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    HOT KEY Update FAQ

    The new adjustable HOT KEY function is available for all users. Premium users will have more options for use.

    These adaptable features can be found in your Settings (top right corner of the Spacemap - the icon looks like a wrench).

    Go to the "Keyboard" tab (as shown below):

    Standard keys - The items marked in yellow are your standard HOT KEYS. The default settings for these are 1-0 on your keyboard.


    You now have the option of changing those keys.

    Click the "Other key" button.

    A window will appear saying "Press new key" (as shown below):


    Press whatever key you wish to assign for that Hotkey slot. This will now change the HOT KEY to whatever key you pressed. Repeat for any other keys you wish to assign.

    Make sure to press "SAVE" when finished!


    Premium members have access to more HOT KEY options. Items marked in yellow are your standard HOT KEYS (as shown previously), however you will also have an extra 10 slots available to assign features to.

    Currently these are the Function keys (see the image below):


    You can change these keys using the same process as described previously for the standard Hotkeys.

    Note: Certain browser types have other actions attached to the function keys, so we would recommend changing the default Hotkeys assigned if you encounter any problems during gameplay.

    What you should see on your flight screen


    This is what you should see on your Spacemap:



    This is what you should see on your Spacemap:



    These are the original HOT KEYS (example: J = Jump Port, C = Change Configuration, etc). You now have the option to make these custom as well. Use the same process to change these as you did the standard or premium slots.


    Setting up the Keypad

    When assigning keys to the Hotkey functions, the Keypad numbers are recorded separately from the default 1-0 numbers (located at the top of a standard computer keyboard). For Premium members especially, make sure that you have the correct key assigned for your Hotkey functions.

    NEW OPTION: If you do not want the Premium Quickslot bar (Hotkeys) visible, you can toggle that section of the interface from the Settings menu under the "Interface" tab (see below):


    You will need to UN-check the box if you do not want the bar to be displayed.

    We hope that you find these features a fun and exciting new aspect to your gaming experience!​
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