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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Feb 14, 2020.

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  1. What's the point of a feedback thread when you look at the issues after the event is over,what ever happened with the test server why do you feel the need to test the event after it's out and have all your players frustrated each time you run an event cause everything is broke. I played on 1-8 for like 1 hour then no more aliens spawn for the rest of the time, then i went to 1-6 then after an hour they stopped spawning then i went to 1-7 then they stopped then to 1-5 and they stopped my goodness and you wonder why your loosing customers all the time.
  2. events another shambles, npc's missing from maps, lagg, hotkeys wont work, can you at least do 1 event that works?.
    have you thought of employing somebody that can write code ???????? (that works )
  3. constant disconnects, won't be able to comment about anything else until that is fixed.
  4. =Koichi=

    =Koichi= User

    Nice event with good rewards;
    Nice BP Rewards;
    Pretty easy to get both design but there's no sense 1 time only the ammo and multiple times the module.

    Cons: Event still buggy, stop spawning event NPCs at some maps sometimes.
  5. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Have no clue as if the event is good, worth doing because it's not for all players. If it were it would be a 24 hour event, by not being one, it leaves out any players that don't play all day everyday. Players like me who have jobs and a life outside of the game and only play early morning are cut off from these new events. Facts are facts by not running them so all players can join in, they are just flipping the bird at those players who can't be on at those times. then wonder way cash flow slows down. Why would anyone pay for a game that doesn't care if you get to enjoy the full game, when they leave you out of the fun stuff? just saying
  6. It only takes a few hrs to complete the objectives. Unless you work 7 days a week you should be able to complete them. At least 2 of the objectives can be done at any time not just when the event NPCs are present.
  7. Yeah but you have to be dedicated to just playing the game and cutting out real life. I suddenly don't work 7 days a week anymore but home life suddenly takes up the slack. Also, if you have gotten behind in building up due to work/school/other real life, you still fall behind in being about to get things done. 2 out of the rest does not allow you to reach the finish line. I keep trying though. :p
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  8. This event has only negative feedbacks...
    - the aliens are not spawning (for example from 18 to 00) and also in the morning after like 2h they are gone... HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO DO THE BATTLE PASS??
    - is the same stuff as protegit event, halloween event and soo on, nothing new
    - the battle pass sucks as alwasys 200k uri for what? a ship(useless) and 600abr?? really?? Maybe if u increase the abr to 3k... (we need more than 14k to max out 20shields+36lasers (excluding pet))
    - as always the reward from event "bosses" goes only at the top X players which make more DMG ... THAT SUCKS! everyone deserve the reward, also if they hit oance (im UFE and i dont have this problem, but not everyone is)
    - zero event quests or something which make it more interesting (maybe with some decent stuff, like 1xB03 & a 1xPrometheus for some elite event quests to help out the medium players)
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  9. I like this event, new group ship. Event has good rewards from new NPC. Thanks DO team for new ideas and new events.
  10. evansnow

    evansnow User

    I also like this event, bosses spawning on multiple maps and good rewards.
  11. Although completing the last objective about damaging other players is a bit of a stretch for me, the rest of the event is not bad. I make no pretense in the fact that I am unable to do all the objectives in a few hours. I found the event to be engaging. Any lag is about what I see any time there are a large number of interested players doing any event.
    The slow down, then resumption, of spawn rates were different (I felt it actually added to the game). Endless swarms might be just the ticket for some, but waves of aliens seemed more realistic.
    The rewards for objectives seemed (again, to me) fair to good. The rewards for purchasing the battle pass were very decent.

    With regards to Styxus and Charopos; I would suggest a bit more of a difference to the mini map images so players can distinguish which target alien they want to go after.
  12. The Lanatum NPCs (small ones) should give better rewards. I have seen a bunch of players doing nothing until the bosses are summoned.
  13. They give pretty good rewards already. Those players are missing out.
  14. buff hability the 10s to 30s and damage the 6k to 10k
  15. memrix

    memrix User

    work aside, anyone with a resemblance to a social life/relationship can't be online as reliably on those times that the event is live.
    yes i get that is true for any game, but other games fix this by being playable at all times.
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  16. REALLY!!! all the cheats do is just shoot u off the boss, your dev team just have no idea how to create a decent event for EVERYBODY...
  17. memrix

    memrix User

    then don't be troubled, it will all be over soon
  18. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Having done 20 out of the 22 objectives does anyone know if I get the battle pass now do I automatically then get the extra rewards.
  19. oTiKio

    oTiKio User

    Good event keep em coming 600 abr for 2 hours work is nice and keeping the alians for longer then 1 weak is nice to planty of uri made well done DarkOrbit :) PS Can remove demaner event its toxic event this simple events are what we need :)
  20. tibstar

    tibstar User

    wat to do with the extra shards ?
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