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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ΛTLΛ§, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Your updates are dumb, go make your own thread #BeGone
  2. Jesus, you have that amount of weapons and you still want a BO3s? What are you, still a noob? You still can't pop other players? This game is already imbalance since they introduced the new weapons and upgrades and you still have that idiotic idea..
  3. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Its not an idiotic idea, and I can easily kill people on my server, I want something to work towards since I have everything.
  4. This is the long term effect of those LF4 weapons and upgrades. There are too many great players who cannot keep up anymore because of lack of time or money and later just loose interest and either play little or quit the game. This is sad because no matter how strong you are if you are alone in the game and no one to do a good battle, then it is pointless...
  5. Wait, 3 kronos gates? You gotta be nutzo lol. You know how long it takes to just build one and now you want 3? I get the concept, its cool, but the requirements are insane and the dang gate better give u a new ship with new abilities that cant be bought.
  6. lolwut. 1500 gates... Even if you spent literally all 24 hours of the event using sepped double boosted x4 and rsb as a ufe you wouldn't be able to do that many gates. You would need to finish a gate every 56.7 seconds. The total wave spawn time is higher than that, so you know. I'm sure you were joking but with this daft suggestion you don't get to joke.

    No bo3s. Just no.

    The gate's core idea is alright i suppose. A gate that's harder yay hoorah. Its execution? Horrible. Half the waves are literally impossible. Plus why would you want a gate that limits you to when cbo is in shop? I could mesh with the 3 boss kurbs thing though. Anyone that didn't know, the lower level invasion kurbs are normal. invasion for lvl 14+ every npc has x3 health and damage. I'm not even gonna comment on the ridiculous number of emperors at the same time.

    Now here's where you done goofed. You said some jive about giving back to the free players... Do you have any idea how much that gate costs? Most all free players are lucky to have done one. Do me a favor and look at who on your server has done the highest number of kronos gates on your server. Not enough to get a bo3 now is it? Gb1's here:
    Starred out the name as per board rules. Now that's the highest, a guaranteed ww spending a few thousand a month.

    Basically, no. Poor idea
  7. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Well I would like to done diddly tell you that if you read the first post that you would need to build 3 kroʊnəs gates to do this gate. The rest of the pieces you could spin.
    On a kroʊnəs day you would need to finish 117 gates for the 3 kroʊnəs's. That is almost 5 gates an hour, which I can do an a,b,delta,kappa,zeta,epsilon,lambda, Each of those in under 15 minutes (except b which adds a couple of minutes). So on a kronos day you could shell out a bunch of gates and get a portion of the gate built which shouldn't be hard. On top of that you said that on your server the highest number of kronos gates is 56, but that right there is biased as it is on your server not others. I could say that on Germany 1, a player has done 90 kronos gates, which would have built him 30 sigmas by now. That is a person who we do not even know is spamming kronos just for the heck of it. So to that i bid you adieu.
    This gate shan't be a problem for a player of my caliber and expertise. I shall wreak havoc on these vile creatures in the soon to be sigma gate. If anyone would care to join in my excavation of these unknown creatures, I allow you to join me, for those of you who believe in my creativelessness, you shan't be disappointed
  8. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Just thought I would bump this thread as it is still an amazing idea.
  9. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    Acheapmajor, young^blood, riven = atlas

    Busted ;)
  10. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    Im not riven you scrub try again
  11. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    Well you just admitted then you are the other two. Am i correct?
  12. ΛIDΣП

    ΛIDΣП User

    Simply an outrageous idea, lower the difficulty a bit mate. No one would survive. 3 Kronos's is ridiculous too
  13. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    yes I admitted by saying im not someone. great comprehension skills
  14. If this gave you 109kof every ammunition on this update and idea pool 50 of every weapon and 1 of every ship and design on this update and idea pool then maybe
  15. How is the fraternity hazing going?! Do tell to DO about this.
  16. bump it up to 10 kronos gates. +1 from me
  17. Note: The thread will be re-opened only if the OP requests for it.

    Enjoy the game.

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