¬HULkMAN⌐ rest in paridise

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  1. it was an honour to fly with hulk and was an honour that gb1 came together minus some silly people.
    much love for gb1 <3
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  2. Good flyby, only a few disrepectful players, i didn't know Hulkman, don't know if i ever spoke to him but then again i dont speak to many people on the game, i see by the comments here and the flyby he was a much liked player, RIP Hulkman.
  3. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    Excellent flyby guys and gals, pity certain clans have no respect at all, we all know who and shame on them!!
  4. forum

    forum User

    well done to all the normal people out there that didnt shoot!! glad to be apart of it <3
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  5. hi guys rip hulk he my very good frend :(

    God forgive their sins Hulk m8 bye bye ;(
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  6. Horizan

    Horizan User

    Guy's N G all's, thank you for all your reply's to the passing of a player..., who had respect of most ppl !, Ninga hope your back again soon mate, regard's.

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