Halloween Event 2015 - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Ddraig, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. I really like that we can enjoy this event even longer! but how about Ghostifier GST-01 cpu: when we are able to buy it with uridium (Finnish Forum: Ghostifier GST-01 is available via payment OR 750u/unit). And how about players, which have got insane points in Halloween time challenge (with this way players got demon drone kills when being in the same group, but this is not working anymore)?
  2. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    With regards to the Ghostifer, we received clarification that this item is only available through payment, therefore the Finnish FAQ's should have been updated correctly to reflect that.

    The problem with players exploiting the group outfit to complete the special challenge is also known and was fixed, and as far as we understand, the invalid (exploited) times will be removed from the rankings. If there are players still showing in the rankings who you believe used the group outfit to complete the challenge, then please report that information to support so that they may investigate it further.

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  3. madmike

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    i finished the quest before 2 hours but i didn't took any points. my time 1:48.
    someone knows why?
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  4. I feel your pain. I have finished it 3 times as of today and with the 3 extra days, plan to do it one more time. Due to lag and my frustrations, it literally took me a week to do it the first time. I am talking Monday through Sunday. I calmed down and got it twice the second week. I don't know how people can do it daily in a few hours. Lag was just killing me left and right. The first time I died 7 times with only one time because I really needed to go. Silly me should had just not gone back in after popping that time. But I only popped 3 or 4 times the next 2 gates. I don't know if this applied to you but I found that every time I popped to lag, if I had npc's in the corner, they were lost to me.

    But anyways, if you had cargo trader on pet, you can sell while in gate. You just need to get where the npc's are not tearing you up, and then do it. I did it lots of time. Only gate I had to sell ore in so I could keep collecting it.
  5. Well, I must say I am loving the gate since changes have been made. I think DO has done a great job of salvaging an event that was insane fer noobs at the start. The littles can grab a couple drone designs and get out for the night. They still feel like they got something. The nooblets can maybe grab 3-4 drones and an ammo drop possibly 2 so can grab some anto-jerk ammo. The medium guys can get 5 ammo drops and 5-6 drone designs so has a chance of collecting a set or two. Bat drops are rarest on my clan's end. But, I personally am getting 5 ammo drops a night and I have the full set of epics and a set of reapers. I almost have skulls. I have 5 bats.aa a few extras here and there. I went through 2x's and then just did the ammo drops. I like the option of reset. I do agree with Church of Bob though, an abort gate button for reset option would be better. Dying 10 x's affects rank. And, some have no choice but to get frustrated and die over and over. It can lessen the fun factor fer littles and nooblets. I play with some fundage.. so like being able to buy JOB ammo. The wingman/hubster plays free to play and managing to get the first ammo drop in gate...both of us were happy with the event. I even saw a teeny tiny little or two runnig around. Good job, DO. I didn't kill those littles either ;). My suggestion for the extra stuff is to set up a trade feature in teh game to get the ability to trade your extras to a friend for set ammount of credits or uri mabye. A cute little station on 5-1 for it might be cool.

    I also like the boxes. They are pretty fair. I am excited to see winter coming...ice rockets and little snowmen running around from wiz rockets will be cool. I wish we had some for halloween like that that maybe turned people into pumpkins or something similar to inffection ammo which would turn you into a gohst ship and slow you down the same way.

    I would also like to suggest a couple other things. Make the big event winner prizes something really special, like you guys did for the Surgeon release. Getting the same thing is not really that great. Please also make the contest board viewable to everyone. I can't see who is in the runnin fer the best time ;). Anybody know? I also think you should add another set of prizes to encourage noobs to try harder. Make not only the top 10 thing but maybe the smallest 10 ships to make it through the gate get a prize. It would give a chance to show pilot skills instead of wallet size for those complaining and let everyone see who haz the skills to get them through. Woot!!! Some prize suggestions would be a new design for pets to add an extra gear slot, you could redo the pet event for that one with few changes...The nooblets one for bottom 10, possibly a new tech slot in the tech center, and a special title to display...like noobiest nooblet. Maybe, an LF4 and a title...I have some other ideas but I will save them for the ideas board. Overall, me and mine are pretty happy with the event. We really appreciated the unexpected extra time. My wing...BOUGHT A DOUBLER..rofl. That don't ever happen...hehehehe. Can't wait for next event! Enchata out and back ta flying ;)
  6. veritas

    veritas User

    Probably been mentioned before, but why are there candy canes floating around the cargo boxes, instead of little bats and/or ghosts? :p And maybe have the core be an churning ectoplasm green.
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  7. because no1 owns the rights to them :p and its sweets when people get for trick or treating
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  8. veritas

