¬HULkMAN⌐ rest in paridise

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -»ĦΘŁŁΘЩ†KΘRPδΣ«-, May 4, 2015.

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    HAWK-WIND User

    rest in peace hulkman we had some great fights ( most of which you won) the game has lost a great player .
  2. Sad news, a decent player and alright dude gone to soon. bodjers
  3. ..FLY..

    ..FLY.. User

    Rest In Peace Hulkman - you will be missed ..FLY..
  4. Miss you already my man, had always hoped to get down and meet you and ninja. you both are the reason I've kept up this game so long. Had some great times on game. My thoughts are with your family at this time. Ninja, I hope you are ok my man. the world has lost another of the greats. Rest in peace Hulky. :-(
  5. there will be ABC ,me and ninja will arrange it this week ninja will lead the fly in honour of HULKMAN .
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  6. LEON...

    LEON... User

    R.i.p ¬HULkMAN⌐, sad news. :( deepest condolences to all family and friends.
  7. Its crazy when I think back and remember speaking to Hulk like a week ago, He was a good friend to me in eic and helped me alot and even when I moved company we still had some good fun playing around in pally. Good bye bro and god bless. R.I.P Hulk :'(
  8. WOW! :( Hate to see news like this :( RIP Hulkman dude! always remember having constant wars with iris and you were always the player that gave a wicked old fight and popped me plenty of times :( ! sad to see some one go so young :( condolences to his family and my thoughts go to mr ninja turtle too as he was soo close on game with hulkman :( RiP buddy Rock on Up There <3 Bioshock/Noisecontrollers
  9. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Sad news indeed. RIP hulkman :(
  10. So sad to hear about Hulkman, only recently he was helping me with those demaner freighters. A great player, respected, helpful, loved a battle. Gone far too soon, he will be well missed. Have been playing the game and reading the forums for years but never bothered to post, but felt moved to do so after reading this one. †ÐΛRK†[ICF]™
  11. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    FLYBY tonight 4-4 rock meeting place 7pm UK GB1, NO SHOOTING, all clans welcome to pay respect to Hulk
  12. very sorry to hear of the loss of hulkman from the game battled him a few times and all taken in the spirit of the game my condolences
    to his close friends and family -Robin-Reliant
  13. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Mate, wait for ninja to organise the flyby
  14. RIP Hulkman for the company VRU :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  15. oh my. R.I.P Hulkman... Puts things into perspective, seeing rubbish somedays trolled on the chat... it's a game.. always lost to you, lol. but well respected player, gone too soon... thoughts and condolences to the rest of the family... - R.I.P my friend. :/ vodkashocks VRU
  16. I will miss Hulkman flying on my wing in 5-3, my thoughts and hope you have wings of your own in a better place... Rest easy buddy.
  17. Horizan

    Horizan User

    R.I.P Hulkman my friend, had some good time's with u in pally and around the map's and as ABC said you will be greatly missed by all.
  18. Rest In Peace ¬HULkMAN⌐
  19. Good flyby GB1, many ships appeared for the event, sadly, some idiots had to ruin it, but that is most always a problem we face we paying respects.

    Good work to NINJA for leading the red/green/blue smeared blob across my minimap.

    And also, once again: RIP HULK.