Ignoring the annoying

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  1. Hello! I posted this on the previous forum as a speakers corner topic and people said it would be a good idea!

    I have noticed when adding people to ignore it takes a simple relog of you or them and they are back out of the ignore list. A CM has confirmed this. Maybe a new chat feature so that when you put someone in ignore list it can be a bit more permanent. I for one am getting annoyed of logging on and the first thing i have to do is re-ignore people. I'd rather ignore once and un-ignore when i see fit. I relog due to lagg and have to re-ignore and its slightly annoying. What are all your thoughts? :3
  2. I completely agree, Global chat can be very annoying at times if not all of the time! When you ignore someone you expect that person to be ignored not a temporary chat removal.

    I think more options should come out for the chat box, features like: Friends list, Ignore and maybe the amount of players showing in each room.
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  3. I see your side of it, but then some people just want a temporary ignore if they are frustrated with another player, and may forgot that they ignored them...lol.

    Personally I think its fine the way it is.
  4. They could incorporate a system into it so you can choose how long you ignore that player for. Maybe make it so you input a number of hours or you select permanent until specified otherwise? I would name and shame but can't but I have about 6 people I would love to permanently ignore :3
  5. Yesss agree there is some really annoying people on GB2 :p +1 for me
  6. yes i agree i think if you choose how long there ignore time is it would better suit it then to permanently ignore them as you might need to talk to them one day and completely forget they are playing
  7. Well Res this feature would mean i don't have to ignore you every day! Haha joking you are not on that list ;) We all know a person who is though. When he types his initials it reminds you of... A BK! It could kind of be tied in with a friends tab like people have commented on somewhere on here. Friends/ignore list type thing like most other games have! We have one for clan members online, one for friends online would be good too :3
  8. agreed people who dont give over and just put the same thing its annoying such as black knight .-.