Important changes in development cycle for Darkorbit

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  1. Solid_Eye

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    Greetings Space Pilots!

    On behalf of the entire Darkorbit team, I would like to share some important information regarding changes to our current development cycle. As some of you might know, the DO team is almost entirely composed of people that have only joined the team in the last 6 months. This gave us an amazing opportunity to bring some fresh motivation and ideas to this classic project. We were aware that challenging times were ahead, but the entire team was very confident in our ability to deliver. While we are very proud of the work we have all done here, we also had to step back and make an honest assessment regarding our development cycle. After some difficult discussions, we have decided to delay a few future events that were planned for the coming months in order to focus on some technical issues that we see as major roadblocks to the future of our game. We recognized that our ambitious plans for new content were being stifled by technical issues, and this prevented us from delivering a game that was up to our lofty standards. The exact plan is not set in stone quite yet, but I can tell you that more announcements will be coming soon regarding popular issues such as server merges, open test servers, leaderboards / rankings, lag under severe server load, and much more. Thank you for sticking with us through these growing pains, and helping us realize our vision for the future of our game. Together, we will make Darkorbit better than ever.

    Best regards,
    Your DO Community Team
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