¬HULkMAN⌐ rest in paridise

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  1. Thought I needed to share this with the community on here . I hope you all show some compassion for a fellow player at these sad sad times. ¬HULkMAN⌐ R-I-P my heart goes out to his family his family .(ninja). please take care man im sorry how things are I know he was a brother to you.:(
    Only knew him on game but he was a good guy some one who helped people ,didn't mind a fight and had fun,just makes you understand life is (real) please take care of one another and respect eachother in life and in game
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  2. jackknife

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  3. always enjoyed fighting hulkman... RIP will be missed
  4. gone so young im mind blown atm can just imagine how his family are feeling </3
  5. SauronL

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    i didnt know him but sorry to hear that.
  6. murdoc01

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    RIP my friend never forget you or the fun we had on here take care up there bro :(
  7. ramnik

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  8. dear hulk i new you long time sad i cant say good bye rest in peace love to all family .you will be missed sluggyxxx.
  9. ronz

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    Rest in peace , never knew him personally but once again R.I.P. :(
  10. yamama

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    Hulkman always gave us laughs on global ( with ninja too :eek:), sad to see one go. I personally didn't know him, but that's the gift of internet, online peeps ;)

  11. Yes yamama very sad news m8 :(.
    Thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your day to write here in memory of ¬HULkMAN⌐
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  12. MadMongo

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    On behalf of myself, Dukemongo and the MadDogs clan we would like to offer our deepest sympathys to the family of Hulkman, we sometimes forget that there are real people behind the ships. RIP Hulkman
  13. So true ,what you said about people behind the ship, its such a shame and we can only keep him in our memory and thoughts take care all
  14. murdoc01

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    thanks guys im sure hes having a read of all this and no how much he ment to some rip my friend and take care up there bro :(


    rest in peace bro...

  16. forum

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    rest in peace hulkman ... i remember had some good fights with this guy!! (in my ufe old ship lol) keep partying on up there :) <ice princess> xx
  17. rest in peace my green friend damn i dont belive that ohhh
  18. RIP man, never forget the times you saved my ass in pally, now i'll never get to re-pay you, you will be deeply missed.
  19. ABC™

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    OMG !! im shocked. I always had a laugh with Hulk, he always helped and was a well respected player. He will be missed by one and all.

    Is there a fly past as a mark of respect ??