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  1. So under consistent testing all ships I found DO changed
    the formula in which HP is increased.

    Starting off you have base ship hp. (here i`ll use citadel
    as an example) We have 700,000 hp on a citadel after
    getting the extra 50,000 from bio. So the first group of
    HP boosting would be the hp boosters which stack and then
    the hp lasers which also stack to that value so with 27 hp
    lasers and double hp boosted we get 33.5% more hp which
    gives us 934,500 hp.

    Now we move on to the second group which includes drone
    formations , drone designs and the HP modules we can equip
    on certain ships. Just like group 1 these values also
    stack before being added to the ships hp so we get 50%
    more from hercs ,moth and the module.
    934,500 + 50% = 1,401,750

    So with this bit of information maybe some players will be more confident on adjusting their configs accordingly. Enjoy and if your a red dot i`ll see you in my log ;)
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  2. coobo99

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    Might want to add that last bit to your signature.
    Think you could figure out the shield and damage parts as well? I keep doing my shields and coming up almost 100k short.
  3. That's an interesting idea for a sig.. thanks :). And i'm certain I have mapped out the dmg and shield formula aswell which I do plan to share.
  4. coobo99

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    Only way I can get close is by applying a 150% boost for the drone bonus.
    Drones should only apply a 15% boost, I thought, but doing that gets me 100k shield short.
    With 6 gens, 3 b03 lvl 7 and 3 b02 lvl 16, I get 256k shield. Doing the math with drones only applying a 15% bonus, I only get to 160k shield. Doing the math for 10 individual 15% boosts, or 150%, I get 260k shield.