HP Link Gear: what do you think?

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Bakjam, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    So I was wondering how you were all feeling about this new gear? In my opinion it is too much, especially since the recent HP upgrade all ships got. And I'm not saying this because I fly a Citadel with over 1 million HP, I say this as a Spearhead with the lowest HP possible for a somewhat competitive ship.

    The fact is that the PET can obtain over 200,000 HP and that is without the addition of HP protocols (wallet warriors once more have a HUGE advantage here). This addition is just too much of a hidden advantage.

    Now fights will last even longer as there is no reason not to start out with ring. Of course there is always the argument of no kamikaze but does that outweigh the advantage of having an extra 200,000 HP?

    Sure you can run away and try to 'dodge' the HP link but let's not forget that this may also cause a fight to end in a stalemate.

    The biggest problem is that the gear is already released, so it will probably not be changed...

    The only way in which this could be somewhat fair if it would be % based and you need to lock your PET in order for it to be active.
  2. The new P.E.T Gear is neat, i don't think it needs to be removed but rather has a certain condition before you can use it, such as when your ship's HP is low at around 30% is when the gear can be activated and reroute the damage you take to your pet, OR you can either increase the damage taken by your P.E.T from yours by atleast 20% or 50% to be fair, or there is a damage Threshold that your P.E.T can only handle before the gear deactivates (by percent of your pet's max hp to be fair) but i know it would only make a disadvantage for people who did not upgrade their pet's hull for the record a lot didn't atleast i did not as i recall.

    There's certain conditions that should be met before using this in order to be fair in fights for people that doesn't have the gear:

    Here are the conditions that i've been thinking of for the HP Link Gear; my comments when it is highlighted
    • While the Gear is active, ship is slowed by 10%
    • Can only be used if ship HP is lower than 30% of your max HP - (Pet cannot be repaired after destruction for 2 minutes)
    • Deactivates once Damage Threshold limit is achieved (50% or less of Pet's current max hp)
    • Reduces your Laser damage by 30% while gear is active - (Gear goes into cooldown after deactivating)
    • If P.E.T is destroyed while Gear was active, 50% of the damage your P.E.T received will be redirected back at your ship as normal damage (Shield can still block the effect) - (Gear goes into cooldown after deactivating)
    • Activating will only limit the usage to 30 seconds and the gear automatically deactivates.
    This new Gear is also best used by the Berserker ship in my opinion, not only it can take advantage of not being damaged for a while, it can also be a good combo for Berserk ability when your ship's hp is low, you can use the gear to redirect damage you receive to your pet, this gives you a small window time to deal a massive amount of damage towards other players, considering if berserker's HP is at 20% low or less, around 80% to 90% of bonus damage is dealt by its laser shots, and if the player intends to use everything, whoever is using the ship could literally kill anyone in just a few shots of rounds even if it was a 1v3 fight.

    It's a good Gear, it just needs some minor changes towards its feature and reduce the chance for players to use it often in a single fight and it would be fair for the most part.

    They can change it if they wanted to, people would complain since it is overpowered to players who have chosen to upgrade their PET's hull, this needs changes ASAP like this week or maybe after the event.
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  3. The new PET gear is perfect just the way it is. Thank you DO for a new, perfectly balanced piece of equipment. It is very much appreciated.
    Another winner from the great minds at DO.
  4. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I didn't even think about the Berserker combo. Anyway I guess you are right: they could change it at any point although I fear a lot of people will be disappointed to find out the gear they just worked for got nerfed only a few days or weeks later.

    I think the main reason people aren't complaining is because it is not a widely used gear. I wonder how that will change in the near future though...
  5. It isn't used because they probably haven't gotten it, people who have gotten it somehow faced some issues with the gear, not sure if what it says on the description is what it is on the actual use of the Gear, i haven't gotten it yet to determine it.

    Was also thinking if the damage redirected to your PET would also get blocked off by your pet's shields, then in that case that's like a 2nd lifeline.
  6. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Luckily that isn't the case, the damage goes directly to your PET HP. I guess you are right, not everyone has the gear yet so I hope that when more people get it, they will start to realize that is is kinda OP as it is now.
  7. not really if they haven't upgraded their pet's hull yet, not to mention they need the gear that lets PET repair their own HP before that gear can even become that useful.

    What's more concerning is if you can use that in PVE, then soloing mindfire, or killing invokes would be easier
  8. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Basically what you want is for the new pet gear to not be used at all.

