i am a youtuber with 8,000 subs and this is my history

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  1. my history in this game start and now i have a channel of youtube with 8,300 subs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkMYPGkP5xXSbSwtGOVxpHA . when i started play this game since 2009 when i was a child like 9 or 10 years and i think this game have something special but sometimes i think the developers don´t love this game and don´t want a great community. i remember all of those days when i was playing in a cyber and try to kill a few of aliens and feel the adrenaline of fight vs other player in one vs one. now the game is not in the best moment and that is for the decisions of the developers, this game feel the best moment with a 68 full servers with a lot of active players but now those days are gone, now only two ways have the game try to continue the game without change or try to do others things for recover the community, well i am only a person and i make videos because i liked a lot and this game follow me in my childhood, now i want to help the developers if they allow the help so i have ideas and i know how to program for see if those ideas are possible for the game, [removed personal information]
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  2. You know, I pressed this link going to your YouTube thinking "bet this is another typical hunting, crappy useless MCC channel"... But no. It's actually quite interesting with some unique video styles of just casual players playing the game. I really enjoy watching the way you play, because I can no longer play like this because it would be extremely weird feeling to purposely unequip all my stuff to do it.

    I don't understand what language you are speaking but I really enjoy your videos. Could you try some in English in the future? I wish you was on my server.

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