How to get a cool name in darkorbit

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by endermancraze543, Oct 4, 2014.

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    My name was .:NameHere:. (and still is). If I want to change it to something cooler till I dont like it anymore and wanna get my old name back I wont be able because surprise - : is forbidden symbol to use. I mean why the hell you are able to use soooo many symbols to change your name in the game but you cant use the double dots? I have been thinking to change my name many times, but this is stopping me so far, dont wanna lose it. If you find a solution to that will be cool.

    Maybe - is code. it could alter what the line means such as your name is a string but if you add a - it could turn to a variable which could corrupt your account or something like that (just a guess)
  2. Google "Special Alt Characters" or get a "Private Character Editor"
    Your PC also has a character map you can use.

    Just a tip: not all characters will show up in DO... you need to play with it a bit to find your perfect name. Have fun
  3. Not that AnyOne is Interested in What Eye DO..

    Eye Open up the Clan Chat, or Search chat.. It is almost always empty.. and Post the name I am Designing..



    Not all Letters will show up on the Flight Screen.. but What is most Important is that your COOL name Looks its BEST on the CHAT Screen.. :cool:

    There.. some will Envy your Creative Genius or Heckel you.. they "Weren't so Creative" or some will even Whisper you.. and ask you, out for a Drink.. opps.. :p hey Worse has happened to me.. I got Banned for " Flirting " :eek:
  4. I get whispers to make names XD
  5. i can't do that
  6. Wow! I haven't been on this thread forever... Apparently my post got popular! :O
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    δ†ëƒαпïоρα ? ₴₸€₣₳₦‖Ω₱₳
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    How to get a cool name ? Just name yourself somehow and then kept killing everyone , letting other think your OP, such a beast , different letters dont do anything, just problems when you want to whisper to them or invite them.
  10. Lol, I'm trying to get smaller sized text ingame, but I'm having a really hard time trying to find the font type.
    Just like that; with the letters, "N-E-L-T"
    Preferably the one where the text is more like a subscript than a super :>
    If someone could figure out the font type(s), or do them as,"KILERSTREAK," you're awesome ;0;
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  11. Ask tiny if you see him, just say dream told you to, he'll tell you where to find the smaller letter. if he's in a bad mood then GL
  12. I'll ask when I see him, thanks mate :>
  13. ⭐❄️⚓❌✔️⚡❤️♿✌☝⛄⛵⚠️✨♂♀⛔⛺⚽☔☼⚫⚪♫⏰✅♻♒♏♋♈♎♌♓♍♊⛎♐
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  14. :DMy name is STARLIGHTHUSTLE and my P.E.T. is the DARKSTATR
    thats COOL
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  15. We'll pretend :rolleyes:
  16. I suppose you think your name is cool? I don't need fancy symbols or colored stars or strange backwards characters .It just has to have some meaning to ME .
    And what I think is all that really matters.
  17. That is the direction I thought this thread was about when I first read it but the title I figured quickly was misdirection. I agree that a name that holds meaning to you is always the best choice. However, people get bored now, or want to hide, and go for a different look which I feel is really just calling more attention to themselves. At any rate, somebody will always find an issue with any name depending on the situation. Just go with what you like, as you won't be able to talk players into changing.
  18. TY at least someone understands
  19. I don't like the weird character sets because they are silly!
  20. Me neither