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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ΛTLΛ§, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    I am UFE and I want a gate thats fun and challenging to do, how you build it can be tweaked but overall its ok
  2. bwhahahahah what a stupid idea.
  3. 3 boss kucurbiums = Ur PoP'd
  4. Silviu

    Silviu User

    If you were UFE, you wouldn't come up with the stupid idea of an ammo cap ;)

    And about this gate... You must be smoking something real good :)
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  5. No it has to be really bad. I smoke good things and never had such stupid ideas like the OP. ;)
  6. silanyu

    silanyu User

    You need to tone the gate down BIG time. Just on the emperor wave its impossible due to the emperors special abilities. The ebk has mines that hit 300k. With 3 of them that's 900k damage!! Not the mention their 60kdamage rockets and the ebl and emperor sibelons. With all the gates required to do this one gate it would take years to get 1 full bo3. If you can incorporate the bo3 into the gate similarly to the lf and drone designs it would work better. As for the gate with all special NPCs, I like it. It just needs to be toned down. Like a lot. If you are wanting to make as gate fun and challenging, then debuff the emperors HP and shield but let them have their normal abilities. As for the other waves I have no idea what to do with them. But I'm sure you can figure that out. :) Good luck with the idea
  7. The gate would cost 3 kronos gates to build it.

    1st wave: 7 annihaltors and 5 saboteurs with their abilities.
    2nd wave: The Carnival binary bot with its abilties with 2 uber bks and you have to kill the 2 uber bks first
    3rd wave: Hitac alien with its minions
    4th wave: 1 Emporer Sibelons, 2 Emporer Lordakiums, 3 Emporer Kristallons
    5th wave: 1 streuner
    6th wave: 1 cbs that follows you.
    7th wave: 10 ref bots that only work with cbo ammo.
    8th wave: 4 century falcons
    9th wave: 1 icy with instashield with 3 boss kucurbiums from the invasion gate
    10th wave: 5 carnival binary bots and lordakia with an instashield.

    I LOVE THE SAYING AT THE TOP, The gate would cost 3 kronos gates to build it.

    do you actully know how many gates it take's and how much it costs to build those gates, and you want people to do it enuff times to build the kronos 3 times , then you say': my favourite bit

    imagin the amount of money involved in this and the rewards for a gate that sounds ridiculous,
    wish people would really think throught the ideas they post,
  8. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

  9. Asgood as this idea is, i think you have to dumb it down a bit. I get the concept that it has to be harder than other gates to get these pieces, but, its a bit too difficult even for UFE BIO's. May I suggest that you lessen the emperors and remove the ref bot. Because you have to be dependent on events to get the ammo. Also that ammo wastes very fast.
  10. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Thats 1507.5 on a kronos day which is easy
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  11. wave: 4 century falcons is = to 3ie 4
  12. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    At an average of roughly £15 per gate when using MHH uri that's still over £22,600.00 per BO3 or just under £800,000.00 to run a full tank config on a goli and drones (ignoring the upgrades to lvl 16 of course) or a few years sat in palla.
  13. Did VESPID change his name to ATLAS? First the idea to remove ammo from gate spins then this. The great Ron White said it best, 'you can't fix stupid'.
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  14. Each wave will get U kill'd = Unlless Ur A WW U have no chance :rolleyes:

  15. LOL no x4 rewards? What kind of a gate is that and soloing even 3 emperor bk is very hard the reward isn't worth the ammo we are using.

    Better build kappa than that gate.
  16. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Wow can't believe I forgot X4s, lets say 5k x4s? thats reasonable
  17. Riven

    Riven User

    Oh mai goddd, its soo good!!!

    When does it come out?

    Although it might take some time to get all 45 bo3s..
    like the equivalent of grumpys age in time..
  18. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    So its agreed upon then, we make this gate a thing
  19. That idea of ATLAS was a very bad idea.

    What I want to see is a gate where there are 1000 players at the same time just like the old days without any LF4, upgrades, bio and other new rubbish items today. They will fight to the death and whoever wins is going to get a choice of 30 LF4 weapons, 1 Million uridium or 30 BO2. This will happen every week. In order to participate, you must complete 1 gate of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma to enter the gate. I know, this is the gate that everyone is waiting and I am sure everyone will be very excited.

    On the other hand, I want to see the Jackpot battle fight to the death with only LF3 weapons (no upgrades, pet, bio, and other new stuffs). Just the plain items just like before. This way, everyone will have their chance of winning not because they are the strongest in the orbit but because they have the experiences and tactics. Take a look at how Starcraft was made. Winning is decided based on the expertise of the players!!!
  20. Sorry to say but i don't want LF5's or B03's. I've spent enough getting UFE on gb1, now im doing it all over again on ge1.

    If B03's or LF5's come out i would pack the game in all together, and so would alot of other people i would imagine.

    It's a cost reduction the game needs, not the other way around.
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