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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ΛTLΛ§, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    There should a new gate made so you can get bo3s out of them but with a twist!
    You have a CHANCE to get a piece of the bo3 with 45 blueprint pieces just like an apis and zeus. The odds in the gate is 100% to get a blueprint. The gate would have 130 pieces to build and when you spin (in relation to my other thread) you don't get the ammo if you have max ammo. The gate would cost 3 kronos gates to build it.

    1st wave: 7 annihaltors and 5 saboteurs with their abilities.
    2nd wave: The Carnival binary bot with its abilties with 2 uber bks and you have to kill the 2 uber bks first
    3rd wave: Hitac alien with its minions
    4th wave: 1 Emporer Sibelons, 2 Emporer Lordakiums, 3 Emporer Kristallons
    5th wave: 1 streuner
    6th wave: 1 cbs that follows you.
    7th wave: 10 ref bots that only work with cbo ammo.
    8th wave: 4 century falcons
    9th wave: 1 icy with instashield with 3 boss kucurbiums from the invasion gate
    10th wave: 5 carnival binary bots and lordakia with an instashield.

    EP: 31,549,602
    Honor: 1.5 mil honor
    Uridium: 15k uridium
    Booty Keys:45
    Log Disks: 75
    And a Multi-Booster:
    100% Resource Booster
    79% Shield Regen Booster
    50% Rep booster

    Extra Lives would cost 10% chance of getting a blueprint.
  2. Hmm... seems like an interesting gate! I liked your other idea with the ammo capacity! You just keep springing up with great ideas man! Keep it up! Its finally time Bigpoint gave back to the free players with this gate. It will be challenging and great.

    Appreciate the idea brother! May god bless you!
  3. SauronL

    SauronL User

    "4th wave: 1 Emporer Sibelons, 2 Emporer Lordakiums, 3 Emporer Kristallons"

    did u ever seen emperor kristallon ? and u want to have 3 here in one wave with 2 lords and 1 sib atm
  4. wow great idea, will benefit the free players of this game while keeping the game active! +1 from me

  5. stop with the dam ammo cap yes the gate sounds nice but i pointed out the ammo cap would kill the game even more and no1 would spend over 200k uri just to get gate port and ammo they u will not get
  6. no no b03 hell no no no no no no no no n no no no. I dont want b03 we already have a large amount of shields to get to begin with. As for the gates npcs and hono might tone it done to 800k honor, and Hopefully those NPCS WILL not actually be like there regular counter parts. Boss kurcs at full power line in invasion gate lol.
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  7. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Actually yes. No B03's until LF5 came out.
  8. -1 for me even the most ufe there is would die from this gate.
    but a new module sounds great XD
  9. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    Atlas are you at least ufe ? I mean you are a little ,,crazy" . First you have a problem with that ammo limit .. You don't understand that galaxy gates are at the base , not in the ship so you don't have that limit . Second , 3 Kronos or 130 pieces ? I don't understand . However , it sounds like milions of palladium colected . I don't know what life do you have but let's be serious . You look like someone with the palladium pixel bot 24 h a day in 5-3 . Third , That aliens would be hard to destroy even in a group gate like Hades ... I don't talk in a normal gate . And the rewards 15k uridium ? That amount it's like nothing . I obtain a lot more from the aliens =)) And after all , you also have ref bots .. cbs is an amunition which is very rarely seen and with that ammo limit which you like it , you won't have cbs so no gate ;) If you don't have what to do with the money , I think that bigpoint also accept donations .
    PS . I don't talk about the b03 because with them , you ' ll have 3 milions shield and 500 k hp ...
  10. New gate no problems. B03 not in next 100 years. I spend 2 mil uri to upgrade B02's to lvl 16.
    ammo limit o_O
  11. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Well I have 57 lvl 16 lf4s and 46 lvl 16 bo2s with everything to its max so I just want something else to work for.
    just add .. lets say some ..... 84 cubes to the last wave and .... all are perfect .. see ? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    plz give me some of what u r drinking:p:p
    obviously -500 from me;)
  13. Instant no right off the bat. We don't need or want a B03.
    The gate would have 130 pieces to build and when you spin (in relation to my other thread) you don't get the ammo if you have max ammo. The gate would cost 3 kronos gates to build it.[/quote]
    Many people already have hit their ammo cap so if they spin they would have a 67% chance to get nothing. Not very fair that.
    Some major tl;dr coming up here.

