Tunnel of Terror: The first 2/3 of this gate was actually kind of fun. The last 1/3 is just abusive. Kind of like most of the Level 20 quests. I'm just glad that the UFO moved slightly faster than the ubersibelon hoard so I could bang on it with everything I had for a solid five minutes without taking 500k hits. And then 58 minutes to do the 20 UberSibelon. I suppose you could commit suicide and die after killing one to split up the group but for the love of ...... anyway, you get my point. Abusive.

    One suggestion for the Tunnel of Terror. I suspect that most low level players will bail between levels 40 and 50. I suspect that most UFEs (with the exception of okapi - who is awesome in all respects but I question his sanity when he said he was going to do this gate once a day) will not step into the gate more than once - maybe three to kill the quests. Have an abort button on the gate. Make it say "do you really want to abort the gate" three times. "Do you really want to abort the gate". "Are you sure you want to abort the gate." "This is your last chance, are you really sure". Then, after the 20 hours are over and you can do the gate again, the guys that want to can do the 40 or 50 levels without having to go in and die 100 times first.
  17. Well,all in all,the gate is good,but i think it contains too much waves for an event gate.I dont like only one thing:i thougt there's only a small chance to get Demon desing,and bigger ones to get bat,reaper,skull.I have full havocs,so i won't use the Demon one's in the future,but i would like to have full bat or reaper,they are pretty cool.Althougt,i have a question:
    The gate resets anyway after 20 hours?I mean,if i cannot finish it cause im not enough strong,i must continue from that wave i stopped at,or i can start it again from the first wave?
    Btw sorry for my bad english,it's not my native language,i'm just studying it right now.
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  18. Drone @Customisation@ .... this should be on top of existing drone designs. so the purly cosmetic drone designs should be able to be added to a drone that already has a herc/havoc on it.

    Pumpkin bonous boxes are rubbish. they dont give enough good stuff.

    Gate is far to strong for your lower level players.
  19. youve had a whole year 365 days to work out an event that even for an uber fe with 500k sepped x4 to spare!! takes 3 hours lmao, what do u expect the lesser players to do it in.. ill tell u... they wont....will the last player out the door pls switch off the lights...fkin waste of time even writin this
  20. I am just about Fe-ish, 31 lf3 8 b02 no kami, I am now on wave 42, it has so far taken me 11 hours, only died once so far, had to, as needed loo break. I will keep going till I can go no further, but really think that to expect any player who is not ufe to do this is as others said actually abusive. I am no noobie, I have another ships on another servers which is UFE, in that one it may be a little more fun. But for a level 17 like me this is a waste of ur and time really.
    As for having to die 100 times to restart gate. Again that is really taking the mick out of players, If a player could go in daily do 2 or 3 waves to complete the other quests then that would be ok. And I am no sure that if you go in and intentionally die 100 times one after the other you would not be accussed of pushing. Either way low level player cannot win.

    updated to add the following:
    what i represent with this ship is the bog standard DO players, buys some uri, has prem and rebate, has plenty of experience. (probably more than a lot of players actually.)

    No I am not going to be rude so please take do not take this the wrong way, but I ask you to consider the following.
    I imagine many hours work went into programming this gate for this event, but how many hours were given over to thinking about the average player. The one who no matter how hard they give it a go, will not finish the gate quest so will use up all his resources but get no reward at the end of it, the uri he gets on each wave he is throwing into JOB ammo just so he can get a little further. The same player who to have a chance of doing the other gate quests, you are in effect asking to commit suicide dozens and dozens of times over the course of the 2 week event just so he can get a reset gate the next day to do a little bit more, have you any idea what that does to a players morale? Or faith in the game. Was this even considered, because if it was it does not show.

    I imagine the devs tested this game on a nice lag free server with totally equipped ships with unlimited ammo and sep.
    Well I have a challenge for them, try it as the average player like me sees it.
    I would like to see a dev play it on a live server, starting with the same kit, ammo and uri I did, what the average player would have, and see how far they get in the gate, how long it takes them, and to video themselves doing it and upload it. If they can do it with ease, then fair play to them, but if as I suspect will be the case they cant, then hopefully they will learn more from that one experience than a thousand feedback comments can show them.
    Are they up for the challenge, they have given us a challenge now its there turn.
    I am happy to post what I started with. Have they got the bottle to join the battle

    verdict: Nice idea, but ill considered implementation. Happy Halloween? well maybe for those that have everything already.
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