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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Aug 10, 2022.

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  1. I mean, that robs those of us not doing trains though. My clan can't get into the BMs for the 2.0 Hitac, there are several trains of 10+ ships each, all wars, all mixed companies.
  2. here is thought, for lower maps block entrance to other enemy companies while th hitica is spawning .

    Heres another problem i just ran into i used 10 keys to purchase the DMG-XOF02 and it states in the forum that it will work on diminisher.. But after purchase its states for Goliath Peacemaker .. NOT fair . i lost 10 keys for a module i cant use on any of the ships i own.
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  3. obviously you don't understand the meaning of unstable modules..
    they can choose a random ship or several for each individual module, there is only an increased chance for some ships, but this does not guarantee anything
  4. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    I see the other thread on this was closed but I wanted to thank you for it. I only play Global because I just don't want forced PVP. As you correctly said, this event effectively brings that back. Rather than addressing the issue, it seems they've just added a new 'clause' if you will to the FAQs to allow for it rather than actually do something about it. It's not even as if we get any warning - I was just on 3-4 doing my dailies - the Hitac spawned and there's me with a nice shiny red ring! Thanks! I can't play the game anymore today unless I want to be constantly targetted by other players.

    This does need to be corrected - not allowed for by the devs.
  5. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Understanding that they made these new modules for EVERY ship in the game by far reduces your chances of getting one that will suit your needs.
    The mouse over description on the modules states "greater chance of a healing ship" - out of the 15 I crafted not one was for a healing ship and only 2 for ships I actually own, 12% speed for a zephar and 6% HP for Sentinel - Both pretty useless really.
    I did however get 4 modules for Goli-X (which I don't own) and 2 for Goli Goal (which I don't own)

    Going by the faq you have roughly 76 to 1 chance of getting a module that suits a healing ship - Not very good odds

    I think if they are going to make module crafting such a small chance to get something useful there should be a way to pay for them to have the ship type changed, like restabilizing stats but for ship type - Opt to change ship type you can no longer restabilize that module.
  6. The new modules state for SUPPORT ships. Which I've mostly gotten, but they're still trash.
  7. soon there will be a new resource for stabilization
    perhaps something like this will happen, but most likely it will cancel the stabilization already done
  8. Excessive

    Excessive User

    That would be fine by me. I got a 28% HP for Zephar (useless as it is) - I'd much rather it for Hammerclaw or even Solace, you know a healing ship that people actually fly. Give me a way to change it to a ship of my choice, that is useful, I'd do it.
  9. Read the forum !! It clearly stated all the list of ships it would work on.
    DMG-XOF02Damage-relatedMin 5-10%, small chance of 16-24%Phoenix, Yamato, Leonov, Defcom, Liberator, Piranha, Nostromo, Vengeance, Bigboy, Goliath, Citadel, Aegis, Spearhead, V-Adept, V-Corsair, V-Lightning, G-Enforcer, V-Revenge, G-Bastion, V-Avenger, G-Veteran, G-Exalted, Solace, Diminisher, Spectrum, Sentinel, Venom, G-Ignite, G-Kick, G-Referee, G-Goal, Pusat, G-Surgeon, G-Saturn, G-Centaur, BB-Solemn, S-Veteran, A-Veteran, C-Veteran, S-Elite, A-Elite, C-Elite, G-Vanquisher, G-Sovereign, G-Peacemaker, N-Diplomat, N-Envoy, N-Ambassador, G-Champion, Tartarus, Mimesis, Goliath-X, Yamato Ronin, Defcom Raven, Cyborg, Hammerclaw, Centurion, Hecate, Disruptor, Berserker, Zephyr, Solaris, Keres, Retiarus, Orcus, Holo, Goliath Plus, Citadel Plus, Liberator Plus, Solace Plus, Solaris Plus, Pusat Plus, Hecate Plus, Hammerclaw Plus
    based on this i understand this module will work on these ships
  10. Maybe offtop, but i cant find this information elsewhere - if I buy battle pass after i do all objectives, will i still get all BP keys? Or I should bought at the event start?
  11. You literally just claimed he was wrong while proving him right. Unstable modules randomly give ships, thats a list of all ships, all unstable modules have a higher chance for some ship types while still being available for all the others.

    This has been asked a dozen times, and like ALL BATTLE PASSES on EVERY game (unless you're playing one of those AD Scams) you get everything. If you buy it after completing objectives, you just click the collect button at the bottom of the window and it gives you all the extra rewards.
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  12. up to 4 from the entire list
    you don't have any unstable module?
    nothing to check?
  13. He's new, he's from a clan I'm allied with, I explained it to him in their discord.

    So I'm still waiting on DarkOrbit to compensate players who cannot complete the Battlepass, a bit hard to even deal 10mil damage, as there are multiple trains on them, and not to mention their leads auto anyways, so the event is literally ruined for over half the games players, and the devs are sitting there doing nothing.
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  14. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    HITAC event? we back 10 years ago or even more, they given a COMPUTER reward for those top player... this event ever since never be sellable to gamers...most likely now that there a bunch of cheat player.
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  15. At least in the past, it wasn't battlepass reliant and trains didn't exist. The issue now is, trains. And yes, those who were bot banned were never supposed to get the rewards yet they did. And half the bots never even got caught.
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  16. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    First of all, the addition of yet even more boosters is ridiculous. I just counted the total number of competitive boosters there are in the booster screen (so excluding bonus box etc.) and the number is 23. Twenty-three boosters! It wouldn't be as bad if the boosts were only small but adding them all up these are roughly the boosts you can get:

    Total PVP damage: +43%
    Hit chance lasers: +8%
    Hit chance rockets: +8%
    Cooldown: +55%
    HP: +30%
    Repair speed: +30%
    Shield: +80%
    Shield regenerate: +50%

    Those are insane boosts! No way you stand a chance against someone who has these without having them yourself (provided you have equal equipment to begin with).

    Second of all the double roll system where you have to be lucky enough to roll both a module that can be used on your ship AND a module that is actually usefull is like a loot box inside a loot box. If it were cosmetic only then sure but now I say: NO. Not to mention the resources are very expensive and hard to farm.

    Remember back when there were balance patches where things were balanced for free? Then came balance patches you had to earn in forms of ship modules and now we have balance patches in form of a chance to get ship modules that may or may not be usefull for you. The guys at marketing have outdone themselves once again.

    A loot box inside a loot box. Only in Darkorbit.
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  17. Dark-Xenon

    Dark-Xenon User

    and from what i saw the e.u actually makes it mandatory for items gathered based on a drop chance( loot boxes )to have the % chance be released so that people are aware of what they re getting themselves into , it is basically gambling , so they should at least let us know what the chances % are of getting said modules with said stats
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  18. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    If I remember correctly restrictions may be even more strict here. I once bought a key for a loot crate from Team Fortress 2 a year or so ago but I wasn't allowed to use it because I live in the European Union or something along that line. Ended up getting a full refund for the key.
  19. Dark-Xenon

    Dark-Xenon User

    my point exactly, what they're doing isn't entirely legal. so they should inform us of the drop chance% at least
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  20. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    This event has ended and feedback is being sent up.
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