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    ASTRAEA User

    Explanation of what Honor is for, and the benefits.

    How do I get Honor?

    - Killing NPCs
    - Killing ships of other companies
    - Killing ships from your company (only if your Clans are at war)
    - Killing ships from your company (only if you were fired upon first)
    - Completing Galaxy Gates

    Outlaws who want to get back to a positive Honor value should try the quest "An offer you can't refuse"
    "Honorable Mention".
    This is only available if you have -500 Honor or lower.

    What are the benefits of Honor?

    - More Credits when selling resources.
    Selling price calculation: Base ore price * {1 + (Honor Points/500,000)}.
    Maximum Honor Modifier is * 2 (Double basic price at 500,000+ Honor).

    This means...
    Prometium: 50,000 Honor = +1 Credit
    Endurium: 33,333 Honor = +1 Credit
    Terbium: 20,000 Honor = +1 Credit
    Prometid/Duranium: 2,500 Honor = +1 Credit
    Promerium: 1,000 Honor = +1 Credit

    How does Honor work for my Rankings?

    The Honor value will affect your User Rank in the Hall of Fame (EP/1000 + Honor/100), so 10,000 Honor will result in 100 User Rank Points.
    The Honor value will also affect your Badge Rank by the same amount (Honor/100), so 10,000 Honor will result in 100 Badge Rank Points.

    What else does Honor affect?

    Negative Honor will lower your attack damage:
    Honor < -200 = 10% lower damage (90% basic damage)
    Honor < -500 = 20% lower damage (80% basic damage)
    Honor < -1,000 = 40% lower damage (60% basic damage)
    Honor < -2,000 = 70% lower damage (30% basic damage)
    Honor < -10,000 = 90% lower damage (10% basic damage)

    How do I lose Honor?

    #1 - Killing your own company's ships (unless your Clan's are at war, or you were fired upon first).

    1st Kill: -100 Honor
    2nd Kill: -200 Honor
    3rd Kill: -400 Honor
    4th Kill: -800 Honor
    5th Kill: -1,600 Honor

    and so on.....

    #2 - Stealing Cargo boxes from other players.

    1st Theft: -10 Honor
    2nd Theft: -20 Honor
    3rd Theft: -40 Honor
    4th Theft: -80 Honor
    5th Theft: -160 Honor

    The penalty will double each time.

    * The penalty system has no limit, so killing "friendlies" will really hurt at some point.
    - (The only situation where this doesn't apply is when the opponent has less then -500 Honor already).
    * There will be no punishment if you kill a player who is in a clan you are at war with.
    * After 24 hours, your climbing punishment will decrease by one step. This applies to Cargo stealing, as well as Friendly player kills.
    * Negative Honor will not be included in the Company Rankings.
    * Killing a friendly when they started the fight will not receive a penalty.
    * Players who have less then -500 honor will be labeled as an "Outlaw" on the space map, with a new rank symbol (as shown below):

    * Switching companies will lose you 50% of your current honor when switching.


    Note: There is no Honor deduction when moving companies if you are at -500 Honor or lower.

    Thanks to Whitelazer for their assistance on this thread.
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  2. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    We reworked the Honor Quest that can be used to reset your Honor when it went into negative. It’s a quest chain that consists of 3 separate parts.

    Here’s how it works:
    1. You always have to do the 3 parts, and the second quest shows up a day after accepting the 1st quest
    2. The 3rd quest shows up one day after accepting the 2nd quest.
    3. When you complete the last quest in the chain, your honor is automatically set to 0.
    4. You can redo the whole quest chain if you have negative honor again after a while.
    Important: If your honor goes back to positive while you’re doing the quest chain, it will "fail" and you don’t need to do the quest anymore.
    If your honor goes back to negative, then you have to start the quest chain from the beginning again.
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