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    Don't think I ever got candy canes for trick or treating though - just as treats for Christmas. :D
  9. Yeah, never got a candy cane on Halloween, but now DO has a new job for the artists o_O Give us candy corn for Xmas :D
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  10. I hope, they give us in every event Event Bonus Boxes on every map as in Halloween.
  11. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    im proberly not the only one who thinks this but ive been playing this game a fair few years now and im verry impressed with what happened dureing this event in my opinion best thing do has ever done and idd just like to let the team no that .. you did it right .. you hit the nail . you cracked how to do an event and i want to just say thank you i hope futer events live up to the one we just had SUPER DOOPER ever event ever had :) cant wait for server merge i no u guys are testing it over seafight
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  12. NEW-B56

    NEW-B56 User

    i love the Halloween gate as of today Ive done it 12 or 13 times :):)
  13. bd33

    bd33 User

    BUT max 50 waves it just gets to beep boring

    the ubers sibs over all killed any joy the gate had..

    max 8 uber sibs in any wave...

    around the 800-1000 spins to open would be great

    gate time of about 2 hours for uber players and 6 hour... for fe's

    5 lives each with one person losing 5 lives gate closes

    ...1/4 chance per wave 'main alien/s" lvl 3 pet protocol drop...
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  14. yeah as kids we got money lol

    yeah we could do with a new box
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  15. I did like it too, but my computer is old and it always got froze on wave 37 I don't really remember which one, but it was when fighting all those Uber sibelon, and I never where able to finish it :(

    I got 50k of UBC :D (x4)
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  16. Yeah, that wave of uber sibs near the end of gate is laggy as heck. You want to split the gate - I say NO. Hades and LoW is hard enough looking for other players at the same time and then what if one leaves and you on wave 45 and you have to find another player who also on that wave that had a partner leave o_O
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    no semp usage that would be nice
  18. Overall a very good event, the opportunity to port out between waves would have been nice (essential in some respects), as I wrote before a little more polish required. As is it would make a nice group gate, in the interests of keeping regular maps populated it may have been better to run each map as a quest, while the event gate was running regular maps were empty due to people spending all their available game time in the gate as many people don't have the time/lasers to complete this gate in one sitting. Often found myself in outfits with capable or well equipped players in the gate and lower ranks left hanging round other maps wanting help to complete quests etc.

    I farmed this gate for ammo an uri as far as map 7 in most cases, popped out of map 8 once I had got my drone design as map 8 was so tedious albeit one of the best maps for uri rewards I was happy to leave it be and start again 20 hours later, also allowing my ship to be destroyed x10 was time consuming so a reset button with a double player confirmation dialogue box would be useful. I did however eventually get a full set of every drone available from the gate with over 33 demons total so I would hope they have some later use for the crafting element currently being developed as being able to change demons to havocs or herculees drones would be a winner for me even if it required other resources. Main motivations for this were rewards/uri/ammo gained for time spent, some if not many simply did not have 4-6+ hours to spend completing beyond map 7.

    The recent pet event was much better with regards to overall map population though less rewarding in some cases it did bring people together in groups in regular maps to destroy the pet npc, player satisfaction also varied more with the pet event imo though both events had good points and many fewer bad ones than we have seen expressed by players over recent years (including myself) with regards to previous events and state of play at given times.

    Halloween quests seemed to be an afterthought, would have been much better to have large amounts of resources to gather from destroyed npc as opposed to manual collecting as this is tedious and I would even go as far as to say manually collecting any rocks other than palladium in 5-3 map is now obsolete. Indeed had the quests required palladium it would have added more interactive game play and possible storyline, had npc contained or randomly lost/dropped palladium in various maps this would have been much more preferable to collecting terbium etc as palladium is the only resource anyone with any patience is motivated to collect in the current game.

    Also note most people imo play DO to have fun playing, to be sociable, chat to people and pass an evening with others playing a game, few play DO to spend huge amounts of money to gain rank or obliterate other players in an ego contest though this does take place and motivate some players a lot of the time frustration isn't the best or primary motivation in playing games or spending cash on one, indeed I would say frustration although effective in some cases (small regular doses with some eventual success), is eventually counterproductive and a fine balance is difficult to achieve.

    For too long DO has been a game that has lead to frustration for the majority of new players entering the game (and some experienced ones) only for them to leave once they reached a certain level having realised that DO requires huge amounts of cash to play at the very top level or a lifetime of daily play to really compete at current UFE level, the last 2 events have changed this perception for many of us experienced players here and I can only hope it continues to the point servers are as well populated as they were when I first joined. Also note I had no inclination to purchase a months premium and 2 weeks box doubler until the ammo drops were introduced as without them this gate was a drain on time and my (limited) game resources seprom/ammo etc, once the ammo drops were introduced I was happy to recommend others spend on similar where possible as it was a worthwhile expenditure for a nice reward.

    I will say thanks for listening to our suggestions, gripes and complaints etc and acting on them, also thanks to the people that posted here in this thread, this event wouldn't have been as good without both this thread and its contents and I hope we are all beginning to see the value of live player feedback during events etc instead of all of us airing our opinions allover the place in speakers corner, indeed: Plan, Do, Check, Act.

    TLDR: Good work, Keep it up, stack it high sell it cheap and many more may be inclined to buy the product. Don't forget success comes from collaboration not frustration!

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