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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _-Amon_Amarth-_, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Since the ingame prizes have been dealt,post here if you won something along with how many capsules and were they bought or collected in game.

    I got 25 capsules and i won 100k uri.
    A little disapointed I must say
  2. amon u r from global europe 3 right ? cuz im there too i got over 45 capsules and didnt get anything yet
  3. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    51 capsules, 5 LF4... what the heck. Same server, Global Europe 3. This is some serious bullpoop man, they said the more capsules / tickets you have, the higher your chances are. I'm sure me and EZIO were at the very top, and he won nothing, and I only got 5 LF4. There are 42 prizes to be won. On our server, a maximum of 30 took part. A lot of people should have bought some tickets for our prizes to be what they are or some prizes weren't even given out.
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  4. Yeah,I'm GE3 too,and I agree that it sux.I think only the people who buy capsules for cash have more chances to get good items.
    I just saw on Facebook that a guy had 108 capsules and won nothing,so we should consider our selves lucky if we won anything.
  5. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    That could be true because I spent 5 € on capsules and got the rest manually in the game. Maybe, If I had not bought any, I might have won nothing as well. Maybe its the 5 € that got me to 5 LF4... 30 € should be 30 LF4 then, right?.. heh
  6. lol lucky so why they say then get more to to have a higher chance to win something this is isnt fair at i have played that event everytime they put it in first time i won 5 bo2 with 9 caps and 2nd i got 100k urid with 4 or 5 caps and now when i got over 45 caps playing fair i got nothing is this a joke and bad one need someone to explain this to me my head will blow up if none answer me :mad::mad:
  7. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    Yeah, can't wait for next Hitac eh? For some more disappointment. That's all what DO is, disappointment. These devs need to get their UHM together or they're gonna start losing even larger amounts of players. Eventually gonna end up having only UFE players.
  8. same here got nth :-/
  9. [Řvω]

    [Řvω] User

    got 100k uri had 19 caps. good stuffs
  10. Never mind you players who spent time and used up all of your ammo making Hitac a success on the maps. If you pay money you get to avoid the randomness of a conventional lottery and go straight to the front of the queue when they hand out goodies in DO.
    Give it a wide berth next time, and remember that the language they use for anything is always vague - at best. Suckered once, shame on them. Twice? Shame on you.
  11. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    Bah I don't care, I'll still take part of every hitac till I can get my ship full LF4. I'll bet someone with 5 capsules won 30 LF4, lol.
  12. but it is not just about the prizes.there is good uri. to get while shooting them,you can get 60k or more a day shooting hitacs.
  13. amon i play that event to get something i got alot of ep and loads of urid but the main thing i wanted i didnt get it and support said its matter of luck lol i spent 3mil x2 and 700k x3 and 250k x4 and 400k sab on that event and didnt get what i deserve when some one with 12 caps get 10lf4 and the one with 45 caps didnt get even 100k urid or even 50k x4 ofc the one with with 12 caps will play that event again again but for me i will think millions time before playing it
  14. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    Yup, definitely worth it while you're using x1 ammo.
  15. 2 capsules=100k uri for me^^
    GB1 ;)
  16. of course,but im talking about just x-1 ammo,i stopped bothering with stronger ammo 3 hitac events ago.Its soo not worth it.
  17. Nothing with zero capsules.. since the cubes are my profit nowadays. Plus i got all the stuff needed to be UFE.
    Skandinavia 2
  18. Seeing everyone with these rewards made me want to put more capsules on the lottery :( I didn't put any on and i regret that now :(
  19. dont be like that and consider that ur lucky and didnt waste ur ammo or ur money
  20. Really ? :p ive heard a lot of people on the server who have one things. My good friend won the x30 LF-4s Fully Upgraded :L

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