    I wonder if killing the guys pet might just solve all your problems. Instead of asking for it to be nerfed into the ground try using available counters for it (a smart bomb works a treat).
    I'm not known for my PVP skills but have killed a couple of players using this new gear (both were in solaces) simply by killing their pets first.
  9. Not be used? you're not getting my point, the reason why there should be actual side effects upon using the Gear is that so everyone wouldn't be so bothered to complain that the Gear was OP, this and that, and even if you try to kill the PET first it doesn't mean the player itself couldn't shoot you for the first few seconds while their PET is still alive.

    Base on your comment you're probably someone who deals more than 200k damage per laser volley and its possible you can kill the said player or rather just skip ahead and shoot the player while the gear is active (since when they activate the said gear, all the damage they take instead redirected to their pet's hp itself and is passed through from the Pet's shields)

    Killing the pet first that might have a decent amount of shields would benefit the said player to shoot you and take advantage of that, so in other words whoever you've fought and killed, those people might not even have enough preparations or they don't know what they are doing.

    I can see you're so pessimistic as to my opinion, but that's your perspective not mine so i disagree.
  10. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    As for the HP upgrades, they are not so expensive, neither is the PET HP repair gear. I feel like UFE's who can afford a battle pass can easily obtain HP upgrades and the extra gear as well.

    Having to kill the guys PET prior to the fight makes it even worse: not only you have to destroy its HP but also its shield while your enemy can wreak havoc on you without being shot at. Besides: imagine how this would look in group fights with multiple PETs...

    What I find most disturbing about this gear is that it is pretty much a direct upgrade from everything we had before. Apart from the HP link there is even a 50% damage boost for your PET!
  11. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I do indeed get your point problem is if there are drawbacks to using the gear - it will just get used less as its effectiveness is countered by drawbacks.
    I know, right now the new gear seems OP but there are counters for it and once those counters become more widely known the gear will not be as OP.
    Group fight, many pets need to die - 1 Beserker + a Citadel along with ships of your choice (Solace works well in groups) = dead pets
  12. Hey, i think i get your point about it being fine as it is and with negative effects towards its use before or after isn't ideal to the gear; fought someone using that gear, ofc i lost but the moment a player can deal beyond 100k damage or so, if their pet didn't had enough HP to begin with, they can still lose and leave the Gear useless, but what i don't understand is how will you get to counter it? that guy's pet was cloaked when i was trying to shoot at him, saw a link between his ship and somewhat a floating object that cannot be targeted (assuming it was his pet) i know you said that you can kill his own pet first (if his pet wasn't tough enough to deal with before you get killed while trying to destroy the player's pet first) but what can you do if you can't target his pet? like what happened on my end of the fight?
  13. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Although only time will be able to tell, I feel like it will be the other way around: it is OP and will become annoying once people find out how strong it actually is. I mean it has barely any downsides and huge advantages, more HP protection, your PET on guard mode AND it deals 50% extra laser damage? Just compare it to something like the kamikaze gear which can be extremely useful in PVP but also has downsides and it should be easy to see why this gear is too strong for PVP.
  14. This pet gear does have a 4 minute cooldown and I can knock an enemies hp off their pet with 1 x4 shot and a SB. And the gear only runs for 20 seconds before automatically disabling. I really don`t see this OP part of the gear people claim it has...
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  15. Thanks for the clarification, since i don't own the pet gear yet, i assumed that it can be used repeatedly, didn't know it had a limited duration and a long cooldown after use, thanks.

    I think it's not op as we may think, and i think its not as useful as we think it is, but one question for me is if you can use it in PVE? does it work universally at anything? does the damage source needs to be from a player ship? mines? NPCs for it to work?
  16. I know from experience that the gear does work against npc's but do not suspect it is effective against mines.
  17. New PET Gear

    HP Link
    When you equip and activates this PET Gear, the PET will fly and link to you. The damage done to the players’ hull is sent to the PET while linked. When the gear is active, the PET will consume fuel at a higher rate. The PET is in Guard mode during the linked duration and it will deal 25% additional damage while linked.
    • The PET will be linked for up to 20 sec, or if it dies first
    • The link can be broken by changing to another PET Gear
    • After the link is broken, there’s a cooldown of 240 sec
    • If the PET dies while linked, there’s no honor gained by the opponent.
    • Berserker’s Revenge and shield link takes precedence over this effect (this means any damage is affected by Berserker’s skills first, before being sent to the PET).
    • The PET Gear is available as a battle pass reward if you complete 20 Objective

    So far I see it is reducing all dmg I take and having huge shields when trying to use this does not stop SB or acm1 from eating a decent amount of your shields as it will only take the dmg that physically hits your hp.
  18. I also wanted to add as a sidenote that any source of damage coming from abilities of other player's ships like the cyborg, hecate, venom etc. doesn't redirect the damage you take from those onto your PET while the HP Link gear is active, the damage source is different from what the HP Link gear can do.

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