How Developers Trick You Into Spending Money

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Bakjam, Aug 26, 2022.

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  2. Or just do EBG for a couple of hours which gets your AVG to above AVG Ship 120k uri or more.

    Mega and Helix happen on a damn near daily basis, nobody is jumping at them. Double Gate day is every single sunday, nobody panics for thos. Special gate rewards most of the time are bad, and the few times you need the thing it offers, whatever, its rare, and once you do it, it's done.

    Don't think anyone collects red/blue booty anymore. Obsidian and Apocalypse are east to craft, and usually doesn't take long to get what you want out of Obsidian.

    Crafting recipes being limited is whatever. They're not hard to acquire, at all, and they always come back, and the time you get in the first place is enough.

    Only special offers I get are the popups. And they're mad annoying and a scam too. Only one I'll give you.

    Nobody has this issue, and advice from veteran players nullifies the fear of it.

    Gonna be real, I care about these for all but 1 month, and they became pointless to me. Daily Logins are fine, the previous was were fairly bad, and at one point we never even had them. Current Login Bonuses are good.

    They've more and more increased ways to jump start in this game, not to mention the pathfinder bundle they offer is extremely good, and anyone willing to drop some cash on the game has a quick boost in the game. Especially if someone off rip tells you the strategy via the starter missions to get where you want in an instant. There is literally a way to get to a solo farming potential in Blacklight within a week.

    Green/Gold booty are a simple task, the advice I've given dozens of new players has led them to have no issues.

    Again Obsidian is easy to acquire, and not even mandatory, you don't need money for that. Same with Apoc.

    Silver boxes aren't THAT BAD, but the whole 5-4 system is a bit wack, and just a waste of time, good thing ITS NOT NEEDED.

    Why would you pick up the blacklight boxes? They're garbage, nobody gets them unless you're just end game and dont have a worry about getting their keys.

    Astral boxes suck, the requirement to get them is stupid too. Don't understand why a trashy booty box is locked behind a boring gate. But again, good thing you DON'T NEED TO DO IT.

    DO Has it's issues, but you struck a wall with this one. These aren't the problems in the game. Yes, the grind to the top is long and difficult unless you can drop insane money, or bot. But that doesn't mean you can't progress otherwise. And before Blacklight, doing all this was very simple. I was a free player, didn't bot, yet I still built TWO SHIPS. I also worked and went to school. It's called management.
  3. if a person is too rich, this topic will not be useful to him at all)

    you can play this game without any payments and achieve success
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  4. This is full of great points. At the end of the day, a person really has to ask if here to play or jump ahead. If this was a board game, you would have to play, ahem grind, your way through. Because of technology, players are always looking for codes and sales to progress faster. This is something even I had to step back from and now find more rewarding as I can say I did this, not I bought this.
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    what is EBG ?
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    Personally I think developers are doing a great job encouraging players to "not" spend money.
  9. You mean with the absurd pricing?
  10. Sgt~Ocker

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    Sadly DO marketing would rather price gouge the few than sell more with reasonable pricing.
    This ethos worked 10 years ago as players had more disposable income but with the cost of living going up like it is around the world the only ones who have "disposable income" for games are yet again the cheats, who use Turkish payment on US and other servers.
    For me to buy the 5 packages to get a 15% discount was roughly $95 (I won't be buying it) - A player who has a Turkish payment account paid $18US for the 15% - And was bragging about it in Discord.

    Again DarkOrbit is supporting those less than legit players, while the rest of us are left wondering - Why?

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