    Waves 2, 3, 4, 6 (would be interesting though,) 7, and 9 are too hard. Wave 2 wouldn't be much of a problem if you're UE or close to it.

    As for wave 3 I doubt a Hitac can be killed solo by anyone.

    As for wave 4 are you aware of how strong the emperor aliens are? The ebk alone has over 10mil hp and shield and hits around 40k.

    Wave 5, lol.

    Wave 6 would be interesting but an entire CBS would be a challenge even for the strongest players, also what modules would it have and at what level?

    Wave 7 hasn't been thought out properly, CBO ammo can only be bought during football events. This pathetic restriction (slating DO for this, not you) would make the game impossible most of the time unless the player built up a fair stockpile of CBO beforehand.

    Wave 9, as with wave 4 I don't think you're aware of how strong a boss kucurbium is. The boss kurb in Kappa has been nerfed but you're wanting boss kurbs from the old invasion which have 25mil hp and 20mil shield and can hit 50k. So that's three of them plus the ice meteor. That's a total of over 76mil hp and 21mil shield right there and 150k damage from the boss kurbs.

    More tl;dr coming up.

    Experience: Okay no idea why the number's strange but it seems good.
    Uridium: 15k!? :eek: For a gate with 6 emperor aliens, 3 boss kurbs and enough strong aliens to make this gate damn-near impossible (if not impossible as is) I would expect at least 100k as a reward if not 150k.
    Booty Keys: Can't argue with this, although I feel 60 would more fitting considering the gate's difficulty.
    Booster: I wouldn't complete a gate just for a resource/regen/rep booster. I suggest scrapping the booster completely, I was going to suggest giving out a booster with 50% on all effects but that would be way too overpowered and the power ceiling's already high enough as it stands.
  14. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    I have soloed 2 hitacs with their minions and it took a bit about 45 mins but it got done.

    Still can be done with time, you could reverse the numbers if you want[/quote]

    rocket and laser modules every other one.

    I thought it out quite well, they pay immense uri for soloing just a single one, and you make more back than you spend on ammo so this is good, you could do most of the gate until this wave and just let it sit while ammo counts out on mega or something[/quote]

    Thats why it gives a blueprint for a bo3

    With how much uri the gate is giving you 15k is good.
    Ep is just for laughs
    Booster: you aren't doing this gate for the booster I would assume.
  15. Just a blueprint? First off, let's say we need/want a B03, we don't but for this let's say we do. Considering the sheer difficulty I would at least expect a full B03.

    That's the mindset DO had for Lambda and look how that turned out. :D
  16. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    How long, as a free player, would it take you to build and complete the 3 Kronos gates required to set up this gate?
    Remember, thats:
    12 Alphas
    9 Betas
    3 Gammas
    3 Deltas
    12 Epsilons
    3 Zetas
    6 Kappas
    15 Lambdas

    Thats 66 gates in total required to access this one to win a BO3 blueprint with 45 blueprints required for the full generator?

    Thats 3015 gates required just to get 1 BO3?

    As for the other rewards and the idea of an ammo cap, all I can really say to the OP regarding this is have you actually played Dark Orbit before?
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  17. jasisanewb

    jasisanewb User

    Rubbish idea.
  18. jasisanewb

    jasisanewb User

    You get what u pay for, nothing extra?
  19. +1000 from me
  20. An WW UFE solo is gonna DIE in here.
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