Hello, Can you help my ship was robbed

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by CasTiLLo___63, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. hello I do not know that my ship was stripped of my belongings like no one ever has done on e-mail at my real e-mail im REMOVED
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  2. hELLO CasTiLLo___63
    It is sad to hear that but its the rule of game that its your responsibility to save your account :( no one can help you . next time please be more careful and have safer gmail password and no sharing account :)
  3. You should contact support privately for this sort of issue, do you know your user ID to give them?
  4. 1. Remove your email adress from your thread.
    2. Contact support (not that they will help you)

    Buts its smart to message support and inform them of what has happened, your just going to have to rebuild your account. There is nothing that WILL be done about it, its not that they cant do anything, its that they wont.
  5. White_Pepper

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    Thank you for the advice already given, unfortunately due to the nature of this you will need to contact support as we cannot deal with this matter via the forums as such i will close this thread.

    Closing as directed to support.

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