How to get a cool name in darkorbit

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by endermancraze543, Oct 4, 2014.

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  1. Hello all, Many of you may want a cool name like (Examples: endermancraze543[★], êⓝ⒟ëŔ⒨á⒩). Well, i'm going to teach you how to make these cool names! So first of all, Press your windows button key and the r button key. Type in charmap. Then you should pop up with all these cool symbols! Just click one and then click select and build a cool name! Afterwards, Click Copy. Then you can change your name by going to pilot sheet on darkorbit's main page then click edit profile, then put your pilot name as your cool name you made! (You still have to use your old username to login, after a while your username will be the cool name but still you have to login in with your old username) Then your done! Hope you enjoy your new username! :)

    Also, remember to click the change button and save while at pilot sheet changing your username!
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  2. A simpler way is to use a ascii converter. There is a lot of them just google ascii name maker and bam. Also there is alt codes use left alt key and number pad (like alt +3 = ♥ ). But very good info end!
  3. stefaniopa

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    can you help me with stefaniopa name plz i am not good with this i will appreciate the help xD
  4. Runcho

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    My name was .:NameHere:. (and still is). If I want to change it to something cooler till I dont like it anymore and wanna get my old name back I wont be able because surprise - : is forbidden symbol to use. I mean why the hell you are able to use soooo many symbols to change your name in the game but you cant use the double dots? I have been thinking to change my name many times, but this is stopping me so far, dont wanna lose it. If you find a solution to that will be cool.
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    If u are on killing rage no need to have that name and they will afraid of you lol
  6. Cool names huh? How about names that have 4 letters in it (minimum amount) instead of those long names that goes on for eves and you have to copy and paste or something with their names cuz you cannot type their names into the outfit invite buttons.

    I also dislike the really long glitchy names where it takes up half the chat. Srsly they are just being idiots. (hopefully it does not offend you)
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  7. $ţ€ƒąɲɨ๏ρą

    Here is a few have fun!
  8. I think at the end of the day cool means different things to different people, though there's been a growing trend in DarkOrbit that's been around nearly forever that involves using various alt symbols and the Greek alphabet. The best thing to do if you're thinking about having a snazzy username which involves different special characters, you should simply search for pages which compile them for you.

    This page for example (when you scroll down) has various different special characters you can use to pimp your username, on the other hand I personally prefer simplistic usernames.
  9. lol how do people not know how to make names after all these years? XD
  10. Naturally newcomers won't immediately know, I guess? :eek:
  11. it's pretty rare that i see that, i have seen quiet a few people come in with mixed names wondering how to play lol
  12. Dream to be honest its something that has been going on since the mid 90s the old yahoo days. And all the booting crews and what not used Ascii to hide there real id. But let me tell you if it wasnt for them days I would have the knowledge I have now. I am self-taught in vb6, .net , C and C++ C# family along with others. But yes it is amazing ppl still do not know. But history repeats its-self so expect numbers for letters soon. P4R451T3
  13. Nothing cool looking about names done like that. They just look a horrific mess... :rolleyes:
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  14. I think that is up to the person using the names. Something like to the eye of the beholder.
  15. I think my name looks cool, i don't make mine look messy.
  16. It Takes a HELL of a Lot of Beans, and a Splash of Creativity to Come up with a COOL Name.. one that works with both the Letters and the Game..

    On the Other hand.. a COOL Face is another Issue entirely..

    Sorry Guys and Dolls.. I feel a Breeze and need to grab a Bubble Helmet.. Cya. o_O
  17. My name and face fits the game and name if you ask me.
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    Screw those fancy names, use the alfabet XD
  19. They're the same thing just
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