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  1. Well want to know how BP figures there is enough time in a lifetime to upgrade all the new lasers rocket launchers and pet lasers and shields.
    been playing every event ran out of x4 doing eternals and still no lvl 18 equipment how on earth would i ever finish upgrading anything.
    I hope they figure out a new way to allow us to all try playing the game to it's full benefit!!!
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  2. jayherbo

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    If they would only allow more (IAC-Schism) to be purchased per Battle Pass o_O
  3. Seems we are clearly not being heard by DO support there are players with lvl 20 gear all full with millions of uri and the only way that could be possible is by using a bot so if BP isn't going to ban all the bot's then step up and allow all gamers to be allowed everything bot's can get from being on 24/7 this includes getting enough materials to upgrade everything in our inventory otherwise it clearly means they have 0 support any more and we can chose to quit or use a bot like the others and I really don't think i like being forced to use a program to help me compete with other players.
    buying uridium is pointless what good does uri do if you don't get enough of the other materials for the upgrades, not asking for special treatment but BP says they want fair play well step up and give everyone a way to be treated fair!!!
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    Sadly DO's idea of "fair play" is in the shop under extras - Diametrion Deals.
    For $80AU DO will give me 500 Diametrion, 150 Indoctrine Accelerators and a whole 10 permits.

    Don't need Diametrion OR Permits as I have more than I'll ever use because IAC is so hard to get.
    Sadly works out I'd be paying $80 for 150 IAC, which is enough to level up ONE item (Laser, Launcher or Shield Gen) from lvl 16 to 17, with 60 left over.

    I was thinking about crafting the new Spearhead+ to see what it's like - But I don't have $80 to spend for under a third of the IAC required to craft it and I'm really over having to shoot 25, or more, Invokes to craft 1 Eternal CPU for the "chance" to get 5 IAC after 104 waves.

    Don't know who's in charge of marketing over at DO but I am sure "value for money" and "fair play" isn't something they consider.
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