Halloween Event 2015 - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Ddraig, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. veritas

    veritas User

    I think the ammo/# lives change is great.

    However, I'd like to know if any ammo package will be offered to those who went through the gate before this was implemented?

    I wiped out a lot of elite ammo just to finish it (before the ammo rewards), and since the rewards changed after the event started, it only seems fair that ammo compensation should be retroactive for any waves prior to the change.
  2. i was on last wave on second run thru gate when they updated done the gate one more times after that and im about even with the ammo ive spent in gate but i also bought the Halloween ammo they got in shop once in a while during event 3.5Xs damage for .5uri score 100k ammo cost 30,000 uri with discount takes about 70 k ammo to get thru the 30 uber bk wave 8 making about 80 k uri picking up 12 ammo boxes so 50 k uri and 12 ammo boxes profit per run thru the gate me thinks they have comped enought thanks DO for awesome event gate

    on another note bonus boxes kinda a let down love how many boxes on maps and they in battle maps but the junk in them hardly gets used so the draw me to the box thing is not there for this event last event boxes rocked
  3. on last event boxes was in normal maps with ubers and people wanted them in battle maps they put them in and took ubers out look at the ammo you get in the gate cant see a bot doing the gate there trying to stop giving botter a free ride
  4. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Halloween event this year is awesome, but Darkorbit, where's the WIZ rockets? Are they gonna be available in the shop in the Halloween day or are you gonna disappoint me?
  5. no you wont get any ammo its an addon only if they didn't put it in you would have still wasted ammo

    there in the Halloween boxes
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  6. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Really? Where, cause i've been boxing for the last week and i can't find any.
  7. well all i can say is gate second time around was worth it , i am only fe used a agis vetren design 4 hercs on drones used circle and kami. i was able to keep my ammo use limited to x2 and sab , with kami it took around 10-11 hours to complete but second time got it down to 8-9 and used more kami . i have all 10 demon drones and got over 50k x4 ammo and over 75 rb214 ammo as well as 1500 uber rockets and 20,000 yellow rockets not to mention all the hours of boosters . i just hope we will see something similar with christmas /birthday gate. happy hunting DO fans .
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  8. sorry my bad its fireworks i have been picking up lol
  9. I just got my tenth demon, and questions started to appear on my mind...
    1. Does the demon design include rocetlauncher? (I think it should)
    Can't test it out, since there is a bug (No bonus).
    2. If not, then why is rocketlauncher rocket called rockets?
    3. And if it's not a rocket, then what it is?

    And something to say about the event. It's been boring... I have played a week multiplayer game ALONE. Designs are nice, but i feel, that i might have wasted my time collecting them. Thanks for the ammo, those probably saved the event. I hope we get group related gates, missions, and other stuff more in future events. Don't know about boxes, since i haven't had time to collect those.
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  10. Do Red, Blue and Green Halloween design overlap havocs and hercs? And if these non boosting designs do that then...Could they be updated to do so?
  11. Not yet, but they have already stated that they are working on it here in the forums...o_O

  12. what do you class as fun loads of ammo and uri with less effort?
  13. No. that was not what I tried to tell.
    I just mentioned ammo as a good experience, since I wanted to thank Darkorbit developers for that change.

    As I know it Darkorbit is supposed to be a multiplayer game, and what do we have? More solo gates, than normal person has fingers (Includes event gates). On the balance we gave two group gates, and half of those are popular... Woohoo! One group gate that is actually good... In multiplayer game? Seriously?

    And as I, and many other have now had opportunity to experience another boring solo gate in form of event, it wont make it better. (And this one was ridiculous.) I was relieved when it was over. Only positive though I have now from it is ammo I received, and maybe those designs if they show to be useful, witch I doubt.

    If i want to play solo game i select to play solo game on my computer. (Usually it's something that doesn't require internet connection) Today's Darkorbit is very good example of multiplayer game that has too big solo game aspect, and that's really big problem.

    When the Crafting aspect will be released... Well I'm not expecting much of a difference in multiplayer aspect.

    That's probably not all, but it's what I feel about this event, and Darkorbit for now.

