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  1. Is the gaming industry regulated by any kind of organisation to whom you would get in touch with if you wished to make a complaint about a company for breaching their own terms and conditions?


    the server freezing up is getting out of control,just now ive had to relog 5 times to get back on.hope this issue can be resolved soon.
  3. To the best of my knowledge, their self regulating. Unless some form of gambling id involved, then the gambling commission MIGHT get involved. Bonus boxes might count for that, not sure.


    is anybody else having troubles with gate rewards ? i should have around 13 hermies drones now (according to what rewards say at the end of a gate)yet NONE have shown up in my inventory...
  5. they just dont care,,,,,, as long as they keep their botting comunities happy, thats it......
    this used to be the best game around,
    now its just garbage,
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    Closing as essentially a rant

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