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    ASTRAEA User


    ASTRAEA User


    The customization page has a lot of information and gives your the opportunity to utilize your ships much easier.


    The Customization Page shows the Following:

    Ships Available for Use.
    Design Options (when available)
    Ship Information
    Favorites option
    Ships Current Stats
    Drones Information
    P.E.T. Information
    Active / Manage

    Ships Available for use:

    As you can see below the ships available for your use have check marks under the image of the ship.

    Those ships with "O" under them are ship that are currently not in you Hanger Inventory.

    Hanger 2.png

    Those ships that have the Blue "O" These ships are not currently available for purchase.

    Hanger 2a.png

    Design Options Available

    Once you have selected a Ship, for this FAQ - I have selected the Aegis Elite.
    As you can See Below this particular ship has a Design Option.
    Please note that the Frostbite Design was only available during a special event.

    Hanger 3.png

    Ship Information

    This Icon on the right side of the screen will give you a larger image and a brief description of the ship you are considering Flying.
    Hanger 4.png

    Favorite Option

    Here is a option to make your favorite ships. As shown below, once you have clicked on a particular ship and then clicked the star, it marks the ship with the star showing a Favorite.

    Hanger 5.png

    Ship Stats /Information

    Current hit points
    Maximum hit points
    Maximum Nanohull
    Repair Credits
    Jump Credits
    Booty Keys
    Laser ammo
    Speed generators
    Max speed
    Shield generators
    Damage distribution (shields/hull), and
    Shield / Hull

    Hanger 5a.png

    Drone Stats and Information

    The drone overview shows a brief overview of each drone in terms of:
    · Type and Level
    · Drone Damage
    · Drone points
    · Points to the next level

    It will only show 4 drones at a time, to see the next 4 drones you can cuse the scroll bar to the right.

    Hanger 6.png

    P.E.T. Information and Stats

    · Name
    · Fuel
    · Level
    · Experience Points
    · Hit points
    · Lasers
    · Max speed
    · Shield generators
    · Damage distribution

    Hanger 7.png

    Active Manage

    As you can see below you have a Icon/button that reads below the Word ACTIVE. When you click the Mange Icon/button it will take you inside the hanger of the ship you are currently wanting to fly.

    Hanger 8.png
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    ASTRAEA User

    Hanger View

    This section is the equipment client where you can equip your ship, drones and P.E.T. here.

    Hanger 9.png

    Back Icon - This will take you back to the previous page.

    Configurations - 1 - 2 - Wheel Icon. 1 & 2 are your ship configurations. The wheel Icon allows you to delete a configuration.


    Once you have chosen a configuration to delete you will get a pop up window as shown below.

    Delete Config.png

    The word Delete will complete the transaction. The word Cancel will leave the configuration as it current is.

    *** Please note that when using the delete configuration, all of your equipment is returned to your inventory.

    Transfer System

    At the top right of the main section of the equipment client , above the P.E.T. Tab is the Transfer System.

    Here you can transfer the ships configuration to another ship with the same number of slots.

    Transfer System.png

    Click transfer to complete and Cancel to abort the request.


    Spaceship drone PET tabs.JPG

    These are the tabs that give you access to the different portions of the ship and allow you to add equipment to all three areas to make your ship custom to your playing style.

    More on these sections further down.


    This sections show all of the items that are contained on your ship.
    (More detail description further on in the FAQ)


    Buy / Sell / Repair

    This section gives you options on how you can handle your equipment.
    (More detail description further on in the FAQ)

    Buy sell repair.JPG

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    ASTRAEA User

    Equipping your ship, drones and P.E.T.

    Equipping your ship.png

    The red area just shows the current ship that you have.
    The blue area shows the equipment that is on your ship, drone or P.E.T.
    The green area is the quick inventory, which shows the items that you can equip to your ship, drone or P.E.T.
    The pink area is where you can sell or quick buy a selected item, or repair a drone.

    The system works via drag and drop, so you can click an item then drag it to the position you wish it to be equipped. You can also drag multiple items and drop them into the appropriate area. Selected items will be grayed out. You can use the scroll bars to access other items further down the block.


    When dragging it will show a small stack of items, and you can simply drop it into the inventory, or area that the equipment belongs. To access the different configurations you can use the toggle buttons at the top.

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    ASTRAEA User

    The inventory holds all items that can be on your ship, including resources and ammo; to access it click the arrow on the left of the button.


    This will bring up the full inventory on the default loading filter: “user”.

    Inventory 1.JPG

    As previously stated, this full inventory shows all of your items, you can filter the items using the one of the two drop down menus on the top right. To see equipment installed on a particular ship use the Hanger Halls, Select one and all the items on that ship will appear in the inventory. To see Specific items in your inventory use the User Menu - then select an item types.

    Inventory Hanger halls.JPG Inventory users.JPG

    To close this full view and go back to the equipment client with the quick inventory; you can click the close arrow.


    You can also see how many of each item you have by hover the cursor over an item, you will get a small tool tip pop up with the type and number.

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    ASTRAEA User

    Icon States
    There are three icons states in the inventory: equipped, selected and not selected.

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    ASTRAEA User

    Selling Items, Quick Buy and Repair
    Selling items and quick buy can be done from the quick inventory or the full inventory. This is the method for the full inventory.

    Once an item has been clicked on and is selected the details of the item will be displayed at the bottom of the inventory screen.


    To sell an item once it is selected you can just click the sell button on the right hand side, it displays the sale price for you above the button.


    Once you click sell a pop up will appear where you can select how many you wish to sell.


    You can type in the number, use the + or – buttons, or click maximum to sell them all. You can then click the sell button make the sale, or cancel to go back to the inventory.

    Clicking Buy Now will divert you to the shop where you can purchase more ammo as necessary.

    The repair button can be used for drones when on the drone tab in the equipment client itself. Click the drone you wish to repair to select it, a selected drone will be outlined in yellow. Then you can click repair in the bottom left corner.


    A pop up will appear and inform you how the drone will be repaired (via uridium or a repair credit) and inform you that the level will drop. You can then click repair to continue, or cancel to return to the equipment client.


    The Auto Purchase CPUs for laser and rocket ammo can be toggled in the inventory’; if you click these CPUs then the repair button will change to Use.


    If you click this button then you will get a pop up asking which ammo type you would like the extra to work with. You must then confirm that you wish to make this selection; or cancel to go back to the inventory.

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