    And, so that you wont miss it... I am referring to multiplayer aspect, that Darkorbit is still lacking. (And I don't mean only PVP.)
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  14. Great work on the Halloween gate guys. This is a challenge people like me have been waiting for. Even before the ammo drop update, the gate was a really cool experience being able to pick up a drone design no matter what. It was a new idea and I really enjoyed it. If your wondering if the demon is even worth it, let me just say that DO plans to make it possible for you to have havoc and demon designs at the same time. So a damage boost and rocket boost is a Major + in my book. Either way you look at it, your going to be doing more damage. I understand the /*lower level players that arent equipped for this type of gate dont really get a chance to get a set of demons for themselves. But thats untrue! Even if you can only do 2,3, or even 4 stages, you can still get a full set if you simply lose all of your lifes and do the gate the next day when its ready. Continue that cycle as much as you can. If im correct there is 17 days for this event, so thats about 17 tunnel of terror gates you can do. Even if you can only get 2 or 3 demon boxes each time, thats still about 34 or 51 tries for a demon design IF you do it each day of the event until its over. With those odds im pretty sure you can get your set. It took me 2 full gates to get my set and thats not even close to 34, so dont give up !!!!! As i was saying, Darkorbit really knocked this one out of the park for me. Best Gate, Best experience, and just simply Awesome !!! Keep up the good work.

    P.S I have done all 10 terror gates so far :) The gate is really fun, I cant get enough
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  15. kk was abit daft on my part asking what u class as fun when you say play a mmorpg with others and not just on your own i really do see your point, on that note there is so much stuff you have to get for your self and u don't have time to help players out clans have become useless only so many people want to help the new player they want to horde credits for them selfs even tho after u reach ufe they are almost useless to you i my self with a clan m8 used to dump credits in another clan to help noobs out clans now a day just want the stronger players and war over stupid stuff... the days of been part of a team seem to have long gone and its hit solo play back in the day was the best not 2 much 2 to get once you are fe thats it group hunts of 30/40 players where stacking on port became an art form yep that was so much fun if u can understand what i put is that what you mean lol ....
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  16. Ultra0_0

    Ultra0_0 User

    I will admit, I think dark orbit did a horrible job making this gate friendly to newer/non ufe players. I am a fe player on ga5 and naturally i tried the gate-... it was a pain the entire time i had 100 lives tho so i was fine i dead about 5 time from lag and look down when i start the next wave "5 Lives remaining" thanks for making me aware that you changed amount of lives... also the waves got verry hard I had to take on multiple uber aliens some nerfed some not with only x1 and x2 the halloween ammo was rarely on sale. Finnaly im on wave 70 2 lives left because of lag ( i didnt lag anywhere but the gate even with drones off and low quality ) and i get all the uber sibelons in the corner and then i die due to lag. Im obviously pretty damn mad because w/ only x1 that took almost 2 hours. I had 1 life left and decided to play it safe i got into a citadel w/ 500k shields 650k hp and did it all over and of course i get to the end all of the uber sibelons in the corner and i lag out and die... thanks for a great gate... not friendly to new players or old one's.
    Oh almost forgot to add... it wont let you send cargo while you are in the gate either
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  17. everyone was made aware of the change of 10 lifes and ammo boxes to help the new players out there is no end reward so you dont need to finish the gate all the way to the end u only go so far and pop 10 times and wait 20 and do the same again till the end of the event u shoudl have more ammo and some nice looking drones by the time you are done
  18. Ultra0_0

    Ultra0_0 User

    Yeah I understand I didn't need to finish the gate, but at wave 60 of 72 ( where good uri ends ) whats the point of not finishing it- at least the first time anyways when you can get a new title some good rank points and finish the mission. I was not that disappointed in the gate as to the fact that the gate was laggy and I was able to make it to level 70/70 and not just that but to die twice when all the aliens are in the corner ( 20 uber sibs Non nerfed )
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    well my freind thats how its works give a bit then take a lot back .its like fishhing 1nce caught u will come bck to the beck
  20. hi, i reset the gate like 5 times, because my ammo run out at wave 41 always, so i did that, today i am closest than never to finish it, but on wave 62 i accept the mission of finish the tuner of terror gate, it was my last special mission left...and as i accept it ended, really, so there is no need for me to finish the tot, but i will try anyways, i think its a bug because i have 10 demon drones but have never until this moment, finished it once, i got the 100 ee reward but i didnt finished it, thank you thats my report XD
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