hey i got a idea for cross platform sorport with unity surport

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by ashtiboy, Jun 10, 2021.

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  1. ashtiboy

    ashtiboy User

    hey i got a good idea for cross platrom suport!
    we usierng the unity engine to port dark orbit right?
    there happes to be web gl http5 integation srpot for modenr web bowssers! but devs did you know that web gl is actly a better and inmprved vserson of the unity web player thats been merged with http5 web page encription https code! so your actaly make the unity clent of this game acatly have the web bowser play the game wihout haveing to downlaod a clent for it to work on all computer platforms! aslo everyone uses uses http5 thise days! this will actaly you know help keing the web bowser game crossplaform on linux and mac qiute easly

    ps: don't mid the spelling and gramer! its the idea that counts! i just can't use the spell check becsue it not very smart for useing conext for spelling words corectly and it drives me nuts!
  2. atleast you should edit the post bro... i got cofussed in the Third line

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