hyperplasmoid vs prometheus

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  1. Prometheus Laser does a baseDMG of 210 DMG (= Max DMG output)

    The 25% dmg fluctuation is 158(157,5) - 210 not 210 - 260
  2. where is the source for this information? if it is true then the LF-4 variants might probably be better then.

    IF by any chance that's the max damage, then does the damage of the LF-4 Variants fluctuations as well? are there any proof that this is the case?
  3. That's easy: The Source is the Game itself...

    First: Put 1 Prometheus in a goliath (not enforcer!) or any other ship that doesnt give any DMG% Bonus.

    Then: Get rid of all ur Boosters, use up all ur Prom/Seprom.

    Lastly: Do not forget to calculate away the Bonus from Alien hunter/ Bounty hunter depending on where you wanna test it or just reset your Skilltree if u dont want to do the math.

    Prometheus laser will hit 210 max dmg without any boosters and 158 lowest.

    But keep in mind the chance of getting the higest or lowest roll is pretty low so u have to either shoot a lot
    or just look at the values u get, they will not be between 210 and 260 but between 158 and 210

    There u go. Hope that helps.

    All lasers Have a 25% DMG fluctuation, the enhanced LE-4 aswell as the normal LF-4 aswell as any other Laser.
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  4. I hit 100k+ x4 with 11 level 4 prom lasers compared to 60k-70k with level 5 hyperplasmoids and magmadrills.

    Prom lasers are superior. Before we had them it was almost impossible to do 100k x4 without using every single damage boost possible, but with prom lasers people are hitting 160k x4 alone, and that's BEFORE the upgrades.
  5. I did my tests, results are fair:

    I tested all lasers using a phoenix, i use a single cannon on each type and equipped it on the ship. i still had promerium on lasers, single boost and the Alien hunter skill which happens to matter because i am targetting an NPC.

    Shots on each laser cannon type varies and i will rank the laser that dealt the most and least damage from top to bottom:

    Laser Cannon​
    Average DPS​
    Total damage dealt in 5 shots​
    Prometheus Laser​
    Parity Drill LF-4​
    Magma Drill LF-4​
    Hyperplasmoid LF-4​

    Prometheus Laser with the Overdrive function (bonus damage per 5 seconds) its the highest damage dealing laser available currently in the game, but its average DPS is relatively low and almost similar to that of an HP LF-4.

    Test lasted for each laser cannon after a few shots, but the first 5 shots that hit (some of it missed) are the only ones valid and registered as the value to be calculated, But with the PVE bonus from Parity Drill since we targeted an npc for testing, the added bonus towards PVE is working and is in effect, the Parity had higher maximum damage dealt and a higher minimum damage, as well as its average DPS had better results than the other lasers.

    Both the modified MD and PD would have the same result in PVP and PVE respectively, however, the HP LF-4's only advantage would be its HP boost in battle, if a player's needs is damage, they could instead opt for a Prometheus laser instead of either MD or PD, considering it has a higher damage in total even with a low average DPS not including the Overdrive function, because if i include the total calculations over at the Prometheus Laser cannon's damage value with the Overdrive function, its DPS would increase by atleast 10% of that on the dps of Parity drill on my current statistics.

    To what my findings can tell me, i think with a 617 overdrive shot from a single Prometheus cannon tells me that the Bonus damage every 5 second is affected by damage boosts or any other modifiers that increases damage dealt to a particular factor, that said i still cannot assume all of this without testing each damage boost one at a time to prove my hypothesis.

    and as ԺäʍØΠⓓⓔⓡĦöĿŁΞ stated, there IS a damage variance in between my shots but it is barely noticeable if you have a damage boost in effect, even though the Prometheus laser can deal 10 more damage than the LF-4 can, i can see that the LF-4 is still beat by the Prometheus laser in the average DPS department compared to when i tested out the HP LF-4, there is still something that i cannot understand on these lasers so i need to test this out on a test server when it is available to record the data.
  6. I like both lasers, don't really have anything to add on it. If you got a HP module I can see the HP lasers being very strong tho
  7. Hyper Plasmoid Lasers are a good alternative if you're opting for a tank build, they are also great for ships that has a high HP Rating such as the Hammerclaw, Citadel, however Berserker has almost the same hp as the citadel, i don't recommend it for use since it is best equipped with Prometheus lasers for that damage dealing factor to help out on its ability to dish out more damage.

    Hyper Plasmoid Lasers are great, if only there was a factor that could increase its HP bonus at upgrades, it would be better (a +15% increase in 0.50% boost on its hp would be great, 0.575% is good enough, 2 lasers would make it into 1.25% and that's better the more even numbers of lasers you equip on your ship)

    Hyperplasmoid lasers still needs a bit of boost, its relatively weak in damage comparison towards MD and PD respectively, even if the HP boost outweighs the damage it can deal, the HP Bonus is simply just gone after your ship is hit a few times and only acts as a small layer of defense, this will be overcome by damage.

    Prom lasers, PD or MD, these are the only lasers that i recommend to anyone to get their hands on, Prom lasers being the easiest to obtain, MD and PD crafting requires Log Disk, which most newbies still needs to complete their Pilot Bio skill tree to 50 pp.
  8. Okay? Lol, I don't remember asking for a description. I don't even know what your point is, you keep contradicting yourself, you don't even know which you prefer. Both lasers are situational and both are good in different situations, for example Hyeprs are incredibly strong with Saturn, you have stupid amounts of health and even 2 rsb shots from a Cyborg won't kill you even if it's combo damaged.

    I like both lasers a ton, I don't want to join the debate here I just wanted to say what my opinion is.
  9. Don't mind me, thats how you talk to yourself while having an argument.
  10. I was telling you not arguing with you, there is no argument here. I was stating my opinion, like I said.
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    Once you have full Promi lasers, Parity and Magma of equal level have no use. The gap damage between the lasers over that 5 seconds is too significant after you go through all of the added bonuses. That 5 second overcharge is what gives it that edge.

    I would say some combination of the HP and Promi laser is the ideal way to go, but deciding how many of each is